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Gnu has calculated the physics for moving forward while standing sideways and applied this science through the space time continuum to bring you their 2013 / 2014 line-up. These wild, weird, and magical high tech formulas for snowboard propulsion on the variable planes have been taken from their theoretical forms in lab of Dr. Weird to their physical forms in Gnu’s snowboard factory— hand built in the USA by weirdos with jobs. Gnu’s award winning snowboards with the newest technologies including C3, XC2, and A.S.S. Pickle contours, Easy Rider Bindings, and Weirdwear are now available at retail stores and online!

For WEIRD, WILD, MAGIC events, giveaways, and team updates will be happening all year check out the newly revamped site, or follow the crew on instagram at @gnusnowboards and Facebook.



Backcountry Magazine Editors’ Choice Award: 
B Pro C3 BTX (womens)


SNOWBOARD CANADA 2014 Grade Eh!  Top Ten: 
Riders Choice PBTX (All Mountain)


Snowboard Mag – Platinum Pick  TOP 10


Transworld Magazine 2014 Goodwood Award Winners:
Street BTX (Men’s Park under $450)
Carbon Credit BTX (Men’s All Mountain under $450)
Billy Goat New!! C3 BTX (Men’s All Mountain over $450)
Velvet Guru EC2 BTX (Women’s All Mountain)