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Billy Goat

C3 BTX Temple's Directional Twin Freeride
C3 BTX Directionel Twin Freeride de Temple
Temples C3 BTX Directional Twin Freeride
La tabla direccional C3 BTX twin freeride de Temple

SIZES 156 159 162 165 162MW

  • 2015 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Pick
  • 2014 TransWorld Snowboarding – Good Wood

$539.95 USD

$377.97 USD (30% off)

$559.95 CAD

$391.97 CAD (30% off)

€539.95 EUR incl. VAT

€377.97 EUR incl. VAT (30% off)

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: This item is currently out of stock.

Item is currently not available online.

Designed to perform at the highest level for completely committed resort freeride snowboarding in the best and worst conditions. Perfect for precise ice carving and float in glory pow. With stability through apex intensity “ride at your own risk” lines, this board will power through chunder, with enough freestyle to mess around with the groms on the cat track. The Billy Goat is a skate influenced, big mountain daily driver for all terrain freeriding.

Conçue pour assurer au plus haut niveau de freeride, dans les meilleures et les pires conditions. Parfaite pour carver avec précision sur la glace et flotter en poudreuse. Stable dans les traces exigeantes, cette board supporte la pression avec assez de freestyle pour rejoindre le park. La Billy Goat est à la fois inspirée du skate et attirée par les gros couloirs pour un freeride tout terrain.

Billy Goat ist ganz und gar für fürs Freeriden innerhalb der Grenzen eines Resorts gemacht – egal in welchen Bedingungen. Mit besonderer Stabilität lässt es sich genauso mühelos über gemeine Eisplatten carven, wie es im Powder aufschwimmt. Durch harte Krusten beißt es sich einfach durch und ist trotzdem verspielt wie ein kleines Freestyle-Kind. Eine vom Skaten inspirierte Freeride Waffe für jedes Terrain.

Diseñada para un rendimiento de alto nivel y un snowboard enfocado en el freeride en las mejores y en las peores condiciones. Perfecta para carvear al milímetro y flotar al máximo sobre nieve polvo. Con una estabiliad total sobre terrenos expuestos y complicados, esta tabla te proporcionará potencia por nieve virgen con un diseño lo suficiente freestyle para que puedas jugar por pistas seguidamente. La Billy Goat es tu vehiculo de alta montaña de inspiración skate para que puedas hacer freeride sobre cualquier terreno.

Art by Adam Haynes

Weird Science

  • C3 BTX Image C3 BTX Icon


    Aggressive dominant cambers out to the contacts combined with mild rocker between your feet. Subtle Banana rocker gives freestyle freedom with maximum end to end stability for big, high speed lines. For Aggressive skilled riders.

  • Mini Magne-Traction® Icon

    Mini Magne-Traction®

    A mellower serrated edge gives great edge hold with a bit more play in your turns

  • Directional Icon


    Directional all terrain freeride/freestyle

  • Construction Icon


    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the USA by snowboarders with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • Core Blend: Light

    A strong Aspen spine with Golden Poplar on either side for a strong and light core with a crsip pop.

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Anvitex Dampening

    Thin polymer sheet that covers entire board and absorbs chatter and vibrations.

  • Sintered Base

    Compression hardened amorphous UHMW skived from the billet to create the toughest, fastest, best wax holding base material around. Slides best and fastest when waxed regularly to match local snow conditions.

Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 116

Side Cut 8.2

Nose Width 29

Waist Width 24.8

Tail Width 29

Min-Max / Set Back
19"-24" / .75"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 130-220 +

Contact 119

Side Cut 8.3

Nose Width 29.3

Waist Width 25

Tail Width 29.3

Min-Max / Set Back
19"-24" / .75"

Flex 7

Weight Range 140-230 +

Contact 122

Side Cut 8.4

Nose Width 29.7

Waist Width 25.3

Tail Width 29.7

Min-Max / Set Back
19"-24" / .75"

Flex 7.5

Weight Range 150-250 +

Contact 125

Side Cut 8.5

Nose Width 30.1

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 30.1

Min-Max / Set Back
19"-24" / .75"

Flex 8

Weight Range 150-260 +

Contact 124

Side Cut 8.4

Nose Width 31

Waist Width 26.2

Tail Width 31

Min-Max / Set Back
19"-24" / .75"

Flex 7.5

Weight Range 150-250 +

  • Mike singleton

    What are the edge bevel angles on this board?

  • Gnu

    The edges on the Billy Goat are not beveled.
    They come tuned with the standard 90 degrees–nothing extra taken off the base or side edges

  • bareprince


  • bareprince

    is anyone here

  • Gnu


  • Jason

    Is there way to contact you to see if a 162W can be located?

  • Gnu

    Hi Jason,
    We do not have any in stock at our factory warehouse, which is why it is showing as out of stock. You may be able to find one at your local dealer, though! I’d also recommend checking out online retailers.

  • Rock Lock

    Weirdos … I got the Billy Goat during winter season in February, and it was fantastic ! It shreds, flips, floats extremely easy. A board to take down to the park, powder, moguls and ice. If you are big guy (200lbs) with big feet (12+), the BG 162W is a really good board for you. It carves really nice too, and hold through big jumps. Extremely durable and reliable. Thank you GNU !!! PS : check GNu dealers for some boards when the factory is out of stock, specially .

  • fred

    is the width of the 162MW correct? Looks like last year’s, but all of the sites that see your boards seem to think that MW will be less wide than last year’s…

  • GNU

    Hi Fred, looks like it should be 26.2…we’ll get that changed ASAP.
    Thanks for catching that error.

  • fred

    ok, so measurements above confirmed? Sounds really wide. I have 11.5 Burton boots, which everyone tells me are equivalent to 10.5 of other companies. Do you think I could fit in the 162 regular?

  • GNU

    Yeah those revised measurements are correct–most of our wide boards have a 26.8cm waist width, so it’s quite a bit narrower than that.
    Burton definitely makes a compact boot, but I can’t say with certainty whether or not you will get toe drag on the standard width 162 Billy Goat. I’d recommend comparing the dimensions of your current board to the Billy Goats and using that as a guide for choosing the size. Or wait until your local shop has their 15/16 Gnu boards so you can investigate in person with your boots.

  • Jason

    When will these boards ship? Is there a backup in the factory? I am currently on a backorder list that says best case is the end of October. Thx

  • GNU

    Hi Jason,
    Without knowing where you’re writing from and which size you’re looking for that’s a tough call!
    But if your size is unavailable at the moment, we do not have any extras at the factory that can be shipped–this time of year we’re sending product to all of our retailers, and getting them in shops is our number one priority.
    If you’re pressed for time and need a board fast, I’d recommend checking local shops and even online retailers!
    Wiredsport, one of our awesome online retailers appears to have the board in stock:

  • Jason

    I ordered the 159 from “The House” ( I placed the order on July 16th. The latest email from The House has the backorder shipment date on October 31st. Is there a chance The House will not be supplied with my board? I would prefer avoiding canceling the order and trying a new shop, but it seems you have shipped all you have, so they may have promised more boards than they can deliver…..disappointing…

  • GNU

    Hi Jason,
    The House is a great (and authorized!) Gnu dealer, they would not take an order that they couldn’t fill, especially this early in the season. My guess is that they are still getting all of their product prepared in their warehouse and they’re just not in full swing for winter yet. If they’re telling you it will arrive at the end of the month, I don’t think you have any reason to doubt them, But I am sorry to hear you’re disappointed with your service!

  • Jason

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Spenser

    262mm is just a normal wider board, but nothing crazy – I have a couple around there and am a size 9 boot. even the skunk ape at 268mm is fun 🙂

    for an 11.5 boot, even with a reduced footprint, the 62 wide is what you want between the two. there won’t really be any benefit to going with the regular width in this case

  • Polina Fedorova

    Can you write shipment specification? I want to know what size of box and total weight is this board. Billy goat c3 btx 162mw ss 15-16

  • GNU

    Generally, a snowboard packed in a box weighs about 9lbs–we don’t have exact numbers per model, but that’s a ballpark estimate for you.

  • Felix

    Hey, can you tell me if there are any differences between the 14/15 and the 15/16 model, beside the graphics?

    Thanks, Felix

  • GNU

    Graphics, plus some variation in size.

  • Alexander Dougin

    Hi there! Looking at specs…Nose/Tail for 162MW are 31, while for 165MW 30.1….Looks strange. Is the info correct?

  • Westside

    Hello I am looking for a board that rides like the older billy goat with C2 directional shape. The C3 just does not float enough when its super duper deep. Any advice? Thinking maybe the La nina or the space out. Thanks! Love your boards and gear!

  • GNU

    Check the Lib Tech TRS! It’s got a narrower waist (like the Billy Goat), but camber underfoot for a more floaty ride, while still being powerful and snappy.

  • Pablito

    Hello, Now I ride a riders choice 2013 157,5 but I´m looking for a board better in carving and powder. I doubt between Mullair 159 or Billy goat. I´m 1,78 cm and 95Kg. 159 it´s good for me?? These boards are good for a medium level rider? Any other options? Thanks!

  • Mike Hardaker

    a big mountain board on steroids.. Checkout the review from Jackson Hole WY.

  • Ty

    What size board do you recommend? Wide or would a regular be ok?
    I am 190lbs 5’11’. 11.5 Burton Ion Boots. (currently have a 159W and feels a little short)


  • GNU

    If your 159W doesn’t feel like enough board, go for the 162MW!
    Burton tends to make a compact boot, so it’ll be slight narrower (for better edge-to-edge response!) but longer, for added stability and control.

  • GNU

    Hi Pablito,
    Either board will blow your mind!
    The Billy Goat may offer more versatility due to the directional twin shape, while the Mullair will offer superior float due to the tapered shape…but you truly cannot go wrong with either one.

    So sorry for the delay–sometimes we don’t get notifications when people post comments!
    For quick assistance, visiting your local shop is always an option!

  • Ty

    Thanks! Glad to hear it , as i pre ordered the 2017 model 162 mw a week ago 🙂

  • Shr-Eddie

    I own this thing in the 162MW (6’1″, 180lbs, size 11) and I am completely in love w/ it. Its big, stiff, and mean and if you’re worthy will let you ride it anywhere. Cliffs, spines, trees, ice… It’s all on the menu of you’re willing. Perfect companion for aggressive advanced riders and a great way to step up your game if you want to go bigger. Looking at the Beast Split real hard because I want the exact same performance in the BC and I’m not willing to saw my Goat in half. Strongly recommend it.

  • GNU

    Thanks so much for the kind words, we really appreciate your support!