• Stephanie Sue Feld
  • Stephanie Sue Feld
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Stephanie Sue Feld

Astro sign: Cancer…Year of the earth snake ..  Get at me.
Home: Wisconsin born, Utah livin’
Goofy/Reg?: Goofy as it gets.
Stance: 22” 15, -15
Boards in your quiver: Ladies Choice, Ladies Pickle, and Velvet Guru

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Weird Cinema

Outta The Kitchen: Episode 3

Our November was filled with opening days and park laps. Hope you were able to find someone else to cook your Thanksgiving dinner!

Riders: Stephanie Sue Feld, Laura Rogoski, Gill Montgomery & Erika Vikander

Stephanie Sue Feld: Park Edit 2013

Stephanie Sue Feld has been charging all year and she got to join us for the Snowboarder Mag MsSuperpark event.  Check out her edit riding the parks at Park City, Canyons and all around her Utah home shred zones.  Steph rides the Ladies Choice, the B-Street and the Pickle.  She puts them all to the test and always makes them look good!

Session 1, 2013: Summer Snowboard Camp

It’s true, summer shredding is back in style. The new features are set and the park is looking flossy. Thanks to the Gnarly Wear team and some incredibly hyped campers, Session 1 was a legendary start to another great summer on Mt. Hood.

Featured Boarders:
Justin Fronius, Cody Lee, Steph Sue Feld, Everest Arnold, Paul Gilbert, Dan Wells, Derrek Lever, Peter Linberg, Jeremy Estorga, Forest Bailey, Alex Stathis, Jared Jordan, Jordan Small, Jesse Paul, Dan Spooner, Austin Leonard, Tucker Speer, Dylan Thompson, Sage Kotsenberg, Riley Nickerson, and Campers!

Filmed By:
Tyler Malay, Alexandra Erickson, Ian Macy, Jake Strassman and Sam Trefaller

Edited By:
Ian Macy

Additional Shot:
Jordan Small

Curious Questions and Answers

What boards in the line do you mostly ride and why?
When I’m playing in the backcountry or on big jumps, I love the stability of the Ladies Choice.  In the park you’ll find me on the Pickle of the Velvet Guru.  All around awesome boards!

Tell me about a day you had on your Ladies Choice. Highlights from last season?
The Ladies Choice and I have spent a lot of time together and made plenty of good memories, but one that stands out in my head was one of my first times strapping into it.  (Cue wavy dreamy music transition) It was December, 2011 at the Dew Tour qualifiers in Breckenridge. I had just gotten a fresh board, and spent some solid time on the sticker job.  I got on hill and realized I had put all the stickers on the tail of my board.  Regardless, that practice day was the most fun I’ve had in a competition setting.  My head was on right, my stickers were on wrong, but my board made all the difference.

Highlights from last season?
I would like to highlight “progression” in the brightest yellow you’ve ever seen!  A year with progression is a year with love, growth, memories, and fun. That’s what this sport is to me and I am blessed to have a lot of cool opportunities within snowboarding, but without progression, I am with nothing.

What kind of magic is the upcoming 13/14 season going to hold for you?
I’m getting my travel on; lots of sleds and backcountry excursions, filming, playing at lots of different resorts, competing a bit, and pretty much just being all around magical.

Mervin Mfg. is based in the USA and all our boards are hand-built in the NW by humans. Can you feel the love and personal attention radiating from each of your boards?
Those job having snowboarders, they do us well. My “man to snow friction reducing device” is more than just that.  I love my Gnu. I know that there is a lot of time, careful planning, and testing that goes into making each of these boards an individual entity. They’re reliable, well established, quality products.  Gnu has a lot of loyal fans, and I am one of them.

How important is the planet earth to you?  Do you notice the earth is kinder to you when you are riding boards made with an environmental conscious with industry leading environmentally friendly building practices?
I strongly believe that people can channel the earths energy.  It enters through my feet and I can feel it through my whole body.  Some hippy mumbo jumbo? Maybe, but honestly we are just as much a part of this earth as the mountains we ride on.  It’s a wonderful thing that the boards I ride and support, take time to make sure we preserve our environment.

There is a little weird, wild, and magic in all of us.  Tell me what makes you:
Weird: I’m lactose intolerant, but I’m from Wisconsin.
Wild: There is a good chance that at any moment I will break out in dance.
Magic: Money appears in my pockets all the time. That’s either magic or forgetfulness, but no use in getting caught up in semantics.

What are you doing when you aren’t snowboarding?
I like to skateboard, play guitar, write music, jump in rivers, snowmobile, cut shapes in the dance floor, be scared of bugs, kill bugs, drive on beaches in my truck, lay on beaches, camp everywhere, get lost, go on adventures, make out with my iPhone, look at stars through binoculars, and spend time with my family and friends.

If you had a magic wand (Not the popular vibrator model, but the fairy princess kind) , what would you ask it for?
Well that’s a tough one, and to be honest it probably changes day to day.  Today, right now, it would be between having my own pet velociraptor that I would ride around on in my safari gear looking for adventures, or, I would wish that Pokemon were real, because, lets face it, throwing a poke ball and yelling, “Charmander! I choose you!” while the most epic of soundtracks cue themselves in at just the right moment, is one of the cooler things I could do with my time.

Any sponsors, causes, projects you are involved in that you want to share with our world wide web audience?
Shout out to B4BC for supporting the fight against breast cancer, to Smith Optics for lookin’ out for my eyes and my brain, to Gatorade for quenching the thirst, and to Windells Ski and Snowboard Camp for reaching out to awesome kids that love their sport.