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Ultra-Lightweight Aluminum Baseplate with Auto-Open Technology

SIZES M (US M 7-9) L (US M 9-11) XL (US M 11-14)

$239.95 USD

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€215.95 EUR incl. VAT

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The Psych is the first model in the GNU binding line to utilize our ultra-lightweight aluminum baseplate. The asymmetric ankle strap combined with the cored aluminum baseplate provides unparalleled responsiveness. The Psych is guaranteed to keep you psyched!

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Weird Science

  • FT-4 Highback

    FT-4 Highback Icon

    Designed for smooth response and mobility. The cored grid design creates an exceptionally lightweight back with inward angle for bio-correct ergonomic support.

  • FT-2 Baseplate

    FT-2 Baseplate Icon

    An engineering achievement of hyper cored aerospace aluminum stamped and formed for mind reading response and unmatched lightweight. This baseplate enables us to make one of the lightest bindings in any category.

  • Asym. Ankle Strap

    Asym. Ankle Strap Icon

    Aysmmetric Inverted Tri-Panel - Tuned support and mobility. Added lateral support and increased medial mobility.

  • Thin Fit Toe Straps

    Thin Fit Toe Straps Icon

    Oversize surface area for extra stability and control. Flexible design conforms to the shape of your boot toe for secure fit.

  • Micro Buckle

    Riders can adjust strap tension on the fly. Tighten a couple clicks before sending it, or loosen for a relaxed fit in moderate terrain.

  • Pressure Relief Button

    Press the release button to relax ankle strap pressure on the front of the foot. Your straps stay pre-set for the ride down, just press on the Auto Lever to lock straps back into place.

  • EVA Foam Footbed

    Full EVA foam footbed with full cushion from heel to toe.

  • Ken

    Can this fit on Burton’s ICS channel?

  • Lee

    Does Psych have a rotatable high back? Past seasons you guys had fixed and rotatable specified but this season I can’t seem to find the info. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Gnu

    Yeah! You can rotate/adjust highbacks on these bad boyz

  • dk

    can you adjust the angles on this without having to unscrew it?

  • Gnu

    We make conversion plates to mount them on Burton channel boards, but the bindings are sold with baseplates and hardware for the universal 2×4 pattern inserts.

  • Gnu

    You will need a screwdriver to adjust the angles of these bindings.

  • sully

    Got a carbon credit 2015. Would these or the street series be abad fit?i like groomers,powder and small park (for now).Thx!

  • Gnu

    Hi Sully,
    The Street bindings will an awesome all around mid-flex binding for riding anywhere on the mountain/
    They’ll be especially groovy when paired with the Carbon Credit.

  • Jesse

    i am getting the jamie lynn 20yr in a 154 and im having trouble deciding between these or the mutants. i stay in the park but do love a good mountain run. i am just scared the mutans will be too stiff fo rmy style.