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Ladies Smart Pickle

BTX Twin Freestyle Fun
BTX Twin Freestyle Fun
BTX Twin Freestyle Fun
Diversión freestyle twin con un diseño BTX

SIZES 135 140 144 148 152

$499.95 USD

$349.97 USD (30% off)

$529.95 CAD

$370.97 CAD (30% off)

€499.95 EUR incl. VAT

€349.97 EUR incl. VAT (30% off)

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: This item is currently out of stock.

Item is currently not available online.

The Twin Freestyle Smart Pickle ergonomically accounts for the asymmetry that is built into every human body. Your board is in perfect harmony with your natural turning mechanics, translating to an incredibly easy and fun ride all over the entire mountain.

Asym Design Elements

  • Smart Formula Asymmetric Magne-Traction®
  • Deeper Heel Side Sidecut
  • Asymmetric “Pickle Barrel” core, Softer Heel Side Flex

An ergonomic all-terrain freestyle board, the Smart Pickle is a smart choice for beginners to pros.

La Smart Pickle Twin Freestyle prend en compte de manière ergonomique l’asymétrie présente dans tout corps humain. Ta board est en parfaite harmonie avec ta mécanique de virage naturelle, se traduisant par un ride facile et fun à travers toute la montagne.

Éléments de design asymétriques


Une board freestyle tout terrain ergonomique, la Smart Pickle est un choix intelligent* (smart) pour les débutants et les pros.

Mit seiner ergonomischen Bauweise gleicht das Twin Freestyle Smart Pickle die natürliche Asymmetrie des menschlichen Körpers ganz entspannt aus. So ist dein Brett in perfekter Harmonie mit deinen Turns, wodurch du viel weniger Kraft brauchst und mehr Spaß hast. Egal, wo am Berg du dich austobst.

Asymmetrische Design Elemente


Ein ergonomisches All-Terrain Freestyle Board, für Anfänger genauso wie für Profis geeignet.

El diseño twin freestyle de la Smart Pickle se adapta ergonómicamente a la asimetría natural de cada cuerpo humano. De esta forma tu tabla se mantiene en perfecta armonía con la mecánica de tus movimientos naturales, traduciéndose en un snowboard divertido y fácil sobre cualquier terreno de la montaña.

Componentes del diseño Asym


La Smart Pickle es una tabla freestyle ergonómica y perfecta para cualquier terreno, la opción acertada desde principiantes hasta profesionales.

Art by Jolby

Weird Science

  • BTX Image BTX Icon

    Easy / Jibby

    Rocker between your feet combined with flat to mild cambers out to the contact. Easy riding and turning, great jibbing and epic float in pow.

  • Smart Magne-Traction® Icon

    Smart Magne-Traction®

    A special asymmetric Magne-Traction®, Finesse Serration (toe side) a Power Serration (heel side), has been fine tuned for greater harmony with nature and snowboarding!

  • Twin Icon


    Twin all terrain freestyle/freeride.

  • Construction Icon


    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the USA by snowboarders with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • Asym Core: Light

    A strong Aspen Spine with Golden Poplar on the toe edge and Polonia on the heel edge for quick and responsive turning core with a crisp pop.

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Co-Extruded Base

    Hard, fast and virtually maintenance free. A Gnu sublimation system exclusive oddity, that loves a good wax but still slides great even when you forget to.

Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 101

Side Cut 7.8 / 7.6

Nose Width 25.9

Waist Width 22.8

Tail Width 25.9

Min-Max / Set Back
17.5"-21.5" / 0"

Flex 4

Weight Range 40-100 +

Contact 105

Side Cut 7.9 / 7.7

Nose Width 27.2

Waist Width 23.8

Tail Width 27.2

Min-Max / Set Back
18"-23.5" / 0"

Flex 4.5

Weight Range 70-140 +

Contact 108

Side Cut 8 / 7.8

Nose Width 27.5

Waist Width 24

Tail Width 27.5

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24"/ 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 80-160 +

Contact 111

Side Cut 8.1 / 7.9

Nose Width 27.7

Waist Width 24.2

Tail Width 27.7

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24"/ 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 90-170 +

Contact 114

Side Cut 8.2 / 8

Nose Width 28.8

Waist Width 24.4

Tail Width 28.8

Min-Max / Set Back
19.24"-24"/ 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 100-180 +

  • Roxy

    Hi! I’m 157 cm / 51 kg. I like to bomb down groomers and carve through back country powder. What would be a good size for me?

  • Gnu

    Hi Roxy,
    That’s a good question. I’m thinking that because you like going fast and ride powder that the 144 will be the best size for you! You could also ride the 140, but with the reduced size you might feel somewhat shaky at high speeds and it will also be more of a challenge to float on top of the deeper snow.

  • Krystal

    How does the deeper heel side cut and flex react if you ride goofy? Is it just on the back foot so you can ride either way?

  • Krystal

    So I guess if it’s a twin it doesn’t matter which tip is nose or tail.

  • Mel

    What’s your best board for medium everything? Groomers (resort boarding), park, and backcountry powder? Can you give 2 suggstions?

  • mel

    And if I’m 5’8″ (130 lbs), what size would I need in this board?

  • Gnu

    The Ladies Choice or the B-Pro would probably be my top two picks–in either 151.5 or 152

  • Gnu

    Absolutely, the nose is a tail and the tail is a nose!
    Just make sure your heels are facing the heel edge, which is indicated by an arrow.

  • Aus

    How different is the smart pickle from the ladies choice?

  • GNU

    In a nutshell, the Ladies Choice will feel a bit more aggressive, powerful than the Smart Pickle and its built with more technology.

    But if you’d like a deeper explanation, read on…:
    The Ladies Choice has our EC2 base contour. This means it features the same Banana (rocker) between the binding inserts as the Pickle, but it also has a mild camber underfoot. The camber will add some power, pop, and precision to the ride. It also has our ASS Pickle Technology, which means an asymmetrical tip and tail shape and a longer heelside edge. This will work better with your body’s natural asymmetry, which will make your turns feel more natural and intuitive.

  • Maartje Schutte

    Hi Gnu,
    I am looking into this board and it sounds like a fun, playful board. I fit into the weight range of both the 148 and 152 (weigh about 67 kilos). I’m quite tall (180 cm) Would both boards be a good fit for all mountain use? I am an intermediate rider, with mostly indoor experience and around 2 weeks of real mountain experience. I mostly just cruise and play around on the groomers. What do you recommend?

  • GNU

    Hello there!
    You’ll easily be able to ride either board.
    The 152 will offer more stability and feel more powerful.
    Whereas the 148 is going to have a more playful and maneuverable feel.

    I would compare the sizes of these boards to what you’ve been riding, and use it as a guide.
    So as an example, if you’ve been riding a 148 or 149 and you love it…go 148!

  • Maartje Schutte

    Cool! I think I’ll go 148, I’m still a bit insecure about my turns on steeper pistes sometimes. So I guess shorter is better in this case 🙂

  • GNU

    Yeah that sounds like the better option, progressing will definitely be easier with a shorter board.
    Enjoy! 🙂

  • Cookie Puss

    I’m looking for an upgrade for my daughter. She currently has a Burton Social which I’m not really sure is best for her and New England riding. She’s going into her third year and makes about 8 trips a season. 5’7, 130lb.

    She isn’t super aggressive since she had her ACL fixed (unrelated to riding), mostly sticks to the groomers but will hit some boxes. Naturally I would gravitate to the LC, but to be honest given her days on the slope its a bit expensive. I do like the Asym though so am thinking this may not be a bad step for a progression board?

    My other option that I can get a really good deal on is the Roxy XOXO which looks pretty similar to the Smart Pickle. My concern is that description wise they seem to stress jibby park board you can take on the mountain. Ideally I’m looking for the opposite, All Mountain you can take to the park if you get the urge.

    Would either of these still fit the bill? I’m hoping I’m just over thinking.

  • GNU

    Hey CP!
    The Ladies Choice definitely packs more of a punch due to the camber underfoot–so the Smart Pickle or Gateway would both be great options for your daughter. The Smart Pickle has an upgraded core as well as a more Asym Design elements; like the more pronounced Magne-Traction along the heel edge.The Gateway as a bit more budget-friendly, but still features a softer wood along the heelside edge and deeper heel sidecut.

    Due to the Magne-Traction serrated edges and Banana (reverse camber) incorporated into every board, any Mervin Made board will be phenomenal for riding the entire mountain–jibs, groomers, powder, jumps…everything!

  • Cookie Puss

    I ended up grabbing the Roxy XOXO. The price was insane, packed with all the features I’m looking for, and being a Mervin I know it’s a quality product. The Mag is going to be a game changer for her on the east coast and the Asym should nudge her progression up just a notch. I hope at least!

    Plus to be honest it’s a pretty gorgeous looking board.

  • GNU

    That sounds like the perfect choice, enjoy!

  • Marion

    Hey, i am female, 175 cm, 68 – 70 kg. I never rode a women board (i don’t like pink so much), my prior board was nitro subzero 152. I am looking into the smart pickle right now, was going for the mens 153 (what a beautiful board) but everyone keeos reccomenting the womens version since I am a girl. Is it really such a difference? And if i go for a girls one is 152 good?

  • Ksenia

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice. I have an old Burton feather snowboard that I’ve outgrown and am looking for a new board and can’t really decide between the Pickle, Gateway and Velvet Gnuru (can’t really find a simple comparison anywhere). I mostly ride groomers so am probably looking for an all-mountain board. Also have gotten really mixed height recommendations. I’m 170 and 57kg. Thanks for any and all advice 🙂

  • jms

    Hi, I’m looking to get the women’s smart pickle but trying to decide between the 135 or 140. I’m 5’3 115lbs. Do you feel the 135 would be to small?
    I’m a beginner also.

  • BB

    Hi, I’m 5,5 and I have 148. Don’t go for a too short one. I’m not a beginner, I ride the slope, as well as jumps and rails. The optimal length of a snowboard for a beinner is between your chin and nose.

  • J_D_R


    I am 5’5, 132 pds and currently riding a 149 Burton freestyle board. In Ontario it’s mostly groomers and park, but I have been coming out west quite a bit in the last few years and would like to get a board more suited to powder and glades. I was looking at the velvet and pickle. Lot’s of my friends suggested GNU but said 4 points of contact is better as 6 is too slow. I am not really sure what that means as the contact numbers in the specs are in a different range and was hoping for some advice.


  • GNU

    You’re right on with sizing and both boards would be killllller–the Velvet might feel a bit more poppy and aggressive, while the Pickle might feel a little more playful and floaty.

    Magne-Traction (which is actually 7 points of contact per edge) won’t slow you down at all–in fact, Gnu and Lib Tech boards (both built in the Mervin Factory by hand in the USA) have made it onto more Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom podiums than any other brands.

  • GNU

    Yeah you won’t want to go smaller than 144–the 148 will probably be the most suitable size, though!

  • GNU

    Hey there!
    You really can’t go wrong with either board–they are all awesome, just different.
    Here is a very simplidied summary of the three models:
    Pickle: Forgiving all-mountain board, with asym tech, highest quality of materials
    Gateway: Freestyle and jib focused, asym, materials are a slight downgrade from the Smart Pickle
    Velvet Gnuru: Non-asym, has some mellow camber underfoot, EXTREMELY VERSATILE

    As for size: I’d recommend something in the 148-150 range, UNLESS you’re used to riding something out of that range and it feels good to you. You know your riding and preferences better than anyone.

  • GNU

    Hi Marion,
    We build our men’s and women’s boards with the same materials–so quality is the same!
    But a women’s board generally comes in smaller sizes, with a narrower waist width and mellower flex.

    If you’re used to riding men’s boards and don’t have trouble getting them from edge to edge quickly, keep on doing your thing! But if you try a women’s board, you might be very pleasantly surprised!

  • Belinda

    Hi I’m in Oz looking at the b nice or smart pickle 144 I am 59kg 164cm and an intermediate rider mostly groomed runs, what would handle better in icy or heavy conditions? Currently on an older burton 149 feel good wanting to upgrade what do u recommend?

  • Yulia

    Hi, I am looking for a board for icy and firm slopes. The choice is between b nice 142 and smart pickle 140. Height 161cm, 57-59 kg. What would you recommend?

  • Roberrrr

    Does anyone know if gnu/lib measures the flex rating as the higher the number the more flex? Or less is more flex?

  • GNU

    lower number=more flexy!

  • GNU

    I’d recommend the Smart Pickle or Gateway–both will offer our asym technology, which the B-Nice does not. It will allow for the easier possible turning, even on hardpack or icy slopes!

  • GNU

    For an intermediate rider, I think you will be more satisfied with the Smart Pickle. It packs more of a punch. The Aysm Technologies will allow for easy/intuitive turning, and the higher end materials will offer a smoother ride at high speeds and a more lively feel.