Park Pickle Rider Review

Hey guys, I rode the Park Pickle at Northstar on Saturday. It was awesome. By 2:30 pm the entire mountain stunk of vinegar. Heelside turns require much less effort, and the board responds immediately. It goes fast too. Real fast. I tested the high speed responsiveness in the human slalom course that was the single open trail. It passed with flying colors. The Park Pickle and I were whistled at by ski patrol on more than one occasion. I decided to test it in its natural environment, a 6 feature mini park set up on a short trail. The Pickle pressed impressively, and it had a nice amount of pop so that alot of effort was not required to get onto the higher features. There was a 15 foot kicker, which is now more more pickled than Keith Richards. Frontside spins off the heels were done with little effort. In fact, the first FS 3 I did was nearly inverted due to the responsiveness of the heel edge. Awesome. The public was responsive as well. Every time I was in line somebody would ask me “hey how is that thing?” or “oh my god is that the Park Pickle? You’re so cool.” All in all, my first day on the Pickle was a great one, and I can’t wait to do it again.

~ Nate Farrel

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