Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over €75

Space Case


SIZES 147 150 153 156 159

Bases come in random colorways

  • 2016 Snowboard Canada Magazine – Grade Eh Award
  • 2018 Snowboard Canada – Grade Eh

$579.95 USD

$649.95 CAD

579.99 EUR incl. VAT

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: This item is currently out of stock.

Item is currently not available online.

For some snowboarding comes naturally, for others it takes some slams, but for all practice is required to fine tune, excel, and eventually ride to your potential. Holding true in his riding, his art, and board design, Forest Bailey brings you the best rendition of the Space Case yet! Forest’s Asymmetric freestyle/freeride C2x dream stick brings you his best to help you find your best in the streets, pillows, and park.


Pour certains le snowboard vient naturellement, pour d’autres c’est un peu plus compliqué, mais pour tout le monde l’entraînement est nécessaire pour ajuster, progresser et enfin rider à son potentiel maximum. Fidèle à son ride, son art et son design de board, Forest Bailey vous offre la meilleure interprétation de la Space Case ! La board de rêve Asymétrique freestyle/freeride C2x de Forest vous apporte son aide pour assurer dans les rues, la poudreuse et le park.


Einigen fällt Snowboarden auf Anhieb leicht, andere legen ein paar Stürze mehr hin. Doch eines haben alle gemeinsam: Übung macht den Meister. Vor allem, um das volle Potential zu erreichen und auszufahren. Das weiß auch Forest Bailey, der die bisher beste Version des Space Case entworfen hat. Sein asymmetrischer Freestyle/Freeride-Traum-Stick mit C2x hilft dir dabei, überall dein Bestes zu geben – von den Straßen über Pillows bis hin zum Park.


Para algunos aprender a hacer snowboard es muy natural, a otros nos cuesta más e incluye algunas caídas duras, pero todos tenemos que practicar, afinar y trabajar nuestro potencial. Forest Bailey te trae la mejor opción para hacerlo con la Space Case. Su diseño C2x freestyle/freeride asimétrico te proporciona la ayuda que necesitas para mejorar tu snowboard en el park y fuera de pistas.


Art by Forest Bailey

Weird Science

  •  Image

    Tight radius rocker between your feet combined with radial cambers out to the contact. More tip and tail control than C2 but maintains its freestyle freedom. For more aggressive riders.



    The original all terrain rocker/camber hybrid PATENT #7823892 #8511704






    TURNS ICE INTO POWDER! Serrated edges on your board give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice!

    Unreal Construction

  • CORE: Aspen/Columbian Gold/Paulownia Alloy
  • GLASS: Tri-ax/Bi-ax
  • TOP: Eco Sublimated Poly Top
  • BASE: Sintered Knife Cut
Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 110

Side Cut 8 / 7.7

Nose Width 28.4

Waist Width 24.7

Tail Width 28.4

Min-Max / Set Back
19.5"-24"/ 0"-3.5"

Flex 6

Weight Range 80-150 +

Contact 111

Side Cut 8.1 / 7.8

Nose Width 28.8

Waist Width 25

Tail Width 28.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 100-180 +

Contact 113

Side Cut 8.2 / 7.9

Nose Width 29.1

Waist Width 25.1

Tail Width 29.1

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 120-200 +

Contact 116

Side Cut 8.3 / 8

Nose Width 29.7

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.7

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 7

Weight Range 130-210 +

Contact 119

Side Cut 8.35 / 8.1

Nose Width 29.8

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 7

Weight Range 140-250 +

  • Gnu

    Hi Nicole,
    I think the 150 Space Case will be an awesome option! You may also like the women’s Ladies Choice or Velvet Gnuru, with your boot size the Space Case might feel a bit wider than you like.But if you have ridden men’s boards in the past, I think this is going to be the ideal board for you!

  • Gnu

    You may not notice a different in size between the 156 and your 155 Ultrafear, but I think you will find that the 156 Space Case is a more stable ride. The EC2 base contour with some mellow camber underfoot will give you better control of your tip and tail, with some added pressure/snap, as well as stability. So if you’re stoked on a smaller board, go for the 156! But if you want more board underfoot, which will add additional stability and be easier to ride through deep snow, I’d size up to the 159.

  • Wilderbeast

    Thanks for the reply,I do seem to be stoked on the smaller boards!i may well go for a 56 cos ive already got a pow you think the space case in a 56 will have better grip than my ultra?

  • Gnu

    With the Magne-Traction I think that it’ll definitely be more grippy!

  • ezequiel

    hey! i wear a size 9 boot (dc judge) with union flite binding in size M/L . was thinking of the space case 147 but worried the waist width is too short for thats bindings and boot. tks for all!

  • Dmitry

    Hi! Plz Help with a choice of board size 156 or 159?
    My weight is 182 lbs, height 59 and shoes size 10.5.
    I’m riding 50% park/ 50% hills
    Riding level is medium.

  • Dmitry

    height 5’9″ and I’m looking for a all mountain

  • Gnu

    Hello!I think you should be just fine, especially if your stance is angled out.
    But I would recommend checking it out in person if you have a local shop in your area.
    You could also look up the specs of your current board and compare with waist widths to the 147 Space Case.

  • Gnu

    156 Space Case, 158 Metal Gnuru or 157.5 Riders Choice
    Those are my top three recommendations for you!

    The Space Case and Metal Gnuru will feel a bit more playful and forgiving, and the Riders Choice will feel a bit more aggressive and powerful

  • nick

    i wear a size 13 boot, would the 156 be to small or should i go up

  • Sebastian

    Hey guys! I’m 1,81 mts and 86 kg. Boots are HEAD nbr 11.5. I have an intermediate level after 6 or 7 seasons and this is going to be my first not cambered board. I’m 35 yr old so… some easy boxes and medium sized jumps. Most of the time will be groomers and similar. What size do you recommend me? Also I read about what you said of your factory (same as LIB). Taking in count both brand’s models, do you think SPACE CASE is the one for me? What about Skate Banana? Or Banana magic? Thank you in advance for your help!! It will be quite important for me to take a good decision.

  • Gnu

    I would HIGHLY recommend a wide board for size 13 boots!
    Check out the Lib Tech Attack Banana, it has a similar shape and feel, but is available in a 156W.

  • Gnu

    Hi Sebastian,
    I’m not sure if you will be satisfied with the Skate Banana or Banana Magic if you’re accustomed to riding camber boards. Those boards will also feel a little bit looser and possibly more squirrely at higher speeds. I think the Space Case could be a solid option for you, but I’d also recommend checking these boards out:
    Lib Tech Attack Banana: this one is kind of the Lib equivalent of the Space Case, slightly stiffer and not quite so jib-oriented, though!
    Riders Choice: A more aggressive C2 base contour, will feel more powerful than BTX or EC2–this board is a quiver killing all-mountain ripper
    Lib Tech TRS: Has the snap, stability and control of camber, but also shortened Banana rocker between the binding inserts. This board is aggressively fun and powerful.

  • Sebastian

    Thank you very much for your prompt answer! In case I’ll choose to go for the Riders Choice.. Which size do you think is the appropriate for me? I assume will be the same for Attack and TRS. By the way… Is it a right choice to go for TRS HP, which is considerably more expensive than the regular TRS? Also which the equivalent in GNU for the HP tech? Once again THANK YOU very much for your help!! I’m sure this kind of attention helps consumers to take decisions.

  • Gnu

    TRS HP has our Horsepower construction, which means that it’s built with only basalt fibers, and no fiberglass. HP boards are about half a pound lighter than our standard boards, the will feel more damp when riding on bumpy terrain and they have a more consistent flex pattern–the TRS is an awesome board, this one is just a little bit more awesome. And a lot more sparkly!

    Horsepower is unique to Lib Tech, as is Pickle Tech for Gnu…so there’s nothing quite like it. Though the Gnu Impossible features some Magnesium Fiberglass, which makes it light and have similar qualities to the Lib HP boards.

    With size 11.5 boots, you may want to consider a wide or midwide board to eliminate the possibility of toe drag, specifically if your stance isn’t very angled. I would say something in the 157-159 range will be a nice sized board that will be versatile enough for you to take anywhere on the mountain.

  • Gnu

    Oh and thank you..we’re stoked that we are able to help!

  • Ed

    Hi, I am torn between the 153 and 156 Space case. I want a extra flexy, playfull yet bit more stable than BTX deck. Already have a 2011 GNU DK 153 – GNU Street 152 – Skate banana 154 – Banana Magic 157 and T.Rice 153. So I think the SC will be a nice option to add to my quiver. I am 85 kg – 185 pounds and 1.74 m – 5,7. Size 10 Nike Ites boots. With size will be best for me?

  • Gnu

    Hi Ed,
    I would recommend the 153!
    This size will be small, nimble and extremely fun! But because it is EC2, it will feel more stable and powerful than your BTX boards.

  • Ed

    Thankz! 153 it will be…

  • garry

    can i get a pro form, if yes then where?

  • richard

    Should I detune this board once I get it?

  • Gnu


  • Gnu

    Hi Richard,
    I would recommend trying the board out before you do any detuning.
    The Magne-Traction may feel grabby at first, which can be a little alarming, but you will adjust to it and you may decide to leave your edges sharp! However, you can also really dull your edges down and still get INSANE edgehold with the Magne-Traction.

    …so whatever you decided to do, you’ll be satisfied. But ride it before you do anything crazy!

  • Mike

    I am looking to get a new board and am not really sure what direction I should go in. I currently ride a 2011 K2 Darkstar 155 with their Flatline technology. It was my first board and while it was/is a great board I am beginning to feel like it is somewhat of a dull ride and want something a bit more fun. I have ridden my girls Salomon Lark 147 park board and that was a blast. So easy to throw around and maneuver on it has a flex of 2 so buttering on it is just a matter of lifting your foot and the rocker profile is catch free.

    Rider Info:
    5ft 8, 150 pounds, size 8 boot

    Rider Style:
    I ride in the north east mostly Vermont – so hardpack, occasionally icey at the end of the day and rarily some powder. I like to have fun going down trails rather then bombing down them for speed. Always looking for fun natural features to play on – side hits, bumps to jump off of, things like that. Occasional runs through the trees if theres enough snow, maybe a very basic box or small jump but really not spending any time in the park except for a lap or 2 at the end of a run if I pass by a not to intimidating park. I never really go look for a park I’d rather hit every trail on the mountain and see what I can accomplish there in a more natural environment.

    Currently I am between the Space Case & the Metal Gnuru. The idea of the asymetric shape is intriguing to me. In the end I want something playful and responsive enough to throw around some tight turns in the trees, flexible enough to lay down some butters in the snow or an occasional box, and take a few small jumps here and there natural or mandmade. The only other concern is if the EC2 BTX is the right choice or if I should maybe be looking at the XC2’s like a Lib TRS. My buddy just picked one of them up and he has a similar ride style albeit a bit more aggresive and fast paced then me and rarely is every trying to butter. He just attacks anything in front of him.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Mike

    Any ideas? Looking to buy ASAP and I am so torn between these 2.

  • Gnu

    Hi Mike,
    Honestly, I think you will be super satisfied with either board!
    The Space Case has more tech (Asym, more advanced core, better fibers, etc) which will make it feel more lively and perhaps a bit more jib-specific…but it will dominate anything in its path! The Metal Gnuru is a more simplified EC2 board, but will still be awesome to ride everywhere!

    The Pickle Tech of the Space Case will make turning feel more natural and intuitive, and the cross sections of wood in the midsection will make it feel more poppy and stable…if those things are crucial to you, go for the Space Case.

    But if not, you can save a decent chunk of money and ride the Metal Gnuru…I don’t think you will be disappointed with this board at all–it just isn’t quite as technologically advanced as the Space Case!

  • JJ

    Hi I’ve just bought a gnu space case but the company I’ve ordered it from sent me 153 cm instead of 156 cm. I am 5’10 159 pounds, boot size UK 8/US 9. Previously I’ve been riding 156 cm skate banana and was loving it. Do you think 153 cm would be good fit for me and is there much difference in stability between 156 cm skate banana and 153 cm space case. Returning the board would be a huge hassle as I bought it in different country so it’s kind of hard to decide what to do.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the advice. I went with a 152 Metal Gnuru. I don’t jib much and the price of the Gnuru is just too good to pass up.

  • Zachary Siegel

    Hi, I was wondering if I could ride a 147cm Space Case. I am an all mountain freestyle rider. I am 95lbs, 63″, and have a size 8 boot. I am also an intermediate rider.

  • Gnu

    I think the 156 will be more suitable, though you could definitely ride the 153…I think the best course of action will be to get in touch with the company you purchased it from, if they sent you the wrong board, they should be able to correct their mistake.

  • Gnu

    Hi Zachary,
    The 147 sounds like the right size for you, and this board will be UNREAL all over the mountain–super easy and fun to ride anywhere!

  • Zachary Siegel

    When are you guys releasing your 2016 gear?

  • Gnu

    We will start shipping it to some of our retailers on July 1st, but you may not see it on the sales floor until August or September.

  • Sherwin

    hi just wondering if 156cm space case would be a good fit for me?? iam intermediate rider 5’10” boot size 11.5 180 lbs currently using gnu carbon credit. i just want a new board and space case looks pretty good board. thanks for any help..!

  • Kyle

    Hey guys, I was tryin’ to scoop this board in a 156 but it seems pretty sold out everywhere. Any idea if there will be more available anywhere, or should I just hop on the 2016’s early this end of summer/early fall?

  • Gnu

    I just did a quick google and found with Leftlane Sports, one of our authorized dealers, if you’re in the US, this could be the board for you:

  • Gnu

    Hi Sherwin,
    With your size 11.5 boots you may be at risk for toe drag with the Space Case, especially if you have boots with a bigger footprint and if your stance isn’t very angled. Before pulling the trigger on a new board, I would definitely suggest comparing the waist width of this board (25.5cm) to the board you’ve been riding. It it seems like it is going to be too narrow, check out the Lib Tech Attack Banana in 156W

  • Adri Jones

    Hey GNU,

    I’m a short arse male struggling to find a board that will work with my height and weight (5’2″, 134 pounds/61kg, shoe US9). I’m looking for an all rounder board as I’m still working out what style of riding I prefer (14 days riding experience).

    This is my first board purchase… is the SpaceCase a good fit?

  • Robert

    Hey I am an intermediate rider whom is 5’10 and 140 pounds. My boot size is 10 and I ride a 151 currently. I spend most of my time in the park so I was wondering if the 150 would be good for me?

  • Mrminiguy

    Hey, looking to get the 2016 Spacecase I am currently on a 141 T. rice that I have used for 2 seasons. Now I am 5’4 and about 110lbs. would the 147 be a good choice? looking to get it mainly for jibing

  • Andrew Stone

    What if you ride goofy, wont that eff up the whole asymmetrical concept?

  • Gnu

    Yeah! The 147 sounds like the ideal board for you!

  • Gnu

    The Space Case sounds like a great option for you, but you may want to also consider the 153!

  • Gnu

    Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for reaching out to us, that’s a good question!
    This board is a true twin, meaning the nose and tail are completely symmetrical.
    It’s just got a designated heel edge, so no matter if you’re goofy or regular, you’ll mount your bindings with the heels pointing towards the arrow that says “Put your heels here”

  • Dmitry

    Hi guys! Now I have 156 space case 2015 and i thinks it’s the best fans board. Sometimes I want a more aggressive alternative, but still forgiving. Do you think 157 TRS will be more aggressive, but it will be as forgiving? And will it be different from my SC? I have a the intermediate level and a lot of time I ride in the park and on the groomers, and sometimes backcountry experience. Thanks for your answer!!!

  • Gnu

    Hi Dmitry,
    Thanks for reaching out to us!
    I would definitely recommend the TRS to you if you’re looking for a board that is more aggressive than your Space Case, yet still playful. The TRS has our XC2 base contour, which means the camber is extended further–this gives it more pop and precision. It also has basalt fibers in it, which result in a very lively and nimble feel, it’s also super light! I always describe this board as being aggressively fun, so if you’re on the prowl for something a bit more powerful than your Space Case but that you can still have a blast on and not feel like the board is taking you for a ride, it would definitely be my number on recommendation.

  • Dmitry

    Thanks for the quick reply !!! My weight is 191 lbs, height 5’9 and shoes size 10.5. 157 is a good choice for me? Or 159?

  • dave

    I am in trying to find the right size board for me. I am 5’9″ and weigh 140 lbs. I am an intermediate to advanced rider who rides the whole mountain. Would the 150 or 153 be best for me?

  • Gnu

    Hi Dave, go for the 153!

  • Gnu

    157 will feel the most versatile, but if you spend a lot of time riding powder, or just like the added stability of a bigger board you could definitely size up to the 159