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Metal Gnuru

EC2 BTX All Terrain Freestyle Fun

SIZES 152 155 158 162

  • 2015 TransWorld Snowboarding – Good Wood

$449.95 USD

$469.95 CAD

€449.95 EUR incl. VAT

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Quiver killing EC2 all terrain freestyle Banana Magne-Traction design, environmentally handmade in the USA. Elliptical cambers at each end for catch free jibbing, unreal control everywhere and lively pop. Banana between your feet for hard pack or ice carving and float in pow. Magne-Traction for positive edge hold in all conditions including ice. This board is good times, easy riding performance freestyle and freeride.

Art by Zack Johnson

Weird Science

  • EC2 BTX

    EC2 BTX Icon

    Rocker between your feet combined with mellower elliptical cambers out to the contact. The perfect middle ground between BTX and C2 BTX. Kills everything!

  • Magne-Traction .5

    Magne-Traction .5 Icon

    A mellower serrated edge gives great edge hold with a bit more play in your turns

  • Twin

    Twin Icon

    Twin all terrain freestyle/freeride.

  • Construction

    Construction Icon

    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the U.S.A by weirdos with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • Core Blend: 2

    Great Lakes Aspen (Light, strong, smooth riding, higher density Aspen. The backbone of every Gnu) and Columbian Gold (Strong, poppy, extra-light, golden colored, fast growing farmed wood)

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Co-Extruded Topsheet

    A tough and eco-sublimated topsheet.

  • Sintered Base

    Compression hardened amorphous UHMW skived from the billet to create the toughest, fastest, best wax holding base material around. Slides best and fastest when waxed regularly to match local snow conditions.

Sizing Information

Contact 113

Side Cut 8.2

Nose Width 29.2

Waist Width 25.1

Tail Width 29.2

Min-Max / Set Back
20"-25" / 0"

Flex 5

Weight Range 130-210 +

Contact 116

Side Cut 8.3

Nose Width 29.5

Waist Width 25.3

Tail Width 29.5

Min-Max / Set Back
20"-25" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 135-220 +

Contact 119

Side Cut 8.4

Nose Width 29.8

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20"-25" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 140-230 +

Contact 122

Side Cut 8.5

Nose Width 30

Waist Width 25.8

Tail Width 30

Min-Max / Set Back
20"-25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 145-240 +

  • Matt

    Leaning towards a purchase of the metal gnuru board. I ride some park, some all mountain and not much powder. I’m 5’10” and 175. Wear a size 11 boot. Should I go 155 or 158 in this board?

  • Brandon

    I ride a 2013 metal guru 152 im 5’8″ 185. Very easy to control. Love it. Amazing in the park. I imagine 155 would do just fine for you.

  • Vitaly

    Hi GNU! would you be so kind to advise what to choose as all mountain but also with a good maneuverability for freestyle, thinking about MetalGnuru_vs_CarbonCredit. I`m 5`7″, and 139.
    Gnuru minimum size is 152, CarbonCredit 150 seems as the best fitted to me. But I really like EC2 BTC more than simple BTX in CarbonCredit. Furthermore contact of MetallGnuru(152) is 113 what is less than for CarbonCredit(150) with 114. Thank you in advance!

  • Gnu

    I think for all mountain riding, C2 base contours tend to be a lot more versatile than BTX, so I would recommend the Metal Gnuru.
    I don’t think you will have any issues with riding a 152, but if you are concerned about size you could always check out Spacecase 150, it has the same base contour as the Gnuru, but it is a higher performance board built with higher quality materials and more advanced technologies. Same goes for the Lib Tech T-Rice in 150, though this board will feel more aggressive than the Metal Gnuru or Spacecase.

  • Rrrrrrrrrryan

    Hey Weirdos. I’m currently riding a Lib Skunk Ape 160. I love the profile of the Skunk but it’s a bit stiff and I’m looking for something a wee bit more playful. I plan on keeping the Skunk for hard charging and pow days but it’d be nice to have something for those lazy buttery runs. I’m 6’4″ 220 w/ a size 14 boot. I was hoping the Metal Gnuru would be offered in wide, but alas it is not to be. Care to recommend an alternative?

  • Gnu

    The Lib Attack Banana will have a similar shape and feel to the Gnuru, and it’s available in wide…so I’d definitely recommend checking that out! But I think you might also be pumped on the Riders Choice and possibly even the Skate Banana or Smart Pickle. Though the BTX boards might be slightly more playful than what you’re looking for.

  • debo

    Hey there gnu so i need a lil help been lookin at the metal in 158 or 162 . Im 5′”8 and weigh about 240 and have a size 10 boot . What would recommend. Thanks

  • Gnu

    I think if you like the feel of a smaller board the 158 will probably be ideal, it will feel more stable than the 153 you’ve been riding but still a lot smaller and more maneuverable than the 162.

  • Rob Killick

    Hi im looking at this for an all mountain board intermediate rider at 220lb in my gear. would 162 be too long?

  • Gnu

    No definitely not, I would recommend something in the 159-162 range for you.

  • Ken

    Hey Gnu, can you recommend a size for me? I’m an intermediate with a height of 5’9.5” and weigh 165lbs with a U.S. size 10 foot. It would be mostly free riding but I want to have decent maneuverability for adding in a little freestyle. Also, any thoughts and size recommendation for a Carbon Credit or Riders Choice? I’m debating between the 3. Thanks!

  • Ken

    Sorry, meant to say mostly all mountain…typed free riding by mistake

  • Gnu

    I’d focus your search mainly on the Riders Choice and Metal Gnuru, the Carbon Credit might feel too forgiving for you and I think you’ll appreciate the added stability and response of having some camber underfoot. The Riders Choice will feel most aggressive, and the Gnuru is pretty much a happy medium between the Carbon Credit and Riders Choice.

    I think something in the 155-158 range will be prime!

  • Ken

    Awesome thanks guys

  • Evan

    Will the 155 metal gnuru work with size 12 boots

  • john

    I’m thinking about buying this board. But i’m 6’1 172lbs and bootsize 11.5 (flow rift quickfit) do I fit a 158 or 162 board? Or are they too slim for my feet?

    And how does this board do in the powder because I hear opposing reviews on that account.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Gnu

    Hi John,
    I would recommend the 162 for someone your size–11.5 boots are right on the cusp of needing a wide board, but I think as long as your feet are slightly angled you should be just fine on this! However, to be certain, I recommend checking this board out in person with your boots and bindings and comparing its waist width to your current board.

    As for powder riding, this board will be awesome. It’s not a tapered directional board, though. If you’re looking for something to ride exclusively in the backcountry or off the groomers, this may not be the board for you. But the EC2 base contours (Banana between the binding inserts, with a mellow elliptical camber underfoot) will allow for effortless float in deep snow. Its definitely the most versatile base contour we make, and this board will be super easy to ride in ANY terrain.

  • john

    My feet are angled +27 and -15. So i think i’ll be fine.

    I ride all mountain shredding the piste and plow through the powder. I like it all my current board is an cypress scream 163w. A normal chamber board, realy flexy. Too flex for my taste

  • Gnu

    I would definitely advise against the 155 Metal Gnuru with size 12 boots.
    The waist width on most of our wide boards is 26.8cm, and the waist on the 155 Metal Gnuru is just 25.3

    Check out the Lib Tech Attack Banana…it’s available in wides!

  • Dennis


    Wich Board is better for beginers, the Metal gnuru or the Carbon credit? I want to Ride Piste and doing some Fun stuff… And wich size with a US 10 Boot and 179cm?
    Thank you!

  • Dennis

    Sorry, and 70kg! :)

  • Gnu

    Hi Dennis!
    I think you will be really satisfied with either board! I would recommend the 156 Metal Gnuru or the 156/159 Carbon Credit.

    Smaller boards will be easy to maneuver and more playful, but as you build skill, you may feel like it’s not as stable and sturdy as you’d like. The Carbon Credit will feel looser and more forgiving, while the Metal Gnuru will feel a more aggressive and powerful.

    Each board is really ideal for learning and progressing into intermediate and advanced levels, so just go with whichever one you prefer!

  • Mikel

    Hello! I’m 5’10” 150 lbs and boot size 11. Want metal gnuru 155. Is it good fit with my bootsize? Thank you.

  • Mikel

    Is it good for beginners and some freestyle learning?

  • Mikel

    My mistake. Bootsize 10.5. Is it ok?

  • Nathan Haag

    Hey, I think ideally I would be 156 metal gnuru (5’8, 160 lbs), but I’ve been offered a 152 from a friend. Think it would be ok? I’m mostly into just riding, with a little park maybe in the future.

  • Nathan Haag

    Now I’m leaning toward the Kass torpedo… Any advice?

  • Gnu

    I would definitely recommend something bigger than a 152 for you!
    The Kass Torpedo is definitely a good, solid option! It will feel more powerful and aggressive than the Metal Gnuru because of the extended camber underfoot. So if you’re looking for something a bit a bit more forgiving and loose feeling, the Metal Gnuru will be more suitable for you.

  • Gnu

    Hi Mikel,
    Yes, the Metal Gnuru is going to be forgiving enough to learn and progress on, but still able to handle more aggressive and advanced riding–it’s one of the most fun and versatile boards in our line!

    I think you might be more stoked with the 158 as opposed to the 155, but either one will be good!

  • Vladimir

    Hello! Please help me to choose size of the Metal Gnuru.

    height 178 cm

    weight 90kg.

    foot size EU 42

    I’m beginner. I need a forgiving board for all-mauntain ride.

    Thank you!

  • Gnu

    Hi Vladimir,
    I think that you will be most satisfied with the 158 Metal Gnuru.

  • jason

    Okay so here it goes sorry this is a long one but I have some very specific questions…..

    My Stats:
    155 lbs
    9.5 boot
    stance +15-12
    20 years riding

    I love hitting boxes and rails, butters all over the mountain. But i NEVER spend a whole day in the park and never jumps in the park(landings are too hard on my knees) I like finding natural jumps even on a sticky spring day ill spend half the day in the park hitting boxes then go look for some “peanut butter pow” and I LOVE to bomb high speed runs…… but i ride unless its thick ice or rain.

    Current boards:
    Capita Totally F’KN Awesome 155 (pow board only 12-15″+ of fresh otherwise its in the closet)
    Edge: 116.9
    Waist: 25.5
    Nose/tail: 29.9
    Sidecut: 7.70

    Capita Scott Stevens 151 (everything else board…)
    Edge: 116.6
    Waist: 25.2
    Nose/tail: 29.5
    Sidecut: 7.70

    OKAY so my question is this…… I love how playful the Scott Stevens board is (flat base/rocker nose&tail) i never really noticed much of a problem at high speeds with this board like most people claim with flat bases. my only complaint with the board is it lacked “pop” unless you really flexed it. i also get no toe or heel drag on either board and i LOVE that about them. I’ve been really wanting to try a 150 smart pickle but Im nervous about how much narrower it is compared to my 151 but i also have a love affair with this metal gnuru 152 considering how much alike it is to my 151 and it has the ec2 camber which im sure brings back some of that pop that my 151 lacks. i also noticed the weight rating is much higher on the gnuru compared to the smart pickle even thought they have the same flex rating, im wondering why that is? is it because of the btx vs ec2? and im also looking for a thicker more durable board (second complaint about the Scott Stevens) Im also nervous about the “ec2″ profile being more “catchy” on the nose and tail. I like to butter/nose press 360 on flat ground and nose press boxes a lot! Im looking for a board that can replace my 151, has more pop, is more durable and is just as “catch free” as my 151 and has no heel/toe drag. Im looking for a board that does jibbing/butters and all mountain well. park jumps are not as important. i like the idea that the Gnuru has more pop, .5 magna traction and a symmetrical cut VS the smart pickle and its full magna traction and asymmetrical cut, but i also really like the idea of the smart pickle and the regular btx “floaty” “pressy” feel that i can imagine it has….. but i’ve never used a Gnu or Lib, so i dunno. I know this is a super specific question but again its just that i have no experience with Gnu or Lib

    LOL! i hope that makes sense and you have an idea of what im really trying to ask. i love the idea of a shorter 150 but if the gnuru is that much better for me then i can go for the 152 but its gotta be what im really looking for because at 5’8″ EVERY cm in board length is noticeable to me in a big way. im looking for the one board that does “me” perfect…. i have yet to find that board and im getting tired of trying new boards all the time i want to find my “go to” board that i will buy every year for years to come until something VERY special comes along…. speed jibs spring slush butters and slashes everywhere, that’s me in a nutshell… Again i hope i was able to give you an idea of what it is Im really asking but Thanks for your help.

  • Hristo

    Hi guys! Can you help me to choose which board will be best for me, I mean size, shape? I’m 180 cm tall, 70 kg., boot size 42 EU. I ride for 3 years now and I learned riding on 153 Liquid twin shape, classic camber snowboard (I think it is very old, but it did a good job). Now I want to buy a new one, I want board which will allow me to ride everywhere, all mountain, on the paste as well as in powder. I don’t do park. I am looking at 156 or 158 Metal Gnuru or Carbon Credit series same size. And one last thing I want to be able to make fast short turns on the paste on higher speed as well as on smaller space like ski path.
    Thanks you!

  • Gnu

    Hi Jason!
    I love all the detail–it makes it a lot easier, and quite frankly more fun to help suggest boards when people have a good idea of what they’re looking for.
    So here it goes:
    I’m not sure what size your boots are or if your close to getting toe drag on your Scott Stevens, but if you’re really into the 150 Pickle, I think you could ride it! The waist on this one is just .3cm narrower than your Scott Stevens. But if you’re looking for a board with maxiumum pop, while still being forgiving and catch free you may be more stoked on the EC2 base contour–I think it’s our easiest board to ride anywhere and it’s got more power than BTX or PBTX, while still being super playful, forgiving and jib-friendly. The 152 Gnuru could for sure be a solid option, but I think my number one recommendation for you based on your description above would have to be the Space Case 150.

    With the Space Case, you’ll get the asymmetry of the Pickle along with the EC2 and mellow Magne-Traction and sidecut of the Gnuru (which will feel less grabby than full Magne-Traction). It also has some upgrades, like a tough/fast sintered base that will allow for more speed in the slush and more durability on the jibs. We also have some cross sections of wood called Space Bars between the inserts for added strength and pop for jibbing as well as Liquid Crystal Polymer (a fancy, plastic-like material) for even more durability and weight reduction.

  • Anton

    Hello Gnu, can you recommend a size for me? I’m an intermediate with a height of 181 cm and weigh 76 kg with a EU size 43 foot. It would be mostly free riding but I want to have decent maneuverability for adding in a little freestyle. Also, which board more suitable for me metal gnuru or space case? Thanks!

  • Hristo


  • iMike

    Hi, Gnu.
    I need your advice. Tell me, what size should I choose Gnuru 152 or 155?
    172 cm
    73 kg.
    EU 42
    I ride all-mauntain
    40% powder
    60% of the park

  • Gnu

    Powder 40% of the time!? That sounds amazing!
    If that’s really the case, and you’re spending a lot of time riding deep snow, go for the 155–it will still be small enough to maneuver in the park, but it will be easier to float through powder.
    But if you’re spending time on groomers and in the park and occasionally riding powder, go for the 152–it will feel more playful.

  • iMike


  • Zloetelo

    hi gnu ^

    height 188 weight 95 kg foot 11.5 us
    level medium,
    80% park, 20% Freeride
    , choose between libteh attack banana 161WIDE and metal gnuru 162


    Why such a difference in price gnu 449 vs 579 libteh? (at first look,
    they differ only in stiffness? can be the difference in weight? or as
    with material and manufacturing quality?)

  • Zloetelo

    ec2 btx god damn f*cking amazing!!! (run-today in the park and on jumps) (buy libtech attack banana at a discount for $ 400)

  • Gnu

    Thanks for supporting Mervin!
    The Attack Banana has higher end materials–the basalt fibers will make it feel more lively and snappy and also lighter. It’s also got a more advanced core story, and will feel more stiff.