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Grenade Games

Image From Grenade Games 9

Grenade Games 9

Monster Energy presents Grenade Games 9 at Mammoth Mountain — April 27-28, 2013 Mission Grenade Games 9 seeks to radically advance snowboarding and partying (nothing else really matters, does it?) in and around Mammoth Lakes, California to the absolute benefit...

Image From Grenade Games 7

Grenade Games 7

Proudly sponsored by Gnu Snowboards… Bear Mountain, CA- It may not have gone down on 4/20 this year, but the 7th annual Grenade Games drew stoners, boners, derelicts and degenerates to Big Bear yet again. Danny Kass and his RV...

Image From Grenade Games 6: Calling All Space Cadets!

Grenade Games 6: Calling All Space Cadets!

Grenade Games 6: April 20th-24th Whistler, BC The Snowboarders with jobs at GNUare currently handbuilding 12 Custom Danny Kass 155 C2 Banana’s for Grenade Games 2010 prizes. The boards will feature potassium banana energy boost geometry, genetically altered cores, sticky nug...