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Maria Debari has snowboarding in her blood.  Her parents set up their life and family in Glacier, WA for the love of snow and mountains, and the apples obviously didn’t fall far from the tree.  She’s proven herself on the contest scene as a North Face Masters Tour champion as well as the World Freeride Tour champion. But, Maria has only just begun.  She is one of the strongest riders out there, and certainly one of the most stealth.  Her love of the mountains means she doesn’t need an audience to perform, she is out there charging regardless of who is there to witness. She can keep up with Temple on the splitboard, uphill and down.  Maria Debari is true Gnu, and a true northwest legend in the making.

Name: Maria DeBari
Astro sign: Virgo
Home: Is where your heart is.
What year did you start riding: 1995
Goofy/Reg?: Regular
Stance: 21.5″ / 0° Back / 21° Front

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GNU B-Pro Splits

I love my B-Pro splitboard because it is light on the way up and rides like a regular B-Pro snowboard on the way down.

Curious Questions and Answers

Tell me about a day you had on your B-Pro snowboard?
I was staying in this little cabin in interior BC with a bunch of my friends. We were a very short sled ride away from an endless supply of pillows. We got to snowboard all day and come back to the cabin and cook over the wood stove. So much love makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Highlights from last season?
I rode my B-Pro splitboard more days than my regular snowboard for the first time ever!

What kind of magic is the upcoming 13/14 season going to hold for you?
I see lots of powder in my future!

Mervin Mfg. is based in the USA and all our boards are hand-built in the NW by humans. Can you feel the love and personal attention radiating from each of your boards?
Absolutely. I have a lot of Washington pride since I was born and bred in this wonderful state and I am damn proud that my snowboards are made here.

How important is the planet earth to you?  Do you notice the earth is kinder to you when you are riding boards made with an environmental conscious with industry leading environmentally friendly building practices?
Earth is kind of going downhill, but you have to choose your battles if you want to have any fun. I recycle, but my truck gets 20 mpg and I ride diesel powered chairlifts all winter. I think its awesome that Mervin has a commitment to improving the health of planet earth.

There is a little weird, wild, and magic in all of us.  Tell me what makes you:
Weird- Growing up in Glacier.
Wild- Whiskey.
Magic- Being in the mountains.

What are you doing when you aren’t snowboarding?
Crossword puzzles.

If you had a magic wand (Not the popular vibrator model, but the fairy princess kind) , what would you ask it for?
My own private Mt Baker.

Any sponsors, causes, projects you are involved in that you want to share with our world wide web audience?
The North Face, and Karakoram.