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For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon PST – Mullair Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

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Freestyle Freedom with Auto Open Technology, Ultra-lightweight, Get Psyched
Liberté freestyle avec technologie Auto Open, ultra-légère, Tu seras accro.
Ultra-leichte Freestyle Freiheit mit Auto Open Technology
Libertad freestyle ultraligera con tecnología de apertura automática

SIZES M (US M 7-9) L (US M 9-11) XL (US M 11-14)

$249.95 USD

$279.95 CAD

239.99 EUR incl. VAT

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: We are currently out of stock on this item in our warehouse, but we can check with our dealer network to see if they can fulfill this order.

Item is currently not available online.

The Psych is the first model in the line to utilize our ultra-lightweight aluminum baseplate for solid edge to edge response. It is the binding of choice for riding the park or a carefree day on the hill. The soft flat highback allows unimpeded side to side movement and a fluid response. Paired with asymmetric ankle straps that increase range of motion and solid lateral support create a smooth ride while keeping you in control make this perfect for the park or surfy ride down the mountain. The Psych is guaranteed to get you stoked!

  • Soft Flex / Playful / Park


La Psych est le premier modèle de la gamme a utiliser notre embase ultra-légère en aluminium pour un passage carre à carre réactif. C’est la fixation pour le park ou les journées relax. Le spoiler plat souple permet un mouvement latéral sans entraves et une réponse fluide. Combiné à des sangles coup de pied asymétriques qui accentuent l’amplitude des mouvements et offrent un support latéral solide afin de créer un ride souple tout en gardant le contrôle. Cette fixation est parfaite pour le park ou pour surfer en redescendant. La Psych te garantie un max de plaisir !

Die Psych ist das erste Modell, bei dem die neue, ultraleichte Aluminium Baseplate mit zackiger Edge-to-Edge Response zum Einsatz kommt. Das ist an harten Tagen im Park genauso hilfreich, wie beim entspannten Cruisen. Die asymmetrischen Ankle Straps und das weiche, etwas flachere Highback erlauben volle Bewegungsfreiheit und geben trotzdem soliden Halt. So behältst du ganz bequem immer die Kontrolle, egal ob du dich im Park über Monsterkicker schmeißt, oder einen frisch verschneiten Hang hinunter surfst. Ein echter Volltreffer, garantiert!

Las Psych son el primer modelo de la colección en utilizar nuestras bases ultraligeras de aluminio para una respuesta de canto a canto efectiva y sólida. Son las fijaciones perfectas para hacer snowboard en el park o libremente por pistas. Su highback blando y plano proporciona un mayor movimiento lateral y una respuesta fluida. Si lo combinamos con las cinchas de tobillo asimétricas, para una mayor movilidad y un soporte lateral efectivo, obtenemos un riding suave y a la vez controlado, que es perfecto para sesiones de park o para bajar por la montaña con un estilo surfer. ¡Las Psych te garantizan diversión y seguridad!

  • Flex

    Flex Rating
  • Response

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  • Terrain

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Weird Science

  • Aysm Highback

    Ergonomic shape with soft top padding

  • Lightweight Aluminum Baseplate

    Hyper Cored Aluminum, Ultra light and response

  • Asym. Ankle Strap

    Shaped for support and mobility

  • EVA Foam Footbed

    Full Cushion Heel to Toe

  • NEW Micro Buckle on Toe Strap

    For quick adjust or entry and exit

  • 4×4 disk only / Channel sold separately

  • Ken

    Can this fit on Burton’s ICS channel?

  • Lee

    Does Psych have a rotatable high back? Past seasons you guys had fixed and rotatable specified but this season I can’t seem to find the info. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Gnu

    Yeah! You can rotate/adjust highbacks on these bad boyz

  • dk

    can you adjust the angles on this without having to unscrew it?

  • Gnu

    We make conversion plates to mount them on Burton channel boards, but the bindings are sold with baseplates and hardware for the universal 2×4 pattern inserts.

  • Gnu

    You will need a screwdriver to adjust the angles of these bindings.

  • sully

    Got a carbon credit 2015. Would these or the street series be abad fit?i like groomers,powder and small park (for now).Thx!

  • Gnu

    Hi Sully,
    The Street bindings will an awesome all around mid-flex binding for riding anywhere on the mountain/
    They’ll be especially groovy when paired with the Carbon Credit.

  • Jesse

    i am getting the jamie lynn 20yr in a 154 and im having trouble deciding between these or the mutants. i stay in the park but do love a good mountain run. i am just scared the mutans will be too stiff fo rmy style.

  • Bigus Wormus

    can the high backs be adjusted so they are not leaning forwards? I like a straight high back if possible.

  • Pow Wow

    Hey can I use it on Never Summer boards and /or Nitro boards ? My Burton bindings have baseplates that fit those boards, Im looking for a Gnu binding that also fit these two bords, in addition to a RC board, which I’ll probably buy it for this winter season.

  • Gnu

    Yes! There’s a knob on the back to adjust forward lean.

  • Gnu

    If you’re worried about the Mutants being too stiff, go for these!
    They’re a nice solid mid-flex; not too soft, not too stiff

  • Gnu

    Yes! Our bindings are 100% universal.

  • thomas.d

    Can i still order these online?! or do you know where i can grab a pair of Large Lime Green ones?!?! i got a pair of mutant blacks but now i want these as well.

  • Gnu

    We don’t have any in stock in our warehouse, so if they’re ordered through us a shop will feel the order.
    But doing a quick google search I found some of our awesome online retailers who have them in stock.
    Check out Evo and Vertical Urge!

  • SteamRoller Charlie

    I currently ride a 10.5 Celsius boot. Should I go for a Large or XL Binding?

  • Gnu

    Large! For sizes 9-11

  • Russ R.

    What’s the best way to fold these bindings? Like if I’m sliding them into my Snowboard bag? Thanks

  • ianmatt

    I wear a size 9 burton boot. should I get these in a medium or a large. how much heavier are the larges than the mediums? Would I have better support with a large? thanks. stoked on these

  • Gnu

    Burton boots tend to have a very reduced footprint, so really, you could go with either size.
    The large will have more extra strap length than the medium, which can make it easier to get off and on.
    But the medium will weigh slightly less (I don’t have an exact weight for you, sorry!)

    It’s really all personal preference.

  • BrianBucksCounty

    When installing these bindings the auto open lever should be on the outside correct?

  • Gnu

    The left binding should be on the left, and the right binding should be on the right and the levers will then be on the outside!

  • Ragekage

    I’m interested in getting Gnu Psych bindings and I’m having an issue with the sizing. My boot is size 11.5- Salomon Dialogue- and I don’t know if I should order a large or extra large binding. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Longauthier

    I’m currently riding the mutants, I love them. I’m more of an all mountain rider I’ve worn through the toe cap strap and my rear one broke yesterday. Do you guys sell strap kits?

  • Gnu

    Salomon boots generally have a smaller footprint, but I would still definitely recommend an XL for size 11.5

  • Gnu

    For parts other than discs, please follow this link….I think we can help you out!:

  • A. Jones

    Hey Gnu I just got a Lib Tech Skate Bannana 2015 156″ wide and I’m deciding between these and the Mutants. I’m more of an all mountain rider bombin the hills at 65mph but I also like jibbing and playing around in the woods. Do you think the Mutants would be too stiff for me?

  • A. Jones

    Hey Gnu I just got a Lib Tech Skate Bannana 2015 156″ wide and I’m deciding between these and the Mutants. I’m more of an all mountain rider bombin the hills at 65mph but I also like jibbing and playing around in the woods. Do you think the Mutants would be too stiff for me???

  • Gnu

    It’s all based on your own preference, really.
    The Mutant will certainly be a stiffer, more responsive and aggressive binding—I think you’ll really appreciate that for high speeds and riding through the woods, and you can definitely jib with them as well.

    Bindings are pretty universal. Just make sure you get a flex that matches the aggressiveness of your riding, that they fit snugly/comfortably with your boots and that they’re easy to get on and off.

    One huge advantage of our bindings is that they’re rear entry and you can get them on in SECONDS! So at the top of the chairlift, when all your friends are strapping in, you can get a head start on riding!

  • Entis

    Hello, can we adapt this bind on the 3d attach system from Burton ?

  • Roger

    I have Burton SL boots size 11, do you recommend large or XL psych bindings? Thanks

  • GNU

    You could easily use either size!
    The larges will be lighter and more compact, but it may take a bit more effort to get your foot in and out of them.
    (though Burton boots are pretty reduced in size, so it might not make much difference…)
    The XL will be easy to get off and on and you’ll have more freedom with the straps, but they are bigger/heavier.

  • Roger

    i always use large Burton bindings so I am leaning towards the large Psych, agreed?

  • GNU

    I think you might want to go for the XL.

    Burton’s biggest binding size is a Large, and I think their size range for the large is more similar to our XL.

  • Roger


  • Sebastian Tereszczenko

    Looks good. I’m looking for a new bindings for my space case board. Can you tell me what is the weight (in grams) of this binding in size Large?

  • GNU

    I just weighed a pair here at our top secret headquarters, and in the box they weighed 1980 grams (1.98 kg)

  • Sebastian Tereszczenko


  • jonh

    I have ThirtyTwo boots size 9 1/2 and smartpickle board

    do you recommend psych bindings??? size??

  • GNU

    Hey John,
    Yes! I think the Psych will make a versatile setup that will be fun all over the mountain.
    Size 9.5 boots would be a Large.

  • Ian

    Has anybody tried these binding yet ? If so what do you think of them ?! They seem pretty sick !!!

  • Nick N

    They are wicked. Great design and they worked out great on the mountain. Good quality and I was riding down the mountain before my group was even strapped in. Customer service is top notch as well.

  • Ian P Bowie

    That’s awesome !! Thanks for the reply dude !!! Happy boarding.

  • Patrick

    Anyone know how to get a replacement toe strap? mine snapped a yr ago in Quebec because of how cold it was. Made a make-shift strap but I would really like to get a new one. Been looking all over the internet and stores but they only sell the whole binding. Please help me GNU!!!

  • Greg

    Anyone know if DC T.Rice boots (14/15 yr) size 11.5 will fit the size LARGE bindings? The overall exterior length of the boot is about 12.5 inches.

  • Jim

    I have the DC T.Rice boots (13/14 yr) size 11 and the size LARGE binding fits the best. The front toe straps need to be adjusted forward (unscrew at the base of the strap). Straps need to be adjusted and centered. I would definitely go with the LARGE for the 11.5 T.Rice boot with adjustments over the Extra-LARGE.

  • Klaus

    Did you manage to get one. This is my worst case scenario as well :/ I know I can get Burton parts everywhere, but haven’t found any GNU parts over here in Europe.

  • Greg

    Nice binding! They take a bit of getting used to. Not quite as quick as a Flow, but better support and I think also better ability to release if you’re in a tree well. Two things: I find myself rotating when pushing the lever on the back down – I think because it’s like pushing your release foot forward, so it’s better to stop at the chair – then release. Also, reaching down to loosen the top strap a tiny bit before getting off the chair makes it way faster to load into the binding since I find it a tiny bit tight to get into.

  • Kevin

    Is it possible to use the heel and toe straps of the 2018 psychs on the 2017 Psychs that are not ratcheting? If so do you sell just the straps?