Image From Too Hard at Mt Hood

Too Hard at Mt Hood

Danyale Patterson spent some time making magic at Mt Hood this summer.  Check out Danyale, Stephanie Sue-Feld, and friends getting tech in this Too Hard at Mt Hood edit!  

Image From Zeller Learning Double Backs

Zeller Learning Double Backs

Michelle Zeller has been busy training for the upcoming slopestyle season.  She’s dedicated… training in the rain, on a wet carpet airbag jump setup.  But it’s paying off for her, she just learned double backs… check it out!

Image From GNU Girls Flaunt it

GNU Girls Flaunt it

Billabong’s Flaunt It event went down at Sierra Tahoe earlier this month.  This all girls slopestyle and rail jam brought girls from all over to compete for a $10K purse.  Gnu girls Jenna Blasman from BC and Michelle Zeller from...