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Easy In, Easy Out!

The speed and simplicity of Fastec is perfect for the Gnu Junior. The kid friendly features like large size levers, snow clearing footbeds and tool-less adjustments will have them in and out of their bindings with speed and ease ensuring a fun day on the mountain for the whole family.

  • Sizes
    XS (US 1-4), (MP 19-22)
  • Co-Lab Snowboard
Binding Flex Rating: 3

Binding Tech

Snow Shedding Footbed

Once-piece simple design for lightweight and durability. Smooth Nylon footbed with disk cover sheds snow with ease and a micro traction surface ensures stability.

Pressure Relief Button

Press manually to relax ankle strap pressure.  Increased circulation keeps foot comfortable and warm.

CCC Toe Straps

Compound Curve Construction straps are stitched together with precision to conform to the complex curves of your boot for a comfortable and secure fit.

Youth Highback

  • Comfort and support.
  • Soft EVA foam padding.
  • Extra large highback lever for fool-proof entry and exit.

C.C.C. Ankle Strap

Compound Curve Construction Straps are designed with precision to confirm to the complex curves of your boots like a second skin for a secure and comfortable fit.

Combi Disk

4×4 and 3 hole pattern compatible disk