C2 POWER BANANA Flexes at the Mt.Baker Banked Slalom!

Gnu and Lib riders flexed their Power Banana’s at the 2009 Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom!

Mens Pro… Temple Cummins 3rd place 1:27.71 – GNU C2 Power Banana Billy Goat
Womens Pro… Maria Debari 4th place 1:37.30 – GNU B Pro C2 Power Banana
Older Ams… Forrest Burki 2nd place 1:31.95 – GNU C2 Power Banana Billy Goat
Younger Ams…Tucker Andrews 2nd Place 1:33.84 – LIB TECH Travis Rice Banana
Juniors Mens… Gus Warbington 1st place 1:38.30- GNU Danny Kass Vertigoul Banana
Juniors Mens… Max Warbington 2nd place 1:41.01- GNU Riders’ Choice Banana

Congratulations to all the riders. Thanks to Mt. Baker, and all the crew up on the hill…especially, Gwyn, Amy, Nichole, Gail, Duncan, Bunny Martha, Britt and all the awesome crew.

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