$229.95 USD

$160.97 USD (30% off)

Auto Open Technology and Ultra-Lightweight

The Psych is the first model in the line to utilize our ultra light weight aluminum baseplate. The single panel ankle strap combined with the cored aluminum baseplate keep things light in the air and responsive on the snow. The Psych is guaranteed to keep you stoked.

  • Sizes
    L (US M 9-11), (MP 27-29)
    XL (US M 11-14), (MP 29-32)
    M (US M 7-9), (MP 25-27)
  • Co-Lab Snowboard
Binding Flex Rating: 7

Binding Tech

NEW! FT-4 Asym Highback

Lightweight and loose.

Full EVA Footbed With Base Buffer

Dampening layer of soft EVA foam from toe to heel for consistent cushioning.

Pressure Relief Button

Press manually to relax ankle strap pressure.  Increased circulation keeps foot comfortable and warm.

Micro Buckle 2

Classic Operation! Rider can adjust strap tension on the go. Tighten a couple of clicks for a big hit or loosen for relaxed terrain. Use to release strap for additional exit and entry space in steep terrain.

Inverted Single Panel Ankle Straps

Designed to conform to your boot with a smooth consistent fit for maximum comfort.

Thin Fit Toe Straps

Our low volume toe has an over-sized surface area for extra stability and control. The low volume design conforms to your boot like a second skin for a new level of lightweight and increased fit.

FT-2: Ultra Light & Responsive Aluminum Baseplate

An engineering achievement of hyper cored aerospace aluminum stamped and formed for mind reading response and unmatched light-weight. One of the lightest bindings in any category.

Plastic 4 Hole Disk

Plastic disk fits 4×4 pattern.  Channel compatible disk sold separately.