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A freak of nature…the next step in binding evolution…

SIZES M (US M 7-9) L (US M 9-11) XL (US M 11-14)

$289.95 USD

$299.95 CAD

€259.95 EUR incl. VAT

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Shopatron Secure

A binding for aggressive riders who get weird in any terrain they happen to find.  Full support from the Comprex straps and new FT-4 Ergonomic highbacks keep you in control as you experiment with and progress your riding.

  • Flex

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Weird Science

  • FT-5 Highback

    FT-5 Highback Icon

    NEW - Designed for instant response and precision. The radial cup shape and added surface area creates a comfortable and supportive highback with inward angle for bio-correct ergonomic support.

  • FT-2 Baseplate

    FT-2 Baseplate Icon

    An engineering achievement of hyper cored aerospace aluminum stamped and formed for mind reading response and unmatched lightweight. This baseplate enables us to make one of the lightest bindings in any category.

  • Comprex Ankle Strap

    Comprex Ankle Strap Icon

    Comprex - Energy absorbing control. Extra large surface area provides maximum support while a compression window absorbs any boot biting pressure.

  • Comprex Toe Strap

    Comprex Toe Strap Icon

    Oversized surface area for extra stability and control. Lower rubber strap conforms to the shape of your boot for an extra secure grip.

  • Triple Dampening

    NEW - Shock and vibration absorbption through a Triple Dampening Wrap

  • Micro Buckle

    Riders can adjust strap tension on the fly. Tighten a couple clicks before sending it, or loosen for a relaxed fit in moderate terrain.

  • Pressure Relief Button

    Press the release button to relax ankle strap pressure on the front of the foot. Your straps stay pre-set for the ride down, just press on the Auto Lever to lock straps back into place.

  • will

    wonder if these will get recalled like my last gnu aggro bindings and still cant get my 300 dollar binding straps replaced??? both of them busted on me jeez

  • MervinMfg

    Hi Will,

    There is not a recall on the new binding straps, only 2012-2013 model binding straps.

    Did you you ever fill out our recall replacement form?

    If you’re still having issues, please send us a message on our contact page.