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Kelly Underwood

Image From Outta’ The Kitchen Needs Your Help!

Outta’ The Kitchen Needs Your Help!

Stephanie Sue Feld launched an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign for Outta the Kitchen support. Gnu girls riders Kelly Underwood, Sandra Hillen and friends join Stephanie to create a media outlet in which girls can work together to push each other,...

Image From Brighton Gnu Girls Recap

Brighton Gnu Girls Recap

GNU hosted the first Brighton freestyle /All-Mountain Workshop Jan. 4th. Team riders Stephanie-Sue Feld, Kelly Underwood and Danyale Patterson brought the magic and joined a group of 25 ladies for a progressive session in Krista’s Park, Brighton’s newly designed women’s...

Image From Rider Profile – Kelly Underwood

Rider Profile – Kelly Underwood

Name: Kelly Underwood Astro Sign: Taurus Yr. Started Riding: 2001 Stance: Regular 16,-16, 20 in. “My first experience at  Ms Superpark was all time and getting to meet and ride with all the shred ladies was awesome! In the morning...