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  • Kelly Underwood
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Kelly Underwood

Astro Sign: Taurus
What year did you start riding: 2001
Goofy/Reg?: Goofy Stance: 20” / -16° Back /16° Front

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Kelly Underwood - Timberline Parks

Kelly Underwood Spring @ Bachelor & Timberline

Curious Questions and Answers

Tell me a story about a day on your board?
My first experience at Ms. Superpark was all time and getting to meet and ride with all the shred ladies was awesome! In the morning while the speed was good, I played on the kickers and felt completely stable thanks to Magne-Traction. As the snow softened up, finding lines on the jib island was the place to be. I love the ease and connection I feel with my B-Nice, the Banana Tech allows immediate responsiveness on the rails so I could finish out the days confident and strong.

What is your gname?  Where do you hang?  Who is your gn-Gang?
My name is Kelly or when gettin G thug it’s swish. As for the hang spots, I’ve been at Hood, and the upcoming season will be endless adventures in Salt Lake City with my main comrade Sarah Gall and friends.

Where do you live on the web?  Instagram, FB athlete page, Tweester?  Rattle them off
@kswish is where I tend to end up more often than the fb

What Gnu do you like to ride?  Do you ride multiple Gnus?  Any other Gnu products in your arsenal?
I rode the B-Nice all last season and had the time of my life. When gettin jibby and riding in summer slush I like to ride the B-Street, but in powder the B-Pro is super fun!

How do you make magic? Got a story of you and your board sharing a magical experience?
The magical times=(love+snowboarding)(laughter+great friends)(live+amazing life)

The memory I recall at the moment… While in Chile this summer, we were extremely lucky to receive a blizzard and it was the first taste since last winter, so we rallied around the mountain, full blown white out,  hootin’ and hollerin’ and smiles couldn’t be lost!

Do you ever make magic while getting wild in a weird way?  Explain
In the wild, wild NW I like to get weird, wild, and wet in the rain cause it tends to pour every so often on the mountain. Facing all the elements really livens me up. Respect our planet and keep the snow falling.

Technology is important. Do you use it? Is your board so technologically advanced that it makes magic all by itself, or do you still control it?
I’m the park ranger and guide the board to showcase all the resort has to offer, but the board is magically comfortable from the first day so we can start the relationship off strong.

Back flips or front flips? Do you enjoy being upside-down?
Backflips, being upside down is amazing.

Name your three favorite essentials for going out in the Wild on a split mission.  Three essentials for getting weird?  Three essentials for making magic?  That’s nine essentials.

  1. IPod Shuffle
  2. Water
  3. Luna Lemon Zest
  4. Bubbles
  5. Water/dust/freeze/shock proof Camera
  6. Turquoise
  7. Great attitude
  8. Friends
  9. Snowboard under my feet

Who or what do you want to thank?  Sponsors, individuals, spirits, etc.
I want to thank my amazing mother, GNU, Dakine, Smith Optics, the guardian, and the earth. All for being so magically wonderful!