The GNU Billy Goat artwork was created by San Francisco based artist and illustrator J. Otto Seibold. J. is especially known for his work on children’s books such as- Mr. Lunch Takes A Plane Ride, Olive And The Other Reindeer. For more artness, check out –

GNU: Wheres home? Wheres was it before?
Home is where I lay my head. In Oakland California. It’s been San Francisco and New York and Martinez…

GNU: Whats your process and how did you arrive there?
My process is justifying that this is what I do. I’ve been drawing for a living for many years. so, often, my process is kicked off by being broke! but then, I get into it and love it and am grateful once again that this is it.

GNU: Can you tell us a little about the board graphic you did for GNU?
I can tell you that it is mostly spraypaint on wood that has been steel wooled and scraped and thumb polished. There was a point that when I would steelwool the painting it would electrify my gold teeth! It was trippy!

GNU: Do you snowboard?
No. I’m old. I used to have those skis that nobody wants at a garage sale and I had to wear Sears work boots as boots. It didn’t work. Later, in adultyhood, I bought fancy skis and did enjoy being stoned while gliding down mountains!

GNU: What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
I have a poster opposite my bed that says:
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
so, I read that sometimes…

GNU: Currently listening to?
Bob Dylan and the band Live, as I type this. I like the new Flaming Lips. All my vinyl…

GNU: Currently looking at?
Life! trying to push my eyes out and away from screens and postings.

GNU: Whats next?
I have a new children’s book out, OTHER GOOSE (chronicle books) so I’m going to be promoting it and reading to little oceans of 7 year olds. And I’m working on another book… painting when the world tells me to.

thank gnu.