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<a class=”contest-link” href=”contest-popup”>Mullair Giveaway</a> | 30% Off Snowboards, Bindings and Apparel + FREE SHIPPING! orders over €75 | 1-800-840-6153


A Freak of Nature
Une force de la nature
Freak of Nature
Locura inteligente

SIZES M (US M 7-9) L (US M 9-11) XL (US M 11-14)

$299.95 USD

$209.97 USD (30% off)

$309.95 CAD

$216.97 CAD (30% off)

€269.95 EUR incl. VAT

€188.97 EUR incl. VAT (30% off)

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: We are currently out of stock on this item in our warehouse, but we can check with our dealer network to see if they can fulfill this order.

Item is currently not available online.

The Mutant is a binding for the fast and aggressive charger who gets weird in any terrain they seek. Added support from the Asym Comprex straps and new ergonomic highbacks keep you in control as you experiment with and progress your riding.

La Mutant est une fixation pour le rider rapide et agressif qui donne tout sur chaque terrain qu’il rencontre. Les sangles asymétriques Comprex offrent un support additionnel et ses nouveaux spoilers ergonomiques te permettent de garder le contrôle tout au long de ta progression.

Die Mutant ist die richtige Bindung für alle, die es gerne schnell und aggressiv mögen – in jedem Terrain. Die Asym Comprex Straps und das neue ergonomische Highback geben dafür den entsprechenden Halt, so dass du immer die Kontrolle behältst und dich nach Herzenslust austoben kannst.

Las Mutant son las fijaciones para esos snowboarders rápidos y energéticos que realizan trucos creativos sobre cualquier terreno. El soporte añadido de las cinchas Asym Comprex y los nuevos highbacks ergonómicos, te mantienen bajo control mientras experimentas nuevas posibilidades y evolucionas tu snowboard.

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Weird Science

  • FT-4 Highback

    FT-4 Highback Icon

    Designed for smooth response and mobility. The cored grid design creates an exceptionally lightweight back with inward angle for bio-correct ergonomic support.

  • FT-2 Baseplate

    FT-2 Baseplate Icon

    An engineering achievement of hyper cored aerospace aluminum stamped and formed for mind reading response and unmatched lightweight. This baseplate enables us to make one of the lightest bindings in any category.

  • Comprex Ankle Strap

    Comprex Ankle Strap Icon

    Comprex - Energy absorbing control. Extra large surface area provides maximum support while a compression window absorbs any boot biting pressure.

  • Comprex Toe Strap

    Comprex Toe Strap Icon

    Durable synthetic textiles are stitched in a soft form fitting pattern for a snug and flexible grip.

  • Triple Dampening

    Lower frame is encapsulated wit a three component Cushion, Shock, and Dampening comfort system.

  • Micro Buckle

    Fine tune strap tension on the go or use for a quick conventional style exit or entry.

  • Pressure Relief Button

    Press the release button to relax ankle strap pressure on the front of the foot. Your straps stay pre-set for the ride down, just press on the Auto Lever to lock straps back into place.

  • will

    wonder if these will get recalled like my last gnu aggro bindings and still cant get my 300 dollar binding straps replaced??? both of them busted on me jeez

  • Hi Will,

    There is not a recall on the new binding straps, only 2012-2013 model binding straps.

    Did you you ever fill out our recall replacement form?

    If you’re still having issues, please send us a message on our contact page.

  • CraftingGamerTom

    My Heel strap broke while riding. I was on a feature when this happen. It was so dangerous. There was a recall on the strap so I received a new one. Luckily I was not hurt. But it took two weeks just for them to get back to me in regards to the heel strap. They finally sent me a new one that took an additional week and a half shipping.
    Come a few months later (last night) My Toe Strap breaks the exact same way the heel strap broke. I will be contacting GNU to hear my options for replacement, but I do not recommend buying these bindings. Check out Flow Bindings. I have always had rear-entry bindings and have NEVER had any issues with Flow Bindings. These bindings are a nightmare.

  • Gnu

    Hey Tom,
    I’m so sorry to hear of your frightening experience with our bindings.Our past season bindings had a parts recall, but we have corrected the problem with our 14/15 bindings and we are standing behind them. I would also like to apologize for the delay with shipping and our response to emails and phone calls. Winter is an especially busy time for us and we are not always at prompt as we would like to be with communication. We appreciate you choosing Gnu bindings and I hope that we can find a way to remedy this situation for you. Feel free to give us a call at 1-877-644-1477

  • tristan

    I bought a pair… needless to say they are the best bindings I have EVER ridden. I think they just need to improve on the durability on their product

  • Gnu

    We appreciate the support and we are constantly striving to improve products.

  • guest

    Yea, I just got a new set of the 13/14 mutant bindings… rode them for about 3 hours and the toe strap clip broke ending my day earlier… it was extremely cold, like -50 windchill so I wasn’t too amazed but still… GNU, it’s called materials engineering, u choose the correct plastics for the jobs not the cheapest…

  • MattE

    Hi, i recently just bought a pair (was lookin for late season deals), how would I be able to tell if the parts recall affected my pair?

  • Gnu

    It’s the 12/13 bindings that have been recalled, and most of our retailers who still have the bindings in stock have retrofitted them to correct the defective part.

    Check out this link for details:

  • Nathan Hallquist

    I love my Mutant bindings!
    However, this weekend at Mt. Bachelor my highback cable broke while on a particularly difficult run.
    Also, it looked like a small o-ring split and fell out of the other binding. No idea where it came from or what it does…

    I don’t know if this is a common issue or if I’m just lucky, but yeah, it freaked me out and I’m not super happy that a ~2mm thick steel cable just snapped like that…
    I would love to know what the story is what that rubber o-ring, too.

    Is there a repair kit to fix this, or am I stuck having to pay for new bindings all over again?
    I would live to be able to use my bindings for more than just 1 1/2 seasons…

  • A7X

    somebody needs a little practice with Photoshop…. Who cant see the the cropped snowboard in the picture above?

  • the name is photoshop

    somebody needs practice with Photoshop

  • Gnu

    That’s actually how the snowboard is shaped; it’s got an asymmetrical tip and tail!
    Everyone on our web team is great with Photoshop.

  • A7X

    i was talking about the picture of nick riding the bindings. somebody tried to crop their snowboard out of the picture so people wouldnt see it XD

  • Gnu

    I think that’s just the picture? He’s in deep snow so the board is pretty covered with it.

  • JD

    I’m riding these on top of a Never Summer board. So far, so good. I ride regularly at Mammoth and just came back from Whistler. I’ve ridden Flow bindings for years, and these are definitely a step “up” in board control. From a couple of the other comments below, I’m going to have to agree with a few quality issues. In the first week riding, the cinch spring broke and the ratchet mechanism wouldn’t stay tight; fortunately my local shop switched out the part with no hassle. Now, after probably 20 days on-mountain, the stitching on the toe-strap material is starting to come apart. If these were cheap bindings, I’d understand.

  • Mike Hardaker

    year after year the Mutant Binding wins our editors choice award for best bindings. Odds are 2017 will be no different.