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Matt Edgers

Matt Edgers, aka Buff Goat, is a deep carving hard tweaking side country slayer.  Matt has taken his early years of skate style, urban snowboarding and park riding, and transferred it in to his new surf influenced all mountain attack.  Seeing him ride a line often looks like it’s being played in fast forward.  When the stars align it’s Matt Edgers for the win.


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Weird Cinema

GoBoardin' Japan: A Snowboard Road Trip

Matt Edgers found the pow and stoke in Japan on Mt Weird! Check out Go Boardin’s mini Japan movie featuring Gnu beast Shredgers rip it up with his two besties Blair and Lucas. They hit it perfect, pow boarding with your friends while making new friends in a foreign land, it doesn’t get better than that! Cho yabai!

15 seconds of Matt Edgers

Matt Edgers @mattedgers is a strange and magical beast who happens to destroy #mtweird with a one of a kind feverish style. Watch this clip by @stantech and @filmforfood to get a glimpse of a freestyle goat gone wild! #keepSnowboardingWeird

Matt Edgers Rubs It In

There’s no doubt about it, Shredgers shreds. From halloween costumes to methods he’s one of the most styling sons a bitches in the game. Watch Matt as he rubs it in from the Storm Factory while sending posi vibes from Weird World.

The Rascals

Watch The Rascals, a shred documentary featuring GNU Shreds Forrest Burki, Matt Edgers, and Nick Ennen.

Bent Metal Minion

Curious Questions and Answers

What crew do you rep?

What’s weird to you? Is your weird normal and your normal weird?
What’s weird to you is normal to me. What’s normally weird to me is very weird for you.

Do you ever make magic while getting wild in a weird way? Explain.
While getting weird or wild in a wild or weird way I must say that magic may be made in any given day by slashing the day away.

Technology is important. Do you use it? Is your board so technologically advanced that it has become a sentient being with a soul and if so are you worried that it will rebel and enslave you and if so who is riding who?
The Billy Goat will ride you if your legs are not strong enough! Harness the energy of the gruff! Yes technology is important, and yes I use it! I really like technology, I mean who doesn’t like technology? I love technology.

How many backflips did you do today? Are you currently upside down?
I did seven underneath the water, currently upside down? nope. Upside down happens quite often though.

Name your three favorite essentials for going out in “the wild” on a split mission. Three essentials for getting weird? Three essentials for making magic? That’s nine essentials.
– H20
– Zip ties
– Food
– Bi nose
– Super8
– A Wicket
– A Gore-Tex pancho provided by Forrest Burki
– Shades
– Duct Tape

Who or what do you want to thank? Sponsors, individuals, spirits etc.
All of my friends and family, everyone at Mervin, Gnu, Billabong, Bent Metal, One Ball Jay, NWS, Lib Tech Waterboards. The Cascade mountain range, and the Pacific Ocean. The Gulf of Alaska. Thank you.