Pickle Power at the Downtown Throwdown

Congratulations to Forest Bailey for his rail wizardry, he placed 3rd and took home 1000$ last Saturday at the Downtown Throwdown in Seattle WA.

“Forest slaughtered it at the Downtown Throwdown. He landed every trick he attempted at one point or another, and these weren’t your everyday tricks. The kid rips, and has a unique style that’s all his own. He definitely deserved third place at the DTTD, and he also deserved to be kicked out of the bar that night, but he managed to stay and keep partying.”~ T. Bird

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Photos by Tim Zimmerman.

“Such a fun contest, even if it is pouring rain.”~Forest

Forest rides the GNU Park Pickle, with the GNU Park Bindings.

Snowboarder Mag, Downtown Throwdown 2010 Photos and Recap

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