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All Mountain Rear Entry

SIZES S/M (US W 4-7) M/L (US W 6-9)

$189.95 USD

$199.95 CAD

€169.95 EUR incl. VAT

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The B-Real binding is for riders looking for an all mountain binding that can do it all, with comfort and response. Premium components add the small details that take you to a new levels of comfort and performance and make this one of our most popular women’s bindings.

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Weird Science

  • FT-3 Highback

    FT-3 Highback Icon

    Full EVA padding from top of highback down to heel pocket for maximum comfort.

  • FT-4 Baseplate

    FT-4 Baseplate Icon

    The wedge design creates a predictable yet lively response. Transmits input with precision to get you and your board where you need to be.

  • Asym. Ankle Strap

    Asym. Ankle Strap Icon

    Aysmmetric Inverted Tri-Panel - Tuned support and mobility. Added lateral support and increased medial mobility.

  • Comprex Toe Strap

    Comprex Toe Strap Icon

    Durable synthetic textiles are stitched in a soft form fitting pattern for a snug and flexible grip.

  • EVA Foam Footbed

    Full EVA foam footbed with full cushion from heel to toe.

  • Micro Buckle

    Fine tune strap tension on the go or use for a quick conventional style exit or entry.

  • Pressure Relief Button

    Press the release button to relax ankle strap pressure on the front of the foot. Your straps stay pre-set for the ride down, just press on the Auto Lever to lock straps back into place.