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Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Space Case giveaway – FREE SHIPPING! orders over €75


High Performance
Haute Performance
High Performance
Alto Rendimiento

SIZES M (US M 8-11 – US W 9+) L (US M 11-14)

$369.95 USD

$399.95 CAD

369.99 EUR incl. VAT

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Aggressive Lightweight Performance. BMBWs solution for aggressive snowboarders in challenging terrain. Lightweight Carbon Fiber provides the precision and power to put down the line of a lifetime.

La performance agressive légère. La fixation Bent Metal Binding Works est la solution pour les snowboarders agressifs sur les terrains critiques. Sa fibre carbone légère offre précision et contrôle pour tracer la ligne d’une vie.

Die Solution ist ein echtes Fliegengewicht für aggressive Performance in anspruchsvollem Terrain. Superleichte und ebenso stabile Karbonfasern sorgen für präzise Kontrolle und pure Power, während du die Line deines Lebens fährst.

Rendimiento ligero y con respuesta. Las fijaciones Bent Metal ideales para un snowboard agresivo en terrenos difíciles. Las fibras de carbono ligeras proporcionan precisión y potencia para bajar la línea de tu vida.


Binding Highback Flex Icon

Firm flexing ultralight aerospace carbon provides precise, instantaneous response and maximum control.

Binding Drive Plate Flex Icon

Firm flexing carbon fibers transmit precise powerful edge to edge control and performance in the most challenging conditions.

Flex Control Drive Plates Made at Mervin Mfg. USA

  • Pivot Disk

    Pivot Disk Snowboard Binding Component
    • 2x4 and Channel™ mounting pattern compatibility
    • Reduced size, increases true board flex zone and drive plate power
  • Revolutionary Cube

    Revolutionary Cube Snowboard Binding Component
    • Urethane dampening
    • Fastest and easiest forward lean adjuster ever
  • Light Form Ankle Strap

    Light Form Ankle Strap Snowboard Binding Component
    • Lightweight structural performance core
    • Advanced IMEVA foam pad formula, comfortable and lightweight
  • Forged Aluminum Buckles

    Forged Aluminum Buckles Snowboard Binding Component
    • Hardened for ultimate strength
    • Lightweight with smooth entry and release
  • Light Form Toe Strap

    Light Form Toe Strap Snowboard Binding Component
    • Molded grip secures strap in place
    • Dynamic fit, light weight, maximum performance