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Up to 30% OFF most 14/15 products! FREE standard shipping on all orders over €75


DC3 BTX Directional All Terrain Freeride

SIZES 158 161

Bases come in random colorways

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Temple’s wild directional freeride friend. The Beast is designed for the aggressive rider who wants to ride the whole mountain with a focus on freeriding and absolutely killing new snow conditions. A nice long floaty nose combined with precise, stable C3 camber dominant contours combined with mild Banana rocker for float in pow and freestyle freedom. Temple built in enough tail to effortlessly handle freestyle terrain and float through the pow switch. The Beast is built for everything that makes freeriders around the world smile.

Art by Matt W. Moore

Weird Science

  • DC3 BTX

    DC3 BTX Icon

    Directional aggressive dominant cambers out to the contacts combined with mild rocker between your feet. Subtle Banana rocker gives freestyle freedom with maximum end to end stability for big, high speed lines. For Aggressive skilled riders.

  • Magne-Traction .5

    Magne-Traction .5 Icon

    A mellower serrated edge gives great edge hold with a bit more play in your turns

  • Directional

    Directional Icon

    Directional all terrain freeride/freestyle

  • Construction

    Construction Icon

    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the U.S.A by weirdos with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • Core Blend: 1

    Great Lakes Aspen (Light, strong, smooth riding, higher density Aspen. The backbone of every Gnu)

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Co-Extruded Topsheet

    A tough and eco-sublimated topsheet.

  • Sintered Base

    Compression hardened amorphous UHMW skived from the billet to create the toughest, fastest, best wax holding base material around. Slides best and fastest when waxed regularly to match local snow conditions.

Sizing Information

Contact 119

Side Cut 8.3

Nose Width 29.7

Waist Width 25.6

Tail Width 29.4

Min-Max / Set Back
19" - 24" / 2.5

Flex 7

Weight Range 120-210 +

Contact 122

Side Cut 8.5

Nose Width 30

Waist Width 25.8

Tail Width 29.6

Min-Max / Set Back
19" - 24" / 2.5

Flex 7

Weight Range 130-250 +

  • Erik Menezes

    What are the edge bevel angles on this board?

  • http://www.gnu.com/ Gnu

    I don’t think we detune or bevel this at all, so the base and side edges should all be 0.
    Though we do build them 100% by hand, so there’s a possibility it might be slightly different.

  • Nathan

    Hey Gnu. I’m 174cm and 82kg with US9 boots – what size would be best for the Beast? I want it mostly for powder days. I currently ride a 155 Metal Gnuru (and nice work on the board, it’s unreal!)

  • http://www.gnu.com/ GNU

    I’d probably recommend the 158–you could also ride the 161 without any trouble, but because of the tapered shape and setback binding inserts I don’t think you’ll have any trouble floating this puppy through the powder, even with the smaller size.
    Plus, the smaller board will be easier to maneuver and more nimble!