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Up to 30% OFF most 14/15 products! FREE standard shipping on all orders over €75


Mountain and Urban Assault Vehicle

SIZES S (US M 4-7) M (US M 7-10) L (US M 9-11)

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Shopatron Secure

The Street binding steps things up for the rider looking for an all mountain binding that can handle urban terrain and do it all with comfort and response. Ergo highbacks allow lateral mobility while Asymmetric straps provide lateral support. Premium components add the small details that take you to a new level and make this one of our most popular models.

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Weird Science

  • FT-3 Highback

    FT-3 Highback Icon

    Hyper cored in Ergonomic alignment with your lower leg for increased power and control. Release lever is cleverly shifted to the side for quick reach around access. Full EVA padding wraps over top of highback down to heel pocket for maximum comfort. Lateral adjust for fine tuning heel side support.

  • FT-4 Baseplate

    FT-4 Baseplate Icon

    The wedge design creates a predictable yet lively response. Transmits input with precision to get you and your board where you need to be.

  • Asym. Ankle Strap

    Asym. Ankle Strap Icon

    Aysmmetric Inverted Tri-Panel - Tuned support and mobility. Added lateral support and increased medial mobility.

  • Thin Fit Toe Straps

    Thin Fit Toe Straps Icon

    Oversize surface area for extra stability and control. Flexible design conforms to the shape of your boot toe for secure fit.

  • Micro Buckle

    Riders can adjust strap tension on the fly. Tighten a couple clicks before sending it, or loosen for a relaxed fit in moderate terrain.

  • Pressure Relief Button

    Press the release button to relax ankle strap pressure on the front of the foot. Your straps stay pre-set for the ride down, just press on the Auto Lever to lock straps back into place.

  • EVA Foam Footbed

    Full EVA foam footbed with full cushion from heel to toe.

  • Tony white

    Is this bindings will work on Burton the channel system ? I got burton clash 2014.

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    Yes, we have separate plates available to work on channel boards.
    …But for maximum fun, we recommend mountain them on a Gnu!

  • paul

    what binding does forest ride?

  • Ben

    I just bought a pair used and where the high back and base plate meet is missing the piece of hardware. Is there any way to fix this?

  • Tricko

    I am always losing the “T-Nut” that you can see inside the binding.
    GNU/Fastec ones are hard to come by – contact Mervin Manufacturing and see if they have some they can send. They were pretty tight on stock for these last year. I temporarily used a generic T nut form a board shop near me. Reccomned using loctite blue on all binding nuts and bolts.