New Riders Choice Pickle Tech. Asymmetric sidecuts and construction to balance the different turning mechanics required for heelside and toe side turns. Your body is asymmetric your snowboard should be asymmetric. Rip harder and have more fun balanced through Asymmetry! The award winning Banana Technology Magne-Traction Riders Choice is ridden and designed by freestyle riders Zach Leach and Nate Farrell and crew. These guys test this board in all conditions all over the world every year and have chosen C2 BTX camber banana combo as their favorite geometry. The camber gives the board pop, end-to-end stability for big landings, critical lines and aggressive riders. The Banana between the feet makes for great carving on hardpack and ice and easy float in powder and broken, variable snow conditions. Focused on Park Freestyle, this medium firm flexing C2 BTX also rips the entire mountain. You can ride Banana Tech about 3cm shorter than your regular board even in pow because they float so well. Your jib board is your pow board, your pow board is your park board. Handmade by snowboarders at Mervin MFG in the