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Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey snowboards and skateboards like he lives his life, free flowing, effortless and with a smile on his face.   When not on a Strange Trip winning competitions or being a Space Case filming ender video parts he’s probably drawing, playing guitar or looking at the stars with his friends and family.  For Forest getting Gnarly is just a Given.

Name: Forest Bailey
Age: 20
Location: Planet Earth
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Cats Name: Killgore Trout
Gear Setup: A little bit of strange trip, a little bit of a space case.

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Weird Cinema

Forest Bailey's Space Case Snowboard

Forest Bailey’s mind melted with the Gnu designers to create a weird A.S.S freestyle snowboard he calls the Space Case. X Games street champ and Snowboard Mag high ollie winner Forest is a big fan of Banana tech. On the Space Case he has built in EC2 with mild elliptical cambers at each end of his banana foundation for control and pop. Forest has become aware that his body is asymmetric and his turn mechanics are amazingly different from toe side to heels side. To balance nature’s bio-mechanical curiosities Forest adapted his own version of Asymmetrical, Symmetrical Synchronization or A.S.S Technology which includes a shorter heelside contact, deeper heelside sidecut, asym contact angles and shape, and asymmetric core materials and flex. All this weird science sounds complicated and mysterious and it is but, the end result is a board that is incredibly fun and naturally easy to ride. Watch Forest and his board work together in Givin’s new movie.

Forest Bailey's Full Part From Givin's "Too"

Here’s a Christmas gift from Snowboarder Magazine and Givin: Forest Bailey’s full part from Too. This is one of the sickest parts dropped this year enjoy!

A Tale of Two Forests

Come along with Forest Bailey and Forrest Burki as they keep snowboarding weird while weaving a tale of mystery, intrigue, wildness and general frozen water antics in “A Tale of Two Forests”.

On the Way to the Mountain with Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey is never not skateboarding or snowboarding. Such was the case for the day and a half it took for him and the Mervin crew to make it from Tokyo to the Advance Cup in the mountains of Japan last spring. Jesse was there to point the camera as Forest weaved his way from skate park to rest stop to jib spot to mini ramp all on his way to the mountain. Thanks to Mike Miyazawa, Kenji and the whole Advance team. Music by legendary snowboarder and Mervin family Wes Makepeace. To hear more Wes go to Whistler this winter.

Four Days with Forest

Mr. Bailey came into town for the Salt Lake Givin Premiere and we filmed all this in four days…. Good Times. Enjoy!

The Mad Ones: Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey is a Mad man. Here’s proof: His part, the ender from The Mad Ones.

Song: Winter Waltz No. 11
Courtesy of Cassiopeia

A limited run of The Mad Ones DVDs are now available at liamogallagher.com

Get yours while they last. Get Mad!

Curious Questions and Answers

I know you go on a lot of TRIPS, but what was your favorite TRIP this winter?
A lot of trips in Maple Falls…and a real nice trip to Japan.

Do you like to get weird, if so why and what do you do, if not why not?
I don’t have to do much… I was born this way.

What terrain is your preferred?
I like bedroom boarding myself. Just boarding on whatever.

Whats an average day in your life right now?
Relax for a while.

Optimist / Pessimist? Realist? Weirdest?

Do make a living off the snow?
Make a what?

What does Gnu mean to you?
Get weird. Trip out. Space out. Space case. Make magic. Go boarding. Have fun.

Besides Shredding, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy canoeing on fool moons. You?
Road trippin’ Skate trippin’ Straight trippin’..Livin’

What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
Friends, Coffee and a Tweest

Favorite Gnu Board? and why?

Currently listening to?

Currently looking at?
The sky

Favorite website or blog? are you in INSTA-WEIRD, whats your user name?
I’m grammin.. forestbailey.