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For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon PST – Mullair Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

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Multi-Entry Freedom Of Choice!
La liberté de choix multi-entrée !
Qual der Wahl
¡Libertad de ajustes!

SIZES M (US M 7-9) L (US M 9-11) XL (US M 11-14)

$299.95 USD

$319.95 CAD

269.99 EUR incl. VAT

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The Freedom is an all around, speed entry binding you can take all over the mountain. The micro buckle allows you to adjust tension on your toe strap quickly and exit or enter the binding in traditional mode if preferred due to challenging terrain or bottomless powder. The combination of asymmetric straps and asymmetric highbacks with the responsive aluminum baseplate create an aggressive binding with options.

  • Medium Flex / All Around / All Mountain


La Freedom est une fixation à entrée rapide polyvalente pour attaquer toute la montagne. La micro-boucle permet d’ajuster rapidement le serrage sur la sangle orteils et de sortir ou de mettre la fixation en mode classique sur des terrains ardus ou de la poudreuse profonde. La combinaison des sangles et spoilers asymétriques avec l’embase réactive en aluminium crée une fixation agressive toutes options.

Die Freedom ist eine Allrounder Speed Entry Bindung mit der du am Berg überall Spaß haben kannst. Mit der Micro Buckle Schnalle am Toe Strap kannst du nicht nur Halt und Druck einstellen, sondern auch ganz klassisch nach vorn aus der Bindung aus- und wieder einsteigen. Das ist vor allem in schwierigem Terrain und meterweise Powpow praktisch. Mit Aluminum Baseplate und asymmetrischen Straps sowie Highback sind dir mit dieser Bindung keine Grenzen mehr gesetzt!

Las Freedom son unas fijaciones polivalentes y de fácil entrada para aprovechar cada rincón de la montaña. Su micro-carraca te permite ajustar la tensión sobre tu cincha delantera rápidamente y a la vez te posibilita ponerte o quitarte las fijaciones de forma tradicional si el terreno se complica o si te encuentras en un sitio con nieve polvo profunda. La combinación de cinchas y highbacks asimétricos con bases de aluminio de respuesta inmediata, crea unas fijaciones dinámicas con diferentes opciones.

  • Flex

    Flex Rating
  • Response

    Response Rating
  • Terrain

    Terrain Rating

Weird Science

  • Asym Highback

    Cored Ergo Support with Soft Top Padding

  • Lightweight Aluminum Baseplate

    Hyper Cored Aluminum, Ultra light and response

  • Asym. Ankle Strap

    Shaped for support and mobility

  • Triple Dampening Wrap

    Shock and Vibration Absorption System. Canted Footbed

  • NEW Micro Buckle on Toe Strap

    For quick adjust or entry and exit

  • 4×4 and Channel

  • D

    I wear a size 9 boot (Nike) and ride a 156 attack banana. Should I go with a size medium or size large freedom binding?

  • GNU

    Nike boots tend to be packed with cushion and are not the slimmest boots in the world, so I think the large will be easier to get off and on…and that will probably be the more suitable size option for you!

    The mediums will work and they will be lighter (due to the smaller size), but I think you might find that it is a pretty snug fit and that they aren’t quite as easy to get off and on.

  • M

    I ride a 156 space case and have a size 11.5 boot. Should I go with the Large or the XL?

  • Cole Guild

    Does the front of the baseplate slide out to accomadate larger boots?

  • Cole Guild

    i wear a size 14 just want to make sure im able to center the boot in the binding

  • Hello Cole,

    Unfortunately the baseplate does not extend out.


  • Snow Jones

    Looking for some sizing advice. I wear an 11.5 This puts my squarely in the middle of your sizing for all three of your models. Can you give me a size recommendation for each: Freedom, Psych, and Gateway? thanks

  • Rob Marshall

    my Flow Hylite Boa Focus boots are a size 9.5 and i have ordered freedom bindings in size large. Have i ordered correctly?

  • Hello,

    The size range for a Large is 9-11, so a size 9.5 will fit correctly.


  • Ja Si O

    @GnuSnowboards:disqus Is there an option to adapt your bindings to Burton channel boards?

  • mr libtech

    how does zoid laydown on turns?

  • Thomas Maathuis

    Hi there i am looking at purchasing your Riders choice size 154.5, i am looking at bindings to match this.. I was looking at the cheater bindings, question i have is it better to buy a medium or large binding if my boot size is 9.5