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Danny Kass

Danny Kass is an American hero who’s Banana is pretty awesome! He spent years in the pipe refining it to perfection, in an environment where carrying a fast line through the flat bottom is the difference between victory and defeat, and controlled pop off the lip is the difference between victory and the hospital.

Name: Danny Kass

Age: 30
Location: Radical dude… local of the world no homebase.
Astrological Sign: Vertigo
Cats Name: Bloo aka B100 bloothecat.
Gear Setup: DK 153-158 anything with that Banana c2x and other topsecret formulas.

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Weird Cinema

Saturdays at the Creek

Its not all the time you get to find your roots. I grew up in New Jersey and getting to take a trip with friends back to VERNON where I learned my first a 360 on a snowboard is a big thing to me and any other person to strap in and jump. I hope this piece makes you want to come visit NJ, just watch out for the new McHc (Mountain Creek Hard Core) viva la snow boarding. Don’t forget-where you came from. Filming the experience on a 8mm camera just is the hot sauce on the wings. Enjoy this piece filmed by Zak Bush. Thanks for the 8mm Justin! -Danny Kass

Magic Carpet Ride!

The two time Olympic silver medalist and five time US Open champion’s mid wide twin C2 BTX with new Liquid Crystal Polymer is a high- tech smooth riding Banana that will take you where ever you want to go. Camber at each end for pop and stability on landings, Banana between your feet for float in powder and incredible edge-hold and carving control on hardpack and ice. Danny just wrapped up season five of Danny and the Dingo and will be floating over a mountain near you on his magic carpet.

Resonance Trailer 2012

Danny got weird and went big for this year’s Absinthe movie “Resonance”.

Curious Questions and Answers

I know you go on a lot of TRIPS, but what was your favorite TRIP this winter?
Favorite trip would be Austria with Gigi Ruff, Eric Jackson, Wolfgang, Brusti and  Hostnik for the new Absinthe film and Nike edit.

Do you like to get weird, if so why and what do you do, if not why not?
I like to get weird some think I am a nerd but really its just the way I get weird. I drink coffee in the shower, drive and skate on snow, cook naked wearing a grenade mitten.

What terrain is your preferred? I like sand boarding myself.
I have really enjoyed hiking pow terrain. I like catching me some airtime so really everything from pow to slush.

Whats an average day in your life right now?
Well the average day in my life would consist of waking up eating some food, packing a lunch, and heading to the hill for one really long run of hiking and building. Then off the mountain for a little après maybe, then followed by a candle light dinner with my cat on Skype.

Optimist / Pessimist? Realist? Weirdest?
I would have to go with a cross breed of weirdest/ radicalist so it would be a weirdicalist.

Do make a living off the snow?
Yes I have worked in the snow industry since I was 16 and I have been doing it on Gnu snow toys since I was 12 years old.

What does Gnu mean to you?
It means the self expression of ones riding fun and getting the opportunity to be weird.

Besides Shredding, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy canoeing on fool moons. you?
I like to build bird houses as a new hobby. I also enjoy skating at midnight and instagramming.

What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
Sunrises and music.

Favorite Gnu Board? and why?
Anything with the Banana tech my favorite is my promodel.

Currently listening to?
Band of skulls bruises as I type.

Currently looking at?
My buddy ripzinger hanging in Tokyo for a few days to drink the first legal Monster in Japan getting ready to go skate.

Favorite website or blog? are you in INSTA-WEIRD, whats your user name?
@dannykass and grenadegloves.com

Thanks to everyone at Mervin the Pinski, Steezeach, Pete and Mike and all the snowboarders building boards at Mervin. Thanks for the toys boys.