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Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over €75


Enter the Speed Zone
Entre dans la Speed Zone
Enter the Speed Zone
Rapidez sin límites

SIZES S (US M 4-7) M (US M 7-10) L (US M 9-12)

$189.95 USD

$209.95 CAD

179.99 EUR incl. VAT

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The Gateway binding comes packed with features for riding both the park and urban terrain, and do it all with comfort, style and speed. Ergonomic highbacks support lateral mobility and increased medial stability when things get sideways. Asymmetric straps provide lateral support to keep you centered and on your feet in park terrain.

  • Medium Flex / All Around / All Mountain


La fixation Gateway est dotée de caractéristiques faites pour le park et le street, et le tout dans le confort, avec style et rapidité. Ses spoilers ergonomiques offrent un support latéral et une stabilité médiane qui s’accroît quand les choses deviennent sérieuses. Des sangles asymétriques procurent également un support latéral pour te garder centré et sur tes pieds dans le park.

Die Gateway Bindung steckt voller toller Features, mit denen du noch mehr Spaß im Park hast und auch urbanes Terrain noch härter ran nehmen kannst. Das ergonomische Highback begünstigt laterale Mobilität und bietet gleichzeitig erhöhte mediale Stabilität. Die asymmetrischen Straps geben sehr guten seitlichen Halt, mit dem du immer zentriert und auf deinen Füßen bleibst.

Las Gateway vienen repletas de características para usar en el park y en la calle con comodidad, estilo y rapidez. Los highbacks ergonómicos aportan movilidad lateral y mayor estabilidad media para realizar trucos. Las cinchas asimétricas proporcionan soporte lateral para mantenerte centrado y con los pies bien colocados durante las sesiones de park.

  • Flex

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  • Response

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  • Terrain

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Weird Science

  • Aysm Highback

    Ergonomic shape with soft top padding

  • Baseplate

    Predictable Performance

  • Asym. Ankle Strap

    Shaped for support and mobility

  • EVA Foam Footbed

    Full Cushion Heel to Toe

  • NEW Micro Buckle on Toe Strap

    For quick adjust or entry and exit

  • 4×4 and Channel

  • Will a size 11 boot work in a Medium Gateway binding?

  • Sean Roan

    I have these Bindings and a Size 11 boot. I have no issues once I learned loosen the ankle strap a ways in addition to what the quick release gives you. It makes it easier to get the boot in and backplate up. If your pants are over your boot in addition to a size 11, I find I cannot just step in and pull up and lock, especially with snow, ice etc. I just give the ankle strap a quick loosen and it works perfect though, then ratchet up tightness. They are definitely as fast as traditional bindings to get into (For size 11s), and will probably get faster now that I figured out the above trick. I recommend them for size 11s. For smaller Boot sizes these are a No Brainer.

  • rider with no binder

    these look like they replaced the weird bindings. If so they are probably garbage like the ones I bought two years ago and about a month into the season I had two straps and a toe cap break. and gnu didn’t reply to my warranty claim till a month after the season. and then this year I had one of the straps they replaced break than the baseplate and once again gnu has left me with useless bindings for another season. At least the season is over now so I should hear from them soon.

  • Cody Hauldren

    Are the buckles aluminum or plastic?