Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over €75

Space Case


SIZES 147 150 153 156 159

Bases come in random colorways

  • 2016 Snowboard Canada Magazine – Grade Eh Award
  • 2018 Snowboard Canada – Grade Eh

$579.95 USD

$649.95 CAD

579.99 EUR incl. VAT

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: This item is currently out of stock.

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For some snowboarding comes naturally, for others it takes some slams, but for all practice is required to fine tune, excel, and eventually ride to your potential. Holding true in his riding, his art, and board design, Forest Bailey brings you the best rendition of the Space Case yet! Forest’s Asymmetric freestyle/freeride C2x dream stick brings you his best to help you find your best in the streets, pillows, and park.


Pour certains le snowboard vient naturellement, pour d’autres c’est un peu plus compliqué, mais pour tout le monde l’entraînement est nécessaire pour ajuster, progresser et enfin rider à son potentiel maximum. Fidèle à son ride, son art et son design de board, Forest Bailey vous offre la meilleure interprétation de la Space Case ! La board de rêve Asymétrique freestyle/freeride C2x de Forest vous apporte son aide pour assurer dans les rues, la poudreuse et le park.


Einigen fällt Snowboarden auf Anhieb leicht, andere legen ein paar Stürze mehr hin. Doch eines haben alle gemeinsam: Übung macht den Meister. Vor allem, um das volle Potential zu erreichen und auszufahren. Das weiß auch Forest Bailey, der die bisher beste Version des Space Case entworfen hat. Sein asymmetrischer Freestyle/Freeride-Traum-Stick mit C2x hilft dir dabei, überall dein Bestes zu geben – von den Straßen über Pillows bis hin zum Park.


Para algunos aprender a hacer snowboard es muy natural, a otros nos cuesta más e incluye algunas caídas duras, pero todos tenemos que practicar, afinar y trabajar nuestro potencial. Forest Bailey te trae la mejor opción para hacerlo con la Space Case. Su diseño C2x freestyle/freeride asimétrico te proporciona la ayuda que necesitas para mejorar tu snowboard en el park y fuera de pistas.


Art by Forest Bailey

Weird Science

  •  Image

    Tight radius rocker between your feet combined with radial cambers out to the contact. More tip and tail control than C2 but maintains its freestyle freedom. For more aggressive riders.



    The original all terrain rocker/camber hybrid PATENT #7823892 #8511704






    TURNS ICE INTO POWDER! Serrated edges on your board give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice!

    Unreal Construction

  • CORE: Aspen/Columbian Gold/Paulownia Alloy
  • GLASS: Tri-ax/Bi-ax
  • TOP: Eco Sublimated Poly Top
  • BASE: Sintered Knife Cut
Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 110

Side Cut 8 / 7.7

Nose Width 28.4

Waist Width 24.7

Tail Width 28.4

Min-Max / Set Back
19.5"-24"/ 0"-3.5"

Flex 6

Weight Range 80-150 +

Contact 111

Side Cut 8.1 / 7.8

Nose Width 28.8

Waist Width 25

Tail Width 28.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 100-180 +

Contact 113

Side Cut 8.2 / 7.9

Nose Width 29.1

Waist Width 25.1

Tail Width 29.1

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 120-200 +

Contact 116

Side Cut 8.3 / 8

Nose Width 29.7

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.7

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 7

Weight Range 130-210 +

Contact 119

Side Cut 8.35 / 8.1

Nose Width 29.8

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 7

Weight Range 140-250 +

  • Gnu

    Hi Adri,
    The Space Case 147 would be a really awesome option!
    The EC2 base contour is the perfect blend of playful and aggressive, making it an extremely versatile board.
    But you could also scope out the Carbon Credit, it will have more of a loose and forgiving feel than the Space Case due to the Banana (BTX) base contour.

  • Greg

    I have an 11.5 boot, 6′ 165lbs and ride the 156 space case and i have never had any toe drag, even leaning into some big carves. I would think you would be fine, my boots aren’t reduced footprint i don’t think

  • B

    Hi there! Looking for a board and could use some advice. I’m 5’3 about 135lb. and I am a beginner beginner. Was looking at the carbon credit but was concerned about the length(152 being the smallest) might be too big. Also was thinking that as I progress I may want the ec2 BTX(as with the space case) contour as apposed to the BTX( carbon credit). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • B

    Sorry an edit to previous post.
    Was looking at carbon credit at first but was thinking I may rather have the ec2 btx profile as apposed to the btx. Then was looking at metal gnuru but was concerned the smallest size(152) might be too big. Maybe space case??? Thanks

  • GNU

    As a beginner, you probably won’t notice too much of a difference between our different base contours. As you progress I think the EC2 will feel more versatile and offer a bit more stability and control. But as a beginner, the BTX of the Carbon Credit will feel more forgiving and easier to learn with. At 5’3″ and 135 lbs, I think a 147 sounds like the correct size, so this narrows it down the Space Case and the Carbon Credit.

    Between those two boards, I would probably suggest the Carbon Credit!
    The Space Case is a phenomenal board and a nice step up in performance, but as you learn to snowboard, you probably won’t feel much of a difference in the technology.

  • Michael

    I’m looking for a twin freestyle board mostly for buttering/flatland
    tricks on groomers. I would like some carving and some park ability too
    though. Would this be the best board for that setup? I’ve also been looking at
    Carbon Credit, Rider’s Choice, Smart Pickle, Skate Banana.

  • Andrea Orlando

    Hi.i have a question about this board and the smart pickle. My weight is 90kg and 186 cm tall.i like snowboard all muntain, backcountry and park.which board is good for me?

  • Andrea Orlando

    Sorry i forgot. I am an intermediat rider

  • GNU

    The Space Case 159 or Riders Choice 161.5 would probably be my top to recommendations.
    The Space Case will feel more playful and forgiving, and it will really excel in the park.
    The Riders Choice will feel more powerful and aggressive, and it will excel at high speeds and in more advanced terrain.

  • Andrea Orlando

    Thank you for your answer.just another question,my sizeis 11,5-12 what about a rc 158w

  • GNU

    Yes! A wide board will be more suitable for boots size 11 or bigger.

  • Andrea Orlando

    Sorry Last question not about gnu for your experience. Which are the best boots to have a minimal footprint

  • GNU

    I’d recommend checking out boots in person and seeing what fits you best!

  • Nicholas

    I am 147 pounds, 5’9″ (175 cm), I ride mainly all the mountain, trails between trees, I like powder, small to medium jumps, uneven terrain. I avoid groomers.
    I would also like to get better at the park, I didn t have this opportunity before, as my previous board was a camber 155 semiwide (boot 10.5), so I need a very forgiving board that still is a good all-mountain and powder.
    Please tell me what size you suggest me for the space case. And what would be the 2nd best size for me?? (I live in Europe and space case is not always available in every size!)
    thanks, Nicholas

  • Nicholas

    I am 147 pounds, 5’9″ (175 cm), boot 10.5, till now I ride mainly all the mountain, trails between trees, I like powder, small to medium jumps, uneven terrain. I avoid groomers.
    I would also like to get better at the park (I didn t have this opportunity before, as my previous board was a camber 155 semiwide),
    so I need a very forgiving board for park but still good enough for all-mountain and powder.
    Please tell me what size you suggest me for the space case. And what would be the 2nd best size for me?? (I live in Europe and space case is not always available in every size!)
    thanks, Nicholas

  • John

    Why don’t you have this in wide?

  • GNU

    I don’t think we’ve had too much of a demand for this board as a wide, and because it’s Forest Bailey’s pro model, we build it to his specifications.
    But we do make the Riders Choice, Smart Pickle and Metal Gnuru in wider widths, as well as the Lib Tech Attack Banana..which is a very similar board.

  • GNU

    Hi Nicholas,
    The 153 and 156 will be the two best options for you and I think you’ll love either size!
    The 156 will offer more float in powder and stability at high speeds.
    But the 153 will be more nimble and easy to maneuver, particularly in trees and the terrain park.

  • Pablo

    Hi, from Spain. I am 5’6″ and 144. Is the 150 the right size for me? I ride all the mountain
    Thank you.

  • GNU

    Hi Pablo,
    Yes! The 150 sounds like the best size for you to ride all over the mountain.

  • Pablo

    Thank you so much. Now I have a magic banana 152 will note the change to much space case. as the case space is smaller and softer be more unstable?

  • Dean Winchester

    Im pretty tall, 6’4 and have size 13 feet. I’ve herd really good things about this board and I dont mind mind riding a shorter board but do you think my feet would be hanging off to much on the 159?

  • GNU

    The flex of the Banana Magic and Space Case will be similar, but they will perform differently.
    The Banana Magic has a really dramatic reverse camber (Banana), and it kicks up a lot at the nose and tail which adds pressure underfoot. The Space Case has a mild camber underfoot, so you may not feel quite as much pressure, but you will still get a lot of pop and snap out of it. You may find that the Space Case feels more stable due to the camber, but the Banana Magic may absorb vibrations better because of the Horsepower construction, which features all basalt fibers with no fiberglass.

    Both boards are extremely fun, and high performance–but they will definitely ride differently.

  • GNU

    Hi Dean,
    If you have boots with a reduced footprint, you might be okay…but size 13 boots are generally more suitable for a wide board. I’d recommend comparing the waist width of this to the board you’ve been riding. If it seems like it will be too narrow, check out the Lib Attack Banana. It’s a really similar board, but it is available as a wide.

  • Michael

    Does this board come base waxed and edges tuned from the factory?

  • Jacob

    What is the reference stance width or which holes is considered the most centered on this board?

  • GNU

    Hey Michael,
    This board comes waxed and with sharp edges that have not been de-tuned.
    It’s ready to ride right out of the box!

  • GNU

    With the exception of the 147, the stance range on this board is 20-26 inches.
    If you want the bindings completely centered, you could use any of the following stance widths:
    20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch or 26 inch.

  • Jeremy

    I am looking for a park only board what would you recommend also what size? I am 5’8 at 140lbs

  • KM

    Just wondering if the 159 would have enough width for a size 12? Cheers

  • GNU

    Probably the 150.
    But if you hit a lot of big jumps you might like the 153–the added length will result in more stability.

  • GNU

    Boots all vary a lot in size, but if you have a compact/reduced footprint you should be fine.
    If not, you might want to consider the Lib Tech Attack Banana, which we build in wide sizes!

  • KM

    I have the carbon credit in 159 but according to the specs the difference is pretty minimal. Might have to have a look instore, thanks for your help!

  • Jack Ottinger

    does this board have a 3×3 or 4×4 binding system?

  • GNU

    Our boards have 2×4 insert pattern.

    So 4×4 bindings are compatible, but you have more options on stance widths.

    REI has a pretty good diagram for explaining this:

  • Ryan

    5’9″ 145lbs. I normally ride all-mountain, BUT this season I want more spins, butters and park. Space Case or Pickle? 150 or 153? Thanks!!

  • Brian

    I currently have a 2013 Street Series. I’ve always been ingtregued by this model and have notice the asym design is offered in a wider range of your boards. If I’m riding a 149 now and loving it, would you recommend the 150 in this model? How will the ride compare? I tend to have trouble holding my heal edge on steep trails. I’m an all mountain rider.

  • GNU

    Hi Brian,
    This board is great for all mountain riding and it’s the perfect blend of easy and powerful!
    If you struggle to hold a heel edge the asymmetry will be really beneficial! This board features a deeper heel sidecut, softer heel flex, longer heel edge and more pronounced heelside Magne-Traction, it’s will work with the asymmetry of your body and make turns feel more natural and intuitive.

    If you like your 149, 150 will be the best size for you–you probably won’t even notice the 1cm difference, but this board will be a huge step up in performance.

  • GNU

    The 153 is going to be more versatile for riding everywhere, so I would probably recommend that.
    But if you’re looking for a board to ride exclusively in the park, the 150 will be more suitable.

    I’d also base your decision off of what size you’ve been riding–like if you’ve been riding a 156 or something bigger, you might not want to size all the way down to a 150. But if you’ve been riding a 153 and want to go smaller for park riding, you will love the 150.

  • Ryan

    I’m coming from a 155 NeverSummer SL. And I’m about to pull the trigger on the 153 Smart Pickle. Will this be small enough to be “butterier” and “spinnier” than my SL?
    I’m afraid the 150 will be too small. Thanks weirdos!

  • GNU

    I think you’ll want to go for the 153 if you’ve been riding a 155–it will feel easier to maneuver and more playful and forgiving (or butterier and spinnier!)

  • AmstradHero

    Love the new art design guys! It’s totally awesome!

    I’m seriously looking at one of these boards – I currently own a 156 Jones Aviator and an old 150 Rossignol that I’ve been using to bash around the park. I’m about 150lb and 5’10-11″, and I’m looking for something well-rounded. My current 150 is really light and easy to throw around in the park, whereas the aviator feels like a monster to swing around. I was also looking at the 154 TRS, but I feel the 153 Space Case would treat me better in the park and would hold up better than a 150 for a pow day and on the rest of the mountain.

    What would you guys recommend?

  • Mattis

    Hi, Im really stoked to get the spacecase, my friends rode the 2015 this winter and im stoked to get one for the coming winter. Ive switch to snowboarding from skis this winter and rode a bataleon airobic 154cm. Im 165lb 6feet tall, is 153 they way to go? i want it kind of playfull and not gonna be riding that much pow(since there are “none” here in sweden” so mostly park and allmountain and some backcountry. and what type of binding should i go for? stiff, medium or soft? does it come down to personal prefrens? if it does make any diffrense im also gonna ride the nike lunarendor boot! thanks alot! PS. love the design work! // the snowboarding “rookie”

  • GNU

    Hi Mattis,
    153 sounds like the perfect size for you if you’re going to be cruising around and riding in the park.
    When you do go in the backcountry or in powder, it will take a bit of effort to stay afloat, but I don’t think you’ll want to go bigger than 153 because it won’t be as easy to control and maneuver.

  • GNU

    Hello there!
    I think the 153 Space Case will blow your mind.
    The extra 3cm of length and the EC2 base contour will give you effortless float in powder, yet still be playful to ride in the park. This board is perfect and easy to ride absolutely anywhere. The Lib Tech TRS is another quiver killer, but it’s going to be on the more aggressive end of the spectrum because of the added camber underfoot.

  • AmstradHero

    Sweet, thanks for the advice! I’m definitely looking for something a little more playful because I’ve got the Aviator if I want to get aggressive and bomb down the mountain.

    I’ll be eagerly waiting for when these appear in my local shop so I can get one! Hoping for an awesome season with one of these!

  • daniel

    hey, i am looking to get a space case. im 511 and weigh about 140. i love the park and powder. will a 150 or a 153 be the better pick? im size 11 boots

  • AmstradHero

    Hey guys, I notice that the only size you appear to have in stock at the moment is the 147. I’m definitely interested in the 153 thanks to your advice, so when do you think you think you’ll have more in stock to order?

  • GNU

    We hope to have them for sale on our website soon, but we are currently shipping all of our products to our retailers.
    This time of year you will probably have more luck finding the board at your local shop, or ordering it through an online retailer–and you’ll be able to support a dealer!

  • GNU

    Hi Daniel,
    The 153 will excel in the park,but it won’t offer much float in powder.
    I’d recommend the 156 for an all-mountain freestyle board.