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Image From Trevor Jacob Jumps A Moving Train

Trevor Jacob Jumps A Moving Train

It has been nearly 15 years since the train jumping stunt was conceived by Temple Cummins and Andy Hetzel. California’s Trevor Jacob retraced their steps up Donner Summit and decided to hop the hobo highway in tribute to their pioneering...

Image From GNU Team Shredit: Nick Ennen

GNU Team Shredit: Nick Ennen

Check out this web shredit featuring Nick Ennen AKA: Ravishing Nick Crude, star of The Saturday Night Ride, by Wildcard Movies. Nick loves the GNU Riders Choice. Sponsors: GNU, Sessions, Smith, MB Boats, O’Brien Wakeboards. Favorite Trick: Back 180 off...

Image From Cooked


Nick Ennen and Forrest Burki are in deep Montana country getting shots for the new Wild Card movie check out some photos from Jordan Ingmire, who saved the banger shots for the mags. Contour POV Action From Forrest Quick line...