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Ulrik Badertscher

Ulrik made a splash a few years ago by doing snowboarding’s first 1620 degree spin.  Since then he’s been spinning his way in to the hearts and minds of snowboarders the world over.  This Norwegian slayer goes beast mode every time he straps in leaving a path of victories and destruction his Viking forefathers would be jealous of.

Age: 24
Location: Hakadal, NOR

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Weird Cinema

Weird World with Mathieu and Ulrik

GNU Weirdos Mathiue Crepel and Ulrik Badertscher travel halfway across the world for a trip to Mt Weird.

Scene from A Shot In The Dark

Scene from the documentary and snowboard film “A Shot In The Dark” by Process Films. (2011)

Big Air, Dew Tour 2012

Ulrik landed the first ever bs1620 in a contest and Ståle got 3rd place.

“Snowboardlandslaget” kommer på VGTV.no 3 Januar!

TTR Tricks - Ulrik Badertscher at the Oakley and Shaun White Air & Style Beijing 2011

Ulrik Badertscher’s winning run at the Oakley and Shaun White Air & Style Beijing snowboarding event in 2011. The best snowboard tricks!