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Smart Pickle

BTX Asymmetric Freestyle Fun
BTX Freestyle Fun Asymétrique
BTX Asymmetric Freestyle Fun
Diversión freestyle con un diseño BTX asimétrico

SIZES 147 150 153 156 159 153W 156W 159W

$499.95 USD

$519.95 CAD

€499.95 EUR incl. VAT

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: This item is currently out of stock.

Item is currently not available online.

The Twin Freestyle Smart Pickle is constantly calculating and accounting for the asymmetry that exists in every human body. With a current system update, and enough RAM (Radness Acquired on the Mountain) you can activate Smart Pickle Technology and some unreal boarding.

Asym Design Elements

  • Smart Formula Asymmetric Magne-Traction®
  • Deeper Heel Side Sidecut
  • Asymmetric “Pickle Barrel” Core, Softer Heel Side Flex

An ergonomic all terrain freestyle board, the Smart Pickle is a smart choice for beginners to pros.

La board twin freestyle Smart Pickle prend en compte l’asymétrie du corps humain à tous les niveaux. Grâce à une mise à jour système et assez de RAM (Radness Acquired on the Mountain / Style de dingue Acquis en Montagne), tu peux activer la technologie Smart Pickle pour un ride irréel.

Éléments de design asymétriques


Une board freestyle tout terrain polyvalente, la Smart Pickle est le choix intelligent des débutants aux pros.

Das Twin Freestyle Smart Pickle rechnet ständig hoch, wie die Auswirkungen der Asymmetrie des menschlichen Körpers ausgeglichen werden können. Dafür gab es dieses Jahr ein Systemupdate mit mehr RAM (Radness Acquired on the Mountain = Genialität am Berg) und Smart Pickle Technologie für ein unglaublich gutes Fahrerlebnis.

Asymmetrische Design Elemente


Ein ergonomisches All-Terrain-Freestyle Board – das Smart Pickle ist immer eine kluge Wahl, für Anfänger genauso wie für Profis.

La Smart Pickle cuenta con un diseño twin freestyle que se adapta a la asimetría natural del cuerpo humano. Con una simple actualización del sistema y suficiente memoria RAM (Ridear A Muerte) podrás activar la tecnología de la Smart Pickle para hacer un snowboard de realidad paralela.

Componentes del diseño Asym


La Smart Pickle es una tabla freestyle ergonómica y perfecta para cualquier terreno, la opción acertada desde principiantes hasta profesionales.

Art by Jolby

Weird Science

  • BTX Image BTX Icon

    Easy / Jibby

    Rocker between your feet combined with flat to mild cambers out to the contact. Easy riding and turning, great jibbing and epic float in pow.

  • Smart Magne-Traction® Icon

    Smart Magne-Traction®

    A special asymmetric Magne-Traction®, Finesse Serration (toe side) a Power Serration (heel side), has been fine tuned for greater harmony with nature and snowboarding!

  • Twin Icon


    Twin all terrain freestyle/freeride.

  • Construction Icon


    Every Gnu snowboard is handbuilt in the USA by snowboarders with jobs. Keep riding snowboards built by snowboarders.

  • Asym Core: Light

    A strong Aspen Spine with Golden Poplar on the toe edge and Polonia on the heel edge for quick and responsive turning core with a crisp pop.

  • UHMW Sidewalls

    Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.

  • Sintered Base

    Compression hardened amorphous UHMW skived from the billet to create the toughest, fastest, best wax holding base material around. Slides best and fastest when waxed regularly to match local snow conditions.

Made in Usa

Sizing Information

Contact 108

Side Cut 8 / 7.2

Nose Width 28.1

Waist Width 24.6

Tail Width 28.1

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 70-150 +

Contact 111

Side Cut 8.1 / 7.3

Nose Width 28.6

Waist Width 24.9

Tail Width 28.6

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 5.5

Weight Range 80-160 +

Contact 114

Side Cut 8.2 / 7.4

Nose Width 29.2

Waist Width 25.2

Tail Width 29.2

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 90-170 +

Contact 114

Side Cut 8.2 / 7.4

Nose Width 30.3

Waist Width 26.1

Tail Width 30.3

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 95-190 +

Contact 117

Side Cut 8.3 / 7.5

Nose Width 29.4

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.4

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 110-200 +

Contact 117

Side Cut 8.3 / 7.5

Nose Width 30.4

Waist Width 26.5

Tail Width 30.4

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6

Weight Range 120-220 +

Contact 120

Side Cut 8.3 / 7.5

Nose Width 29.8

Waist Width 25.5

Tail Width 29.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 140-250 +

Contact 120

Side Cut 8.3 / 7.5

Nose Width 30.8

Waist Width 26.5

Tail Width 30.8

Min-Max / Set Back
20.25"-25" / 0"

Flex 6.5

Weight Range 150-270 +

  • GNU

    Hi Tony, you’ll definitely want to go with a wide board for size 13 boots!
    I think with -15/15 angles on your stance you should be just fine with a 153W, but the 156W will offer some additional width.
    I’d recommend comparing the waist width of our board to the board(s) you’ve been riding to make sure they’re similar.

  • GNU

    A wide board should meet your needs!
    Lib Tech, one of Mervin Mfg’s other brands does offer a custom DIY Board Builder:

    Which might be of interest to you, but all of the boards are built to the specs of other boards and the Lib line.

  • GNU

    Hey Alaric,
    With size 13 boots, you will absolutely want to go with a wide board–otherwise you will be at extreme risk for toe drag!
    If you go with an XL binding, you boots should fit just fine.

    Without knowing your height, weight and ability level it’s hard to suggest a board size, but if you’ve been riding a a 159 and it feels good, I think a 159W will be great for you.

  • Travis Westervelt

    Hello, i need a a recommendation for an all mountain board that would be similar to the park pickle as I am loving my pickle and would like to get another board like it

  • GNU

    If you love your Pickle, you could always swoop up another one–nothing else will be 100% similar to it.
    But the Riders Choice shares a lot of the same technology, but has some camber underfoot which adds power, pop, control and stability to the ride. If you want something more aggressive this would be a great option!

    You could also check out the Space Case, which is a nice middle ground between the Smart Pickle and Riders Choice–it features asymmetrical technology, but has a more subtle, elliptical camber underfoot, which is a really nice blend of playful/forgiving and powerful/aggressive. It’s going to be an insanely versatile board!

    The Metal Gnuru is another great option, it has the same EC2 (elliptical camber) base contour as the Space Case, but does not have the asym technology that all of the other boards have.

  • Kevin

    I’m also around 78 kgs. I currently have a 153 smart pickle but I’m debating getting a larger board. Will the 153 be ok in powder or would a 156 be much better?

  • GNU

    You probably know how well your 153 works for you, so it’s hard to give you advice on that.
    But the 156 will certainly offer more float, stability and power.

  • Patrick

    Hi my Carving style is quick and directional i was told to try GNU after 8 years what boards should i be checking out ?????

  • GNU

    Hi Patrick,
    Any Gnu board will carve like a dream, due to the wavy Magne-Traction and in many models our Asym design features!
    The Zoid is very directional and asymmetric, but still insanely fun and versatile due to the mellow elliptical camber underfoot, the Space Case is another killer option and features a true twin shape! But if you prefer a more aggressive board, check out the Riders Choice, which features a more dramatic and snappy camber underfoot or the Pickle for a more playful/forgiving ride with our BTX (Banana) Base contour.

    I’d recommend reading up on our different techs here:

    You’ll probably also find it helpful to scope the boards out in person at your local shop, you can get a good idea of how they feel by standing on them and giving them a flex.

    Lastly, you may want to go for a wide if your boots are 11+

  • Patrick

    Thanks GNU i’ll check out the stash in shop after doing my home work on the Boards you mentioned The Choice GNU sounds like my quiver pick going fast and carving hard or the ZOID GNU

  • Kolbe

    I’m 6’2 200 size 12 boot. I’ve been riding bigger more aggressive boards for 10 years now. My first was a GNU carbon credit 162W now I’m on a lib tech skunk ape HP 169W. I want something more playful this year. I’d like to be able to hold some presses and be buttery all over the mountain. Any board and size suggestions ?

  • Jackson Boyd

    I’m 5’10 140 and size 11 shoe do you think the 153W would be best I like to ride all mountain and catch some big air

  • Alessio Calabró

    Hi GNU.
    My weight is 66/67 Kg and my height is 1.75 cm. what size should I get?

  • GNU

    Hi Alessio!
    If you’re spending a decent amount of time in the park and want something easy to maneuver and freestyle-friendly, go 153.
    If you want something that will offer more float in powder and stability at high speeds, go 153.

    If your boots are 11+, go with a wide!

  • GNU

    Yeah 153W or 156W.
    The 153 will be more playful and easy to maneuver, but the 156 will offer more power and stability.

  • GNU

    With size 12 boots you’ll definitely want to go for a wide, so the Smart Pickle 159W is definitely a good candidate!
    But you may also want to check out the Skate Banana 159W or 162W and possibly even the Lib Tech Attack Banana in 159W or 161W.

    The Attack Banana will offer more power and precision due to the elliptical camber underfoot, which can be nice! All of the other boards have our BTX (Banana) base contour, and will feel a lot more playful and loose than your Skunk Ape.

  • Mauro Masserini

    Hi Gnu!! I’m 5’6 and 125/130 ibs, it’s ok 150 cm for all mountain ride? And this board it’s similar Gnu Hi five?

  • jeff bullard

    Hey GNU,
    I’m 6′ 225 lbs and have a size 13 boot. I had a Pickle from 3 years back but only got to ride it 2 days before it was ripped off in Park City. I know I had the Wide but cant remember the length. I’m a whole mountain rider don’t spend much time in the park but I got tired of always riding the huge boards because of my big boot size.

  • GNU

    150 sounds perfect–the Hi-Five has the same specs as the Smart Pickle.

  • GNU

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for choosing a Gnu and I’m sorry to hear about your loss.
    I think 159W sounds like a killer size for you.

  • Masha Veprintseva

    Hi Gnu! I’m 60 Kg and my height is 174 cm, a board 150 cm is small for me? I like freestyle, but i want ride in powder too.

  • Jason Vaccariello

    Hello GNU, I’m 5’5 147 lbs and ride entire mountain boat size is 8.5. I ride a 151 now and prior a 154, I like the smart pickle and per your board finder suggests 150. I’m tossed between the 150 & 153 since I do more freeride than park but love to jib all over. Appreciate any insight. Thank you.

  • Kyle

    Hey GNU, recently I’ve been looking at the 159w GNU smart pickle or the 158w-159w attack banana, I’m 6’0 180lbs with 11-12 foot depending on boots. From what I’ve read they seem to be really similar other than a few specifics. I’m an all moutain rider that likes to fly. I know either board I get I won’t be disappointed but not sure what to go with. I like the 2016 banana which is $580 vs the 500 for the pickle. Got any suggestions?

  • GNU

    Hi Kyle,
    Those two boards are going to feel quite different!
    The Attack Banana’s Gnu equivalent is going to be the Metal Gnuru or Space Case–these three boards all have our EC2 base contour which is easy to ride everywhere. The Banana between the feet will allow you to easily get the board on edge, but the mellow camber underfoot will add power and stability.

    The Smart Pickle is flat underfoot, rather than having camber. So it will have a more forgiving and loose feel–some folks love a more playful board. But some find it to be a little too forgiving to ride at high speeds.

  • GNU

    153 will be a more suitable size for you!

  • Holland Jackson

    Hey GNU I have an 09 TRS 154 BTX that I’m looking to replace. I mostly ride trees and slackcountry,175 lbs size 12 boot. Really like my old board but would like something wider. Tried out a TRice HP 155 last season and didn’t care for how hard it was to turn. Looking at either the 153 or 156 wide pickle. Just wondering about the feel of the board vs my TRS. Seems like overall shape and flex is close to my old ride with asym shape making turns easier?

  • GNU

    Hi Jason,
    I think I’d steer you towards the 150–It will be a bit more playful and freestyle-friendly.
    But, because it has BTX (Banana/Magne-Traction) it will still float you through deep snow and turn extremely quick.

    You can ride a small board and it will pack as much of a punch as a bigger size!

  • GNU

    Hi Holland,
    I think if you’re accustomed to riding a TRS, you might want to consider the Riders Choice rather than the Pickle.
    The Pickle is a great board, but you might find that it’s not as aggressive and powerful as what you’re used to…our BTX base contour is really use-friendly, but you might find it to be too forgiving.

    The Riders Choice has some camber underfoot giving it some extra stability and snap, perfect for technical terrain and high speeds.

  • Holland Jackson

    That board would be my first choice but, despite me asking for the last 3 years, you still have no plans to make a wide version under 158. A 158W would be riding me, not the other way around. I’ve had a 159 Altered Genetics MTX and 159 TRS BTX. They were both too big for me.

  • René

    Hi Gnu! Currently I’m riding a 148cm board. I’m 170cm @ 65kg. I’m looking for a playful freestyle board which is also suitable for powder. So the smart pickle sounds really great. Which size would you recommend? I was focussed on the 147 board but it seems not to be available…is it going to be available this season?

  • happy lumpi

    Dear Gnu, I have the chance to get either a smart pickle in 150 or 156, or a lib tech skate banana in 152cm. I am looking for an all mountain board (no pipe) for freestyle as well as powder runs. I am 176cm, 60kg with bootsize 11. Is there a chance to ride one of those boards or do you suggest another one? do I need a wide board regarding my shoe size ?
    Thank you!

  • Michelle Savard

    hello, I was just wondering what (if anything) has changed about this board in the 2016 model vs. the 2015 model? thanks!

  • john

    is this a late weight board?

  • Austin Beebe

    2016 Smart pickle 156W or 159W Waist is the same but…… I have size 13 boot? Accomplished
    on both boards?

  • Woodrow Weekes

    I bought this board the other day and have only risen it a few times but it defiantly shows a difference in turning compared to my ride board and k2 weapon worldwide and previous boards and none of them have been near as good at carving and rails as the 2016 gnu smart pickle so if your a all mountain free rider like I am this is one of the best boards you could get its amazing In powder and groomers and of big jumps and kickers but i wouldn’t recommend it to any beginner riders I think it’s a intermediat to advanced style board

  • JJ

    Hey gnu..I’m 5’8″ and 185 pounds and a 10.5 boot size .. I’m looking at getting the pickle ..I ride all over the mountain but prefer park laps and groomers..I want a playful feel.. Butters, manuals , good pop for ollies, ect..would a 153 be to small? 153 or 156 I’m not sure.

  • Mike

    When should a rider choose the wider board? is it simply a function of shoe size? Or is it a performance related decision?