• Bryn Valaika
  • Bryn Valaika
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Bryn Valaika

Sign: Gemini
Home: Laguna Beach, CA
Boards in your quiver: Park Pickle, B-Pro
Goofy/Reg: Regular
Stance: 20″; 18 front, -15 back

Bryn has been riding mervin boards since she was 10 years old.  We’re proud to be a part of Bryn’s snowboard life story and we know she has a lot more to tell.  She’s grown up riding the parks of southern CA and Mammoth, but she has the natural ability to ride any terrain.  Bryn’s riding is pretty well rounded, she’ll get dirty in the streets, ride lines and hit kickers in the pow, or shred the parks with the best of them.  She’s got style and strength, and she can run 26.2 faster than you, guaranteed.

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GNU B-Pro Splits

Girls love pow. Girls have been asking for split boards in their sizes for years and Gnu is proud to present the B-Pro splits for 2012/13. You no longer have to hop on your boyfriend’s splits, you are now empowered by the B-Pro magic to get to all those runs you’ve been looking at and dreaming about but just couldn’t bring yourself to post-hole there. These are designed to take you where you want to go with ease. It’s like instant access to your favorite clubs, with your favorite friends, wearing your favorite shoes, and getting there in your favorite ride. C2BTX, LCP and Magne-Traction keep the split version of the B-Pro riding like the classic model. It doesn’t get better than VIP access on the B-Pro splits!

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True GNU
From the beginning Gnu has focused on working with the world’s best female riders to create snowboards that make every day on edge a magical experience. From 80’s World Champion Amy Howat and 90’s X Games and US Open champion Barrett Christy to current u-ditch champion Kaitlyn Farrington, Gnu ladies have amassed more awards and podium appearances than any other woman’s snowboard brand over the past three decades.

A family affair, Barrett Christy now oversees the Gnu Girls Division, working closely with the team riders to give our designers and machinists unmatched insight into the subtle nuances that transform women’s snowboards from functional to fantasy.

GNU Snowboards.
Let’s make magic.

Winter Wars 2011 Teaser

Winter Wars from Peepshow released August 2011

Curious Questions and Answers

What boards in the line do you mostly ride and why?
I ride the park pickle mostly, though I have recently branched out and started riding the Bpro and the ladies choice this past season. Im primarily on the park pickle though and I love how it can translate well on all terrain. Its perfect in the park, groomers, and even can hold its own in Pow if need be.

Tell me about a day you had on your board?
This past season riding the park pickle was an everyday thing. I loved to just get out and ride with friends, enjoy the park and all. I think the most monumental day on my board though was when i placed 2nd in the 1st annual JLA banked slalom. I was stoked to be able to hold an edge and make it through the course with no equipment issues. My board was awesome and I doubt Id be able to go as fast without my amazing magna traction edges!

Highlights from last season?
Getting to ride for myself. heliing in Revelstoke again, shooting at super park, getting to snowshoe and hike in the backcountry with all the guys this year and feel as though I wasn’t holding everyone up. Getting in touch with why I loved snowboarding again

What kind of magic is the upcoming 13/14 season going to hold for you?
I can’t wait to see what magic is in the upcoming season, hopefully lot of magical snowfall so I can get out on my sled and hiking again. I want to get more comfortable with the backcountry and on my split board as much as possible.

Mervin Mfg. is based in the USA and all our boards are hand-built in the NW by humans (snowboarders with jobs?). Can you feel the love and personal attention radiating from each of your boards?
Two seasons ago I got the opportunity to visit the factory up in Washington and see the care and love thats put into each and every board thats made at Mervin. I can really see with every board I ride from GNU how amazing the hand work makes the boards. The eyes of all the workers at the factory is seen through the flawless boards they produce each year. Thank you all for your hard work, it makes Mervin the company they are for a reason!

How important is the planet earth to you? Do you notice the earth is kinder to you when you are riding boards made with an environmental conscious with industry leading environmentally friendly building practices?
The planet earth is everything to me. I grew up with a very conscious family, we got in trouble if we didn’t recycle by color glass, etc. Making sure we know our impact has been important for my Dad, he wants us to know how we can help and do our part since so many people fail to do their own. Being a part of a company that has the environment in mind has been something I really value. After visiting the factory where we learned about all the recycled materials, etc It made me realize how great the company was ever more so than I had already thought.

What are you doing when you aren’t snowboarding?
I have gotten really into running over the past few years, running marathons, the full 26.2 miles and training is something I love to do in my time off to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. I also am currently enrolled at University of Colorado Boulder where Im in the process of getting my degree in Business.

If you had a magic wand (Not the popular vibrator model, but the fairy princess kind) , what would you ask it for?
I would ask to fly. I think being able to be anywhere I want at any time would be awesome, I could have the best pow day with friends and then at the beach enjoying an afternoon in the sun and sand. The ideal day.