Need it by Christmas Eve? Place your order by 5pm PST 12/19 | 1-800-840-6153 | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Need it by Christmas Eve? Place your order by 5pm PST 12/19 | 1-800-840-6153 | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Need it by Christmas Eve? Place your order by 5pm PST 12/19 | 1-800-840-6153 | FREE SHIPPING! orders over €75


EC2 BTX Asymmetric Twin Freestyle / Freeride

SIZES 156 160 162

Bases come in random colorways

$599.95 USD

$619.95 CAD

€599.95 EUR incl. VAT

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: This item is currently out of stock.

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The pinnacle of twin asymmetric design, the Eco-Impossible has five unique ergonomic equalization design elements syncing with your body’s every move. Ultralight and poppy magnesium fibers offer smooth riding. Environmentally friendly bio polymer top sheet on a high performance EC2 rocker camber hybrid chassis.

Asym Design Elements

  • Deeper Heel Side Sidecut
  • Asymmetric “Pickle Barrel” Core Softer Heel Side Flex
  • Asymmetric Contact Angles Shorter Heel Side Edge Contact
  • Asymmetric Tip and Tail Shapes
  • Smart Formula Asymmetric Magne-Traction®

This all terrain freestyle/freeride board is smooth, easy and explosive all over the resort for beginners, to anyone who wants the best.

Art by Shawn Bishop

Weird Science

  • EC2 BTX Image EC2 BTX Icon

    Easy / Perfect

    Rocker between your feet combined with mellower elliptical cambers out to the contact. The perfect middle ground between BTX and C2 BTX. Kills everything!

  • Smart Mini Magne-Traction® Icon

    Smart Mini Magne-Traction®

    A mellower version of our special asymmetric Magne-Traction®, Finesse Serration (toe side) a Power Serration (heel side).

  • Twin Icon


    Twin all terrain freestyle/freeride.

  • Construction Icon


    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the USA by snowboarders with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • Asym Core: Lightest

    A strong Aspen spine with a Polonia and Poplar blend on the toe edge and Polonia on the heel edge for a responsive and smooth riding core with reduced weight and vibration.

  • Liquid Crystal Polymer

    Plastic as strong as titanium! Tempering process that aligns molecules and creates hyper strengthen polymer chains. Creates a smooth, strong, poppy and lightweight snowboard ride.

  • Magnesium Fiberglass

    Magnesium Fiberglass Technology is impossibly light, incredibly strong, tastes bitter, is explosively flammable and built into every Impossible.

  • Bio Beans Topsheet

    Gnu has made a commitment to using a new earth friendly, bio-plastic top skin made from beans that features the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry.

  • Sintered Base

    Compression hardened amorphous UHMW skived from the billet to create the toughest, fastest, best wax holding base material around. Slides best and fastest when waxed regularly to match local snow conditions.

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 116

Side Cut 8 / 8.3

Nose Width 29.5

Waist Width 25.3

Tail Width 29.5

Min-Max / Set Back
20"-26" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 130-210 +

Contact 119

Side Cut 8.1 / 8.3

Nose Width 29.8

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20"-26" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 140-210 +

Contact 120

Side Cut 8.2 / 8.45

Nose Width 30.2

Waist Width 25.8

Tail Width 30.2

Min-Max / Set Back
20"-26" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 145-250 +

  • Gnuvenson

    What is the ride like this vs the Riders choice?

  • Tarald

    what is the difference between eco-impossible and the space case?

  • GNU

    These two boards share a lot of similarities, but the Eco Impossible has some added features:
    Asym core 3, which is lighter and damper than the Space Case’s Asym Core 2
    Eco friendly and sparkly Bio Beans topsheet
    Extra light and Magnesium Fiberglass
    More pronounced heel edge Magne-Traction

    In short, both boards are PHENOMENAL, but the Eco Impossible has some added tech which will give it a lighter and even more lively feel.

  • Nick

    I am 5’8″ and about 250lbs. What would you recommend for a length.

  • Nick

    Also I have about a 10.5 to 11 size boot

  • Mason

    I would go with the 162

  • GNU

    Hi Nick,
    Sizing really varies depending on where you plan on riding the board at.
    If you’re going to spend most of your time on groomers and you want a playful/maneuverable board, go with the 156.
    But if you’re looking for something that will give you a lot of float in powder, go 162.

    The 160 is a nice middleground, so if you want something in between both of the boards I described above, the 160 will be kind of a quiver killer.

  • Richard Hoang

    I was wondering if you could mount the bindings set back and use it like a directional?

  • GNU

    Yes absolutely–that is why be build it with four different mounting options per foot.

  • Britt

    I’m a girl with size 10.5/11 feet looking for an all mountain/park board. 150 lbs. Which board would you recommend and what size? Assym or not? I’m digging this one but 156 is pretty big and I’m not sold on the asymmetry

  • GNU

    Not sold on asym? Have you ridden asym?
    You’ll most definitely be sold as soon as you ride it!!!

    If the 156 Impossible seems a little biger than what you’d like, check out the 153 Space Case. It’s got a very similar shape with similar specs! It doesn’t have the magnesium fibers that the Impossible has…but it’s a game changer and one of the most beloved boards in the line!

  • Reignman

    I’m looking for a board for my wife. We ride Baker. She’s 5’8″, about 150lbs and wears size 9 boots. She works out a ton and is very strong. She’s been riding a 154 BNice and a 155 Burton. She’s been riding for about 5-6 years. She hauls ass on groomers and is progressing quite well as I take her into more and more interesting off trail terrain. Looking for something more pow oriented to handle everything Baker has to offer.

  • Smurf

    Could you give me some advice on size please, I’m 215-220lb, 5ft 10, UK size 9 feet (?US size 10?), looking for a playful all rounder.