Kass Mini

$319.95 USD

$223.97 USD (30% off)

Mini-Twin Freestyle Fun!

Danny Kass was a grom once, now he is an American hero keeping kids off camber. Bananas snowboards are the perfect. Kids will learn faster, fall less and have way more fun. If you have kids, or sell to kids, or sell to parents of kids, you have a social and moral obligation to put them on a snowboard with Banana and Magne-Traction. Treacherous camber was okay for you and Danny, but not the next generation. Please don’t let kids ride camber! Handbuilt in the U.S.A. by snowboarders with jobs!

  • BTX
    Contour BTX
  • Sizes 100, 110, 120, 130, 140
  • Shape True Twin
  • About the Art

    Graphic by San Francisco based artist and designer Jeremy Fish. Fish is a storyteller whose tales combine humor, social observations and personal experience through illustration, painting, screenprints, murals, and sculpture. He loves a cold Tecate and all things Lebowski. More: Sillypinkbunnies.com

  • Co-Lab Binding

Board Tech

Check out the video!
  • Weird Science
  • Construction - Handbuilt by Snowboarders with Jobs
  • Magne-Traction Edge Grip - "Turns Ice Into Powder"
  • Weird Wood - GNU Sustainable Natural Fiber or SNF
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
100 68 5.7 21.2 19.2 21.2 12.5"-14.5"/ 0" 3 35+ +
110 75 6.5 23.3 21 23.3 14.5"-16"/ 0" 3.5 40+ +
120 85 6.7 24.5 22.5 24.5 16"-19.5"/ 0" 3.5 45+ +
130 95 6.9 25.1 23 25.1 17.5"-21"/ 0" 4 50+ +
140 105 7.1 25.7 23.5 25.7 18"-23.5"/0" 5 55+ +
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Artist Interview

Name: Jeremy Dan Fish
Age: timeless
Location: North Beach, Barbary Coast, San Francisco California.
Astrological sign: Rad dude
Medium: Large Website? www.porthub.com

Do you like to get weird, if so why and what do you do, if not why not?
I have been weird since i shot out of my mom. therefore “getting weird” isn’t really an option as much as it is a constant.

Do you work in a studio / office / in the park?
In my mind

Whats an average day in your life right now?
Wednesday seems to be pretty average.

Optimist / Pessimist? Realist? Weridist?

Do make a living off your art? How do you pay all your bar tabs?
Barter system yo. Free beer for life.

What does Gnu mean to you?
A snowboard brand my friend is pro for. Also a small mountain type goat?

Besides artmaking, what do you enjoy doing?
Beer, boobies, and bromance. Also sleeping in my van down by the river.

What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
I try not to get out of bed until the afternoon. I fear mornings.

Can you tell us a little about the graphic you did for GNU?
It may be the greatest snowboard graphic in the history of snow vehicles.

Currently listening to?
Birds chirp

Currently looking at?
This email

Favorite website or blog?

To my mother Nickole, my girlfriend Jayde, Danny Kass and his hairy cat Bloo.