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For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon PST – Mullair Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

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SIZES 143 146 149 152 155

  • 2015 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Pick

$549.95 USD

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549.99 EUR incl. VAT

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20 + years of Pro snowboarding, from Barrett Rolls and X Games gold, to Board Control and Banked Slalom Duct tape rolls, Barrett Christy is a bonafide legend. Over the past two decades Barrett has had a heavy hand in the progression of snow-boarding, and snowboards. The Camber 3 B-Pro comprises carefully curated aggressive all mountain freestyle geometries, and 20 years of design refinement to bring you Barrett’s best stick yet! Golden hour art by Adam Haynes.


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Avec plus de 20 ans de snowboard pro, des Barrett Rolls aux médailles d’or des X Games, du Board Control au Banked Slalom, Barrett Christy est une légende. Depuis de plus de 20 ans, Barrett a une influence certaine sur la progression du snowboard et des planches. La B-Pro Camber 3 intègre la géométrie d’une board freestyle all mountain agressive et 20 ans d’ajustement de son design vous offrent la meilleure board de Barrett jamais développée ! Graphisme d’Adam Haynes.


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Mit über 20 Jahren Erfahrung als Snowboard-Pro hat Barrett Christy weit mehr erreicht, als unzählige Contest-Siege beweisen könnten. Denn in zwei Dekaden hat sie die Progression im Snowboarden stärker geprägt als viele andere – nicht nur auf dem Board, sondern auch was dessen Konstruktion angeht. Mit seiner sorgfältig ausgewogenen und doch aggressiven All-Mountain-Freestyle-Geometrie ist das Camber 3 B-Pro eines der besten Frauenboards der letzten 20 Jahre – mit Golden Hour Art von Adam Haynes.


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Después de 23 o más años de snowboard profesional, con medallas de oro en los X Games y en el Banked Slalom, Barrett Christy es una leyenda consolidada del mundo del snowboard. Durante estas últimas dos décadas Barrett ha tenido una gran peso en la progresión del snowboard. La B-Pro Camber 3 cuenta con un diseño freestyle reactivo y versátil, además de 20 años de experiencia para traerte la mejor tabla hecha por Barret. Incluye también gráficos únicos de la mano de Adam Haynes.


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Art by Adam Haynes

Weird Science

  •  Image

    Aggressive dominant cambers out to the contacts combined with mild rocker between your feet. Subtle Banana rocker gives freestyle freedom with maximum end to end stability for big, high speed lines. For Aggressive skilled riders.



    The original all terrain rocker/camber hybrid PATENT #7823892 #8511704



    TURNS ICE INTO POWDER! Serrated edges on your board give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice!

    Unreal Construction

  • CORE: Aspen/Columbian Gold/Paulownia Alloy
  • GLASS: Tri-ax/Bi-ax
  • TOP: Eco Sublimated Bio Beans
  • BASE: Eco Sublimated Co-Sintered
Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 109

Side Cut 7.9

Nose Width 27.3

Waist Width 23.5

Tail Width 27.3

Min-Max / Set Back
18"-23.5" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 70-140 +

Contact 111

Side Cut 8.1

Nose Width 27.7

Waist Width 23.8

Tail Width 27.7

Min-Max / Set Back
18"-23.5" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 80-150 +

Contact 113

Side Cut 8.1

Nose Width 28

Waist Width 24.2

Tail Width 28

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 90-160 +

Contact 115

Side Cut 8.2

Nose Width 28.5

Waist Width 24.4

Tail Width 28.5

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 100-180 +

Contact 118

Side Cut 8.3

Nose Width 29

Waist Width 24.8

Tail Width 29

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24" / 0"

Flex 7

Weight Range 110-210 +

  • Lightyears

    Can I still buy the B-Pro C3 149cm of season 2014 in Europe?

  • Mart

    I am looking for one as well?

  • Dina Garrett

    Hi. i’m 175 cm/51 kg. What size will good for me? I am looking for something not bad in powder. But usuallly I ride groomers

  • Gnu

    I think any one of our boards in the 150-154 range will be great options for you.
    The B-Pro is definitely our most aggressive women’s boards, so if you’re looking for something more forgiving and geared towards progressing your riding I would really recommend checking out the Velvet Gnuru, B-Nice, or Smart Pickle.

  • Dina Garrett

    Thanks for reply but too late. I love this board from first sight and already bought it in local store. 149 was longest available size here. I rode it just one time (we have no luck with snow this season) but I felt very comfortable and could to trust it.

  • Lana

    Hello! I am 164 cm/ 48kg. What size will good for me?

  • Gnu

    Hi Lana!
    I think the 143 will be prime.
    Though if you plan on riding a lot of powder, you may want to consider the 146; a bigger board will float better in deep snow, as well as add some stability,

  • Kate

    Hi I’m 170 cm, 58 kg. I do prefer powder offroad, which size shall I consider 152?

  • Gnu

    152 will be prime–you’ll be able to easily float through powder, but if you find yourself riding though the trees or on crowded runs, it will still feel really easy and fun to maneuver through obstacles!

  • PD

    Hi I have recently tried the B-pro and loved it but I dont think I need a board that advanced. Unfortunately I can’t get my hands on a velvet gnuru to try it out. Are they at all similar ride?

  • Gnu

    The Velvet Gnuru will feel a lot more forgiving and playful than the B-Pro. The B-Pro is a stiff camber-dominant snowboard, while the Gnuru just has a more mild, elliptical camber underfoot.

    If you’re looking for something easier to ride than the B-pro, but still packed with technology, the Velvet Gnuru would definitely be my recommendation for you.

  • CaptKrunch

    Hi you bunch of weirdos 🙂 For a 5’8, avg 150lbs woman. What would the right size be? 152? She’s currently riding a 148 Roxy Radiance. Thanks! 🙂

  • Gnu

    Yeah 152 sounds perfect!

  • Iggy Fordyce

    I have been riding a B-Pro for the last 6 years and love it, but find it chatters to much. I prefer to ride off trail and wall rides, and would like a board with more flex and control, I don’t ride fast. Would the new BPro, the Pickle or the Ladies Choice be a beter board for me?

  • mel

    I’d like to follow your question. Good one!!

  • mel

    I’m 5’8″ and 130 lbs. Mainly ride resort slopes, with possibilities of some deep powder, but not interested in the park….Would this be a good board for me and What size board in this epic B-Pro for my height/weight/ride preferences?

  • Gnu

    If you’re looking for something more flexy than your B-Pro, I would probably steer you towards the Ladies Choice. It’s got mild camber underfoot, so it will still feel stable and a bit more aggressive than a BTX board (like the Smart Pickle). Also, the Polonia/Aspen blend in the core is REALLLY damp, so it will help reduce chatter. It’s pretty much the perfect board for riding absolutely anywhere; the perfect blend of fun and powerful. It’s UNREAL!

  • Gnu


  • Iggy Fordyce

    Great, thanks. I have just looked at your store locator in NSW Australia, and of the stores that still had a web page link that worked, none of them had the Ladies Choice, so where in Australia or New Zealand can I buy one from, or do I have to wait for the 2015/16 model to come in stock and pre order?

  • Gnu

    Hi Iggy,
    We have a way of tracking which boards sell at our retailers after we shipped them, particularly outside of the USA, because we have separate distributors in most other regions. So unfortunately I don’t really know a shop to refer you to. But I’m fairly certain we are shipping 15/16 boards to Australia soon!

    Here’s a link to our international distributors, they will probably have details as to which shops in your area will have the Ladies Choice:

    I’d definitely recommend reaching out to them for more information!

  • Bella

    Hi! Im an intermediate-advanced rider mostly love just shredding but am looking to progress more into park? Im 168cm tall, 65kg and wear a sz 9 boot, LOVE this board’s design, but wondering if it would be reasonable for me to get this board if I’m more of an all-mountain rider?

  • GNU

    Hi Bella,
    This board will really excel in situations where you need power–whether that’s a big landing, high speeds, or getting through deep snow; it’s definitely an aggressive board that can plow around the mountain like a tank! While this is awesome for sketchy situations, you may find it a little hard to control in the park, especially if you’re learning. The B-Pro has our C3 base contour, which is similar to traditional camber–it holds an edge really well, but isn’t very forgiving!

    You may want to check out the B-Classy or the Ladies Choice–you’ll get the power, pop and precision of camber underfoot, but the catch free forgiving feeling of Banana. I think those two boards are the most versatile models we make, and they’ll be easy to ride anywhere on the mountain.

    That’s not to say the B-Pro won’t be suitable for you, but you may have more fun and less difficulty progressing on something a bit more forgiving.

  • Bri

    Hi, I need help with deciding! For years I’ve been eyeing the B pro, but since reading the comments I’m starting to consider the Ladies Choice as another option. I’m an advanced all mountain rider and want something that is fun but still challenging and aggressive with some forgiveness. Also, what would be the appropriate size for my height at 176cm and weight 67kg? Thank you!!

  • GNU

    Hi Bri,
    The B-Pro will be a blast for all-mountain riding!
    I think you can pretty much stand on this board and it will take you for a ride, it’s very aggressive but it will add a ton of confidence to any situation. However, it doesn’t have the loose, nimble feel of the Ladies Choice–so if that’s what you’re after, go I’d suggest going that route.

    But if you’ve been eyeing this board forever, and you need an aggressive board that will get you through the sticky situations with ease…the B-Pro is will definitely fit the bill!

  • Veronique Brodeur

    Hi I’m doing my level 1 snowboard instructor and i will
    like to teach with the board i will buy. I don’t know much with board could you help me i’m 154cm or 5’2″ and 120lbs,… I like the way your board grip in pack condition. I don’t plan to do too much jump just small to med if i do. I want something fun and exciting to ride with. What is your suggestion?

  • Kennedy

    Hey! I’m an intermediate rider looking for a good freeride board. I’m 5″4, 135lbs. Which size do you suggest?

  • GNU

    149 will be awesome EVERYWHERE–so if you plan on doing any freestyle riding, or spending time in the park that would be the best size.
    But if you just want to stay in the deep snow and off the beaten path, I’d recommend the 152.

  • GNU

    Hi Veronique,
    This board is the most aggressive women’s board we make. It can handle absolutely any terrain, but you may find it difficult to control.
    If you want a stiff, board that feels like a tank…this is it!

    But if you seek something more forgiving and playful, I would recommend checking out these:
    Ladies Choice
    Velvet Gnuru
    The B-Pro is more like a traditional camber board, and these all have some Banana (reverse camber) between the binding inserts for a looser, more playful feel. But they all have some camber underfoot, which adds stability and response.

    All of our boards will be fun and exciting, just make sure you get one that will compliment your riding style! I’d also recommend something in the 142-144 range.

  • nicole

    I still consider my self a beginner, and I know I will not hit parks any time soon, is this a good recommendation? I am not looking for a lot of pop but I want it to be forgiving with turns/spins and such and when I get some speed I do not want to be shaky and lose my balance. I ride on groomed ice (lol) for the most part. Final question is I been getting a lot of feed back from friends that have been riding for like ever and they are concerned about how the edges do not wrap all the way around and how it will shorten the life of the board due to delamination, is this really the case? If so is there ways to prevent it?

  • GNU

    Hi Nicole,
    The B-Pro is most aggressive women’s board we make–it will be solid and stable at high speeds! But if you’re wanting something for forgiving turns and spins, this board is not that. Because it has C3 base contour, which rides similarly to traditional camber. Rather than lifting up underfoot like many of our other boards, this board lifts in the middle and it will really want to be on edge. The stiff flex pattern will also take more effort to control than some of our other boards.

    You should check out the Velvet Gnuru and Ladies Choice. Both of these boards feature camber underfoot, to add stability and power to the board, but because of the Banana between your feet the boards will be perfect and easy to ride absolutely anywhere, and a lot more user-friendly and easier to progress with.

    Our edges do not wrap completely around the board and this improves the durability!
    When edges encounter impact they tend to bend and break–this is costly and difficult to fix and even when repaired the board will never quite be the same. And a lot of impact tends to occur at the nose and tail of the snowboard. So, by removing the metals edges from the nose and tail and replacing it with a plastic our boards are much more resilient…and lighter!

  • nicole

    Thank You! This helps me out a lot!! I want to be sure I get the right fit, just a little bummed out though 🙁 I am in love with that graphic! 🙂

  • jra

    Is this board a twin or directional? In the specs it says twin… The heading says directional

  • Hi JRA your right, it is directional, we updated the specs. Thanks!

  • Hi JRA, my bad it is a twin, double checked with our snowboard engineer.

  • Deborah

    Hi guys. What size of a board would you recommend me? My height is 5.3, weight is 119 lbs and boot size is usually 8.5 but one pair of my boots are 9.0. I usually ride groomers, like to carve and do some flat land tricks, no jibbing, Thx.

  • GNU

    HI Deborah,
    The 146 or 149 will be the two best options for you.
    149 will give you more float, stability and power and 146 will feel a bit more playful and easy to maneuver.

  • Julie Spoth

    Hey! I’m stuck between the Ladies Choice and the B-PRO. I’ve been riding for 6 years in the NE. I’ll be in the Vail/Aspen area for the first time this winter with a new setup, I like riding the groomers, carve and work on new skills – I want to learn to ride in pow and I don’t spend a lo of time in the park. I’m 5′ 6″, 125 lbs and size 8 boot. What would you recommend I go for?

  • GNU

    Hi Julie,
    The B-Pro and the Ladies Choice are definitely our two highest performing women’s all-mountain freestyle boards. They’ll both help you progress and be more fun than anything else you’ve ever ridden…but they both feel completely different!
    The B-Pro is going to feel kind of like a tank, it’s really powerful and aggressive due to the C3 (camber dominant) base contour.
    The Ladies Choice feels a bit more forgiving and playful, while still being really damp and poppy.

    If you’re still feeling unsure, I’d recommend going to a shop and standing on them to get a feel for them!
    But as for size, I’d recommend the 151.5 in the Ladies Choice and 152 in the B-Pro, since you’re not spending much the park I think you’ll be stoked on these lengths because they will offer more stability and help you stay afloat in deep snow.

  • Julie Spoth

    Thank you so much for the quick response! I like being aggressive but don’t want to miss out being playful and forgiving while learning and trying new things. I like when my board can handle icey and chunder underfoot. Would you say the B-PRO still has some flex and forgiveness to it?

  • Eliza

    Hi! Hoping you can help me decide between sizes 149 and 152 for this board (or offer recommendation for another if I’m out of my league). I’m 5’6″, size 7.5 boot, 140lbs. Fairly beginner boarder (on my 3rd season) in Colorado, riding the pow when we can get it but met a lot of ice pack last year. Like Julie (below) looking to improve carving, switch, ollies, etc. with minimal park use. Thanks!!!

  • GNU

    Hi Julie,
    If park riding is not a priority for you, I think you’ll be happier with the 152–the increased size won’t hinder your riding, and I think you’ll appreciate the little bit of extra length and the stability, float and powder it lends to your riding.

  • alexis

    the vid says directional freestyle…. is that wrong then? is this board a true twin?

  • Jesse

    Debating which size to go with. I currently have a B Nice in a 151 that’s a few years old. While I love it in powder, when charging fast on groomers and hard pack, I don’t feel like I’m holding an edge as well as I’d like. The B Pro seems like a perfect step up. I’d say that I’m an advanced rider (17 years of experience and a level 2 snowboard instructor). I ride all mountain, love off piste and live in the Alps, not so much of a park rider though I like to dabble once in a while. I’m 5’4″, 128 lbs, size 7.5 boot. Is the 152 going to be too big for me with a more aggressive board than my B Nice?

  • C✨

    Please could you help me find a dealer in NL ore Europe, via internet also possible. I have checken in all shops in NL but the board is not in stock. Gnu B Pro 2016 regular 149
    Thnx a million ⭐️

  • Juliua

    Please tell me what is best binding of this snowboard?

  • Melissa Berrett

    I ride a 148 B-Nice and am going to get the B-Pro. Should I get the 146 or 149? I don’t ride the park but do some pretty fierce riding.

  • GNU

    If you like your 148, I see no need to size down–particularly if you’re not riding park.
    The 149 will feel more fierce and powerful!

  • Tori

    Hi, looking for a new board for this year. Enjoy all riding with some park thrown in too! Any suggestions would be appreciated, been looking at the b-pro and ladies choice around the 149 size..thanks 🙂

  • Ana Dostert

    Is this board more flexible/soft this year? I’ve struggled to really get this board to pop easily and not have to put so much energy into it…. This board is hard to ride in the park (not as playful) but big mountain terrain it KILLS!!!! ❤️

    I guess I’m just wondering if you guys made it more flexie…. Such a sick board but this chicka needs a board that isn’t stiff… (Make them softer please)

  • Sarah

    Hello I’m Sarah I’m looking at buying a new board. I’m 5’9 athletic female 155 lbs with a size 10 boot. Don’t know if any of the women’s boards are too narrow or if I need to go with a men’s? Been riding for 14plus years have always ridden men’s camber style boards and am never charging far behind the boys no matter the terrain. Kinda looking for something with a little more play as I like little jibbs, love riding switch and doing flat spins. Not much use for the park anymore but I enjoy bursts of speed as well as tooling around looking for a little fun… Any suggestions?