$259.95 USD

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High-Performance All Mountain and Park Riding Binding

When you put yourself in challenging parts of the mountain or park you need to make a choice. The Choices’ features give you ergonomic support with asymmetric highback and strap components for increased power and control. Triple dampening smooths out the rough edges so you can set your track and hit your line.

  • Sizes
    M (US M 7-9), (MP 25-27)
    L (US M 9-11), (MP 27-29)
    XL (US M 11-14), (MP 29-32)
  • Co-Lab Snowboard
Binding Flex Rating: 8

Binding Tech

Asymmetric Highback with Lateral Adjust

  • Ergonomic alignment for increased power.
  • Tool-less forward lean.
  • Rotate-able.
  • Full EVA padding soft top
  • Aysm highback lever for easier reach-around access.

Barrel Step Less Forward Lean Adjuster

Tool less forward lean adjust is incorporated into the highback cable for precision adjustment to meet any riders preference. Simply thread the cable barrel to change forward lean without being limited to predetermined increments.

Triple Dampening; EVA Footbed, Shock Pads, Base Buffer

Lower frame is encapsulated with a three component Cushion, Shock, and Dampening comfort system.

  1. Full EVA footbed – All around cushioning.
  2. Shock Pods – Gooey TPU absorbs energy of harsh landings
  3. Base Buffer – Rubber gasket between binding and board creates a vibration dampener barrier.

Pressure Relief Button

Press manually to relax ankle strap pressure.  Increased circulation keeps foot comfortable and warm.

Micro Buckle 2

Classic Operation! Rider can adjust strap tension on the go. Tighten a couple of clicks for a big hit or loosen for relaxed terrain. Use to release strap for additional exit and entry space in steep terrain.

Asymmetric Inverse Seam Ankle Straps

Same technology as the inverse seam construction but with added lateral support and increased medial mobility.

Synthetic Leather Wrapped Toe Straps

Oversized surface area for extra stability and control. Compression window allows shape to conform and flex under high load for increased comfort.

FT-2: Ultra Light & Responsive Aluminum Baseplate

An engineering achievement of hyper cored aerospace aluminum stamped and formed for mind reading response and unmatched light-weight. One of the lightest bindings in any category.

Plastic 4 Hole Disk

Plastic disk fits 4×4 pattern.  Channel compatible disk sold separately.