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Forrest Burki

Forrest Burki’s unique approach to big mountain riding goes from gigantic cliffs to hand plant rock jibs pillow butters and back again all in the same run.  He’s a versatile jib goat that needs power, freedom and fun.  A poncho clad traveling romantic, Burki’s mission is to live with style and creativity whether snowboarding, skateboarding or sardine fishing, getting weird is the normal.

Age: Old enough to know better.
Location: Somewhere off the Oregon coast.
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Cats Name: El Gato Rabide
Gear Setup: I ride pretty much all the Gnu boards, usually I have Backdoors attached, sometimes not though. Splitboarding is freedom!
Sponsors: Gnu, Dakine, Smith Optics, Northwest Snowboards, One Ball Jay Wax, WhiteRoom Printing, Gnarly Clothes, Mother Nature.

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Forrest Burki Snowboarder Profile

via funnerprojects

We go behind the scenes with Snowboarder Forrest Burki to see some of his shots from the movie Shred-A-Vision. Forrest gives us some words of inspiration and insight into what he thinks about snowboarding and filming with Wildcard Movies. Forrest has been making his mark in the world of snowboarding with his unique style and interesting take on what tricks to do and where to ride. He is equally at home bombing down urban streets as he is in taking it to the steepest backcountry lines.

A Tale of Two Forests

Come along with Forest Bailey and Forrest Burki as they keep snowboarding weird while weaving a tale of mystery, intrigue, wildness and general frozen water antics in “A Tale of Two Forests”.

Givin Presents "too" The Official Teaser!!!

Givin’s back for year “too” starring Keegan Valaika, Wyatt Stasinos, Forest Bailey, Alex Stathis, E Man Anderson, Forrest Burki, Layne Treeter, Doran Laybourn, Chris Bradshaw, Alex Tank, Timmy Ronan, Nick Russell, and Our Homies.

Forrest Burki Pickles Some Dirty Pillows

Take a ride on the Gypsy Queen with Forrest Burki. Forrest likes to Pickle up his snowboard quiver and Billy Goat the Dirty Pillows as if they were some form of a mountain skate park…. In a nutshell, FORREST RIPS!
Choice footage provided by…. Nick Ennen and Scott Studach

The Rascals

Curious Questions and Answers

What’s weird to you? Is your weird normal and your normal weird?

Who am I to judge?

Do you ever make magic while getting wild in a weird way? Explain.

I can neither confirm or deny this

Technology is important. Do you use it? Is your board so technologically advanced that it has become a sentient being with a soul and if so are you worried that it will rebel and enslave you and if so who is riding who?

Is that a question or a statement?

How many backflips did you do today? Are you currently upside down?

Zero today unfortunately

Name your three favorite essentials for going out in “the wild” on a split mission. Three essentials for getting weird? Three essentials for making magic? That’s nine essentials.

No company, good company, a poncho applies to all three. So that’s three essentials.

Who or what do you want to thank? Sponsors, individuals, spirits etc

Family, friends furry and otherwise. Gnu, Gnarley Clothes, Smith Optics, the Levitation Project, One Ball Jay, Northwest Snowboards and mother nature.