Mathieu Crepel Rides GNU Pickled Banana in Vancouver

Sequim, WA – February 17, 2010 – Gnu Snowboards proudly welcomes Mathieu Crepel back to the team after a four-year absence. Mathieu will be double corking his new GNU Park Pickle in the Winter Olympics as he represents France in today’s halfpipe competition. Mathieu just advanced to the Semi Finals! 8:15pm EST./5:15pm PST.
Mathieu Crepel Back on GNU, Photo: Brian Craighill
Mathieu Crepel Back on GNU! Photo: Brian Craighill
Live Streaming Link Here

Mathieu has an impressive competitive resume; a two-time Olympian, 2007 FIS Halfpipe and Big Air World Champion, the 2006 Ticket To Ride (TTR) World Champion, and he is the first person to land a switch backside 1260 in competition.

Mathieu is not only a great competitor, but is widely regarded as a better all mountain freestyle rider. Having spent the last several years filming with the legendary Hatchett Brothers’ Standard Films, Mathieu has produced impressive parts in Catch The Vapors and Aesthetica. His part in their latest release, Black Winter, is his best yet.

Mervin Manufacturing’s co-founder Pete Saari echoes these sentiments. “Math has been riding for us since he was a kid and is tres French so we love him. He is one of the world’s best riders in any terrain and if he could drink a little tougher, rope a steer, or shoot a bottle off a stump he would be a lock for a big part in Travis’ next movie. Crepel is smooth, goes big and can dork around with the best of them. He is the real deal. Sacre Bleu!”

Video of Mathieu’s cab double cork

Snowboarding-Men’s Halfpipe Schedule-February 17, 2010
Group 1 Run 1 Qualification 1:05pm PST.
Group 1 Run 2 Qualification 1:40pm PST.

Group 2 Run 1 Qualification 2:40pm PST.
Group 2 Run 2 Qualification 3:15pm PST.

Semifinals Run 1 5:15pm PST.
Semifinals Run 2 5:50pm PST.

Finals Run 1 7:15pm PST.
Finals Run 2 7:50pm PST.

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