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Image From Adaptive Snowboarders: Try To Keep Up

Adaptive Snowboarders: Try To Keep Up

Adaptive snowboarders say they’re frustrated boardercross hasn’t been added to the Paralympics. Amy Purdy is working with her organization Adaptive Action Sports to get snowboarding in the Paralympics, this is a good clip documenting their efforts. http://www.kcra.com/video/22575438/index.html

Image From The GNU Meal

The GNU Meal

Classic Snowboard Footage from 1988. Shot on one of the early video formats. Classic old friends. Crazy old footage. Since way before it was cool! GNU Snowboards led the way to Mervin Mfg and Lib Tech. This is priceless old...

Image From OH GOD I LOVE MY BOARD!!!!!


MAGNE-TRACTION SAVES LIVES!!!! I LOVE my GNU B-Street snowboard and I wanted to thank the genius behind that board! Also love the graphics! Question though, on the nose, it looks like it says “GOA”… is that Gapers of America? Thanks...