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Bent Metal Logic Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

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C3 BTX Directionel Tout Terrain Freestyle
C3 BTX Directional All-Terrain Freestyle

SIZES 143 146 149 152 155

  • 2015 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Pick

$549.95 USD

$619.95 CAD

€549.99 EUR incl. VAT

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: This item is currently out of stock.

Item is currently not available online.

Barrett Christy has spent 20 years finely tuning the B-Pro C3 snowboard for aggressive all mountain freestyle flow. This snowboard has helped Barrett achieve her snowboarding fantasies, and helped her team accomplish their gold medal goals around the world.


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La board femme la plus performante du snowboard. Barrett a commencé à travailler sur la B-Pro en focalisant sur les competitions de pipe et de park. Avec toujours en arrière pensée le gros ride à Mt Baker, le freeride, la poudreuse et les banked slaloms. En la modifiant et en l’améliorant tout au long des années avec l’équipe design de Gnu, cette board a atteint tous les podiums. La B-Pro rafle tout sur son passage à chacune de tes journées en montagne. Une partie des bénéfices est reversé à Boarding For Breast Cancer.


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Das B-Pro gehört zu den raffiniertesten Snowboards, die es für Frauen je gab. Obwohl Barrett es Anfangs mit Fokus auf Park und Pipe Contests entworfen hat, hatte sie immer auch Backcountry Freeriding in tiefem Powder und den Baker Banked Slalom im Hinterkopf. Im Laufe der Jahre wurde der Shape zusammen mit dem Gnu Design Team immer weiter verfeinert und hat es auf jedes nur erdenkliche Podium geschafft. Mit dem B-Pro ist garantiert jeder Tag am Berg ein Gewinn, egal wo du bist, und ganz nebenbei wird Boarding For Breast Cancer unterstützt.


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Barrett Christy ha pasado 20 años perfeccionando la B-Pro C3 para un manejo freestyle con respuesta pensado para toda la montaña. Esta tabla ha ayudado a que Barret consiga hacer realidad todas sus fantasías de snowboard, y a que su equipo consiguiera medallas de oro en todo el mundo.


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Art by Adam Haynes

B Pro Info Graphic

Weird Science

  •  Image

    Aggressive dominant cambers out to the contacts combined with mild rocker between your feet. Subtle Banana rocker gives freestyle freedom with maximum end to end stability for big, high speed lines. For Aggressive skilled riders.



    The original all terrain rocker/camber hybrid PATENT #7823892 #8511704



    TURNS ICE INTO POWDER! Serrated edges on your board give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice!

    Unreal Construction

  • CORE: Aspen/Columbian Gold
  • BASE: Sintered
  • TOP: Bio Beans
  • COMPOSITE: Tri-ax/Bi-ax
Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 109

Side Cut 7.9

Nose Width 27.3

Waist Width 23.5

Tail Width 27.3

Min-Max / Set Back
18"-23.5" / 0"

Flex 4

Weight Range 70-140 +

Contact 111

Side Cut 8.1

Nose Width 27.7

Waist Width 23.8

Tail Width 27.7

Min-Max / Set Back
18"-23.5" / 0"

Flex 4.5

Weight Range 80-150 +

Contact 113

Side Cut 8.1

Nose Width 28

Waist Width 24.2

Tail Width 28

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 90-160 +

Contact 115

Side Cut 8.2

Nose Width 28.5

Waist Width 24.4

Tail Width 28.5

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 100-180 +

Contact 118

Side Cut 8.3

Nose Width 29

Waist Width 24.8

Tail Width 29

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 110-210 +

  • Juliua

    Please tell me what is best binding of this snowboard?

  • Ana Dostert

    Do you guys recommend a different board?

  • Liedje

    Hi C, I just bought a Gnu B pro in the Netherlands via revert95. You can buy it from their website or go to the shop (if you live in The Netherlands ;)). Lidia

  • Mary Sek

    What size board does Christy Barrett ride?

  • Vanessa

    Hi there,

    Would the B-pro or the Ladies choice be more suitable for predominately riding park?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  • GNU

    Both are built with the finest materials and are truetwins–so perfect for park!
    But the Ladies Choice will be more playful and the B-Pro will be more powerful/aggressive.

  • GNU

    She is generally on the 146.

  • GNU

    Any binding that feels comfortable is best!
    The most compatible Gnu bindings will be the B-Free or B-Forward–the stiffness will complement the board.

  • GNU

    155 B-Pro!!

  • GNU

    It’s just as stiff as ever, you may like the Ladies Choice for something more freestyle-friendly; it’s built with top-notch materials, but has more of a playful feel.

  • GNU

    Both boards will blow your mind!
    The Ladies Choice will be more playful and the B-Pro will be more powerful/aggressive; but we build them both with our most amazing materials!

  • Jodi bell

    Hi I am 5’9″ athletic weight by 145 and 150. Mostly like all terrain (groomers, trees, powder) don’t go in the park at all but like to jump every once in awhile. I like the gnu b pro c3 (black one). Was wondering what size to get? 152 or 155 I was thinking. I currently ride a 157 Burton and I is a little long for me I think.

  • Sabrina

    If I could ride one board for the rest of my life it would be this one.

  • GNU

    Hi Jodi,
    So sorry for the delay!
    You’ll be able to ride the 152 or 155 without any trouble–if the 157 feels like it’s way too big, the 152 will certainly feel more playful and maneuverable. But if you’re not looking for such a dramatic drop in size, go for the 155. It will definitely feel lighter and easier to ride, but still a big/stable board.

  • GNU

    Thanks so much, Sabrina!
    We appreciate the kind words and support.

  • Ashley

    Did my question get deleted? I’m interested in this board, I love my Skate Banana, will this board be similar or is there another Gnu board that would be more similar to the Skate Banana?

  • Hayley Ingman

    Hi Gnu,

    I’m really interested in this board and everyone says it’s awesome, but I’m not sure if it’s too long for me at 143. I’m 5’1, 105lbs, size 5 feet, advanced to expert freerider living in Whistler 11 years and counting. I never get to demo boards because the sellers never bring the shorter sizes to demo days so I’ve not tried a smaller board. I’ve had a 143 for years but as this is a more aggressive board I’m wondering if a 143 might be a little long. What would you recommend? Thanks!

  • GNU

    This board is going to feel VERY different from the Skate Banana (a lot more powerful and aggressive!), due to the camber-dominant base contour and stiff flex pattern. if you’re looking for something comparable, check out the B-Nice, Smart Pickle or Gateway. All of those boards have the same BTX profile as the Skate Banana–they all hit different price points and are built with different materials though! So if you have questions about those boards and which would be best for you, you should check out your local Gnu dealer!

    Here is a link to our dealer locator:

  • GNU

    If you’ve been riding a 143 and it’s the size you prefer, you won’t have ANY trouble on the B-Pro.
    It’s a powerful board and it definitely packs a punch, but I think you’ll really appreciate the step-up in performance, particularly if you’re doing a lot of freeriding off the beaten path in Whistler–this board should be perfect for you!

  • Victoria

    Hi, I currently have the B-Pro 149 C2BTX from a few years ago (the one with the tiger print). Love the board, but hoping to get something slightly more aggressive and was thinking the C3BTX on the newer boards will be better, and maybe to go up to the 152? I’m 5’6″ and a bit and weigh 115lbs. Any recommendations?

  • Kseniya

    Good afternoon! Tell me, please, if possible delivery snowboard gnu b-pro c3-btx snowboard – women’s 2017 (size 143) in Russian?

  • Lura

    Hi- I’ve taken a break away from
    Gnu but at last ready to come back. I LOVED the b-street which no longer exists? What’s the most comparable in this years line?

  • Hi Laura, the Hardcandy is the closest model to the B-Street. Check it out

  • Michelle

    Hi, I’m 5’10, 170 lbs and wear size 10.5 in men’s boots. Athletic build, intermediate- not much park but love everything else. I have been riding for 13 years. I currently ride a burton custom 154 and this B-Pro is sounding awesome. I’m thinking a 155 might work for me…but am concerned with the waist width with my big boots. What do you think….can you recommend anything for me?

  • Michelle Baker

    I’ve ridden the B pro for over a decade now. It’s my favorite board in my collection. I ride a 149 and a 152. I’m 5’1″, 113 lbs and wear a size 5 boot. You’ll be fine rockin the 155. You’ll love this board. It literally is my go to board. If I’m ever riding new terrain and I don’t know what I’m getting myself into, I grab the B Pro.

  • Alie

    I bought my fist gnu bpro in 2014, and fell in love. I have an epic pass, I’ll be in breck in dec, park city for nye, and possibly Swiss alps early spring. I live in Chicago, so plenty of quick trips to Granite peak in Wausau, WI. I’m debating on getting another bpro or the lib techxc2 btx narrows. What are the differences between the 2? I’d appreciate any info, or suggestions on other boards. I’m 5’4, 124, no park, I usually stay on black diamonds, sometimes I venture on double blacks. I like a lot of control, I’m obsessed with the manga traction, it was life changing!

  • kristelluna64

    Valuable analysis . Just to add my thoughts , if anyone has been searching for a NY WCB C-3 , my kids encountered a template form here

  • Hayley Ingman

    This board sounds amazing but I’m a little worried I won’t like the rocker element. I really love riding traditional camber for the stability, precision and speed. How different does this board feel to traditional camber? Thanks!

  • Sophie

    Hi, I’m 5’8, around 135 lbs, ride a 149 older gnu, and am an advanced rider. I am thinking to purchase this B-Pro or Nico Mullair’s new board. Looking for a more aggressive pow board, that can still rip and be playful in the trees, and only do small kickers-so im not really into park. The specs show similar profiles, but are their any other differences? Thanks a lot!!

  • Lindsey Gremmo

    I currently have a B-Nice 146 Asym board I bought 2 seasons ago, and I’m getting back into riding after a short hiatus through grad school. I would classify myself as beginner-intermediate.. I want a board to grow on and improve with, but I’m coming off an injury caused by catching a nasty edge on a cat track, and I’m afraid of buying blindly this time around. Is there any difference in the ability to ride the B-Pro vs. the Velvet Gnuru or Klassy? I think I need a slightly bigger board than what I’m riding, too. I’m an athletic-type 5’5″ and 150 lbs.

  • Hello Lindsey,

    Sorry to hear about the injury, but glad to hear you’re getting back into riding! If you’re worried about catching your edge, upgrading to a more aggressive board wouldn’t be the best decision. for example. the B-Pro is stiffer and has C3 (camber) this will be more catchy and harder to turn. I would suggest to keep riding something similar to your B-Nice or upgrade to the Velvet Gnuru. Having a board that is BTX based will help you out. For the size i would suggest riding something around a 148-151.

    Hope this helps!

  • ßḫ…ߣⱦ ȶ€ɍ …ħÂƔễ… ɱɏ… ɯøȵⱻ¥

    how does this board compare to the C2BTX b-pro from a couple years ago (the one with the all pink graphics and pegasus on the tail with the pink base/black gnu logo)? thats the board I’m riding right now at a 146, love it, but I’ve put it through the ringer (300+ days on it with over half being really shitty east coast conditions from last year and this recent warm up) and it needs to be replaced. i really love the pop, but was looking for something with a bit more camber to it for ice coast conditions and the C3 shape sounds like fun. did the flex change at all? any change in dampness/pop? i play around in the park a little bit mainly hitting smaller features (jumps and pipe, particularly) but most of my riding is all mountain freestyle jibbing around the resort and playing in the trees/bumps. i would demo the board but my shop sold them all out so I’m planning ahead for next season (wouldn’t want to ride a new board in current conditions anyway!). i should probably add that I’ve been riding for 18 years and will ride anything you put in front of me on the east coast so far… in any condition, as evident last season lol.

    also, do you hook up snowboard instructors? i work for a major east coast resort and could provide proof of employment…

  • Hello,

    Glad to hear you put so many days on you B-Pro! the main difference between the two will be the profile, C2 is BTX between the feet and camber on the tip and tail. While C3 more similar to traditional camber. There’s a bit of a difference between these two when it comes to how the board will ride. C2 floats better in powder, it will also be more playful with jibs and butters. While C3 is going to be more aggressive when it comes to carving and butters, that being said it will be more stable at higher speeds and have more pop of jumps and side hits. Over all C3 is a more aggressive shape. the flex hasn’t changed that much since a few years ago, the C3 is the main difference between this years previous seasons.



  • Jodie

    Hi, I am 5ft 130 lbs and I really want this board but I am worried that the sizes available will be far too long for me.

  • Hello,

    The 143 would be the best size for you, unfortunately we are out of stock. Here is the link to our dealer finders where you can contact shops in your area and see if they have the board you’re looking for still in stock!

    Best of luck!