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Blake Paul

Image From More Bent, Bitchin’ Weirdos!

More Bent, Bitchin’ Weirdos!

Round two of Battle of the Brands is on!  Go to http://www.snowboardermag.com/battle-of-the-brands-2013/ to watch our edit and give it a vote.  If and when that’s not enough internet shredding for you, here is more!  More tricks and rippers from Lib,...

Image From Holy Bowly Weird and Bitchin’ Edit!

Holy Bowly Weird and Bitchin’ Edit!

Forest Bailey and Blake Paul shredding Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly in this Weird and Bitchin’ edit! In this episode of “Weird and Bitchin'”, Gnu and Lib Tech riders head over to Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly in Tenjin, Japan. One of...

Image From Max & Blake in Japan

Max & Blake in Japan

Check out this edit of weirdos Max Warbington and Blake Paul on their virginal voyage to the land of the rising sun, Japan.  This chill adventure has competition, beer, weird food, night powder, soccer, helicopters, Kana and more weird wild...