Good Wood: GNU Park Pickle

The GNU Park Pickle is a Good Wood Winner!

Perfectly balanced for the human form. Normally, leveraging heelside turns takes more effort than toe turns, which throws your body off balance. The Park Pickle, however, uses an ergonomic, asymmetrical shape with a deeper sidecut on the heelside edge to balance things out. Its easy-riding Banana Technology and serrated Magne-traction edges help make the ride even plusher. Forward, switch, sideways, upside down-however you shred, you’re in harmony on this pickle.
Sizes: 147, 150, 153, 156, 156W, 159W

“I loved this thing. It had the best edge control. Super fun jib board and small jump board. Ride it a size smaller.” ~Tester Feedback

Visit the Park Pickle product page for more info.

Some wood core cacka!
In 2008 the world’s fastest growing trees in Gnu’s Altered Genetic forest produced an exceptional crop as a perfect combination of a rich bat guano, plenty of sunshine and warm afternoon rains during the growing season created beautiful long fibered lightweight poppy wood that we call “nature’s fiberglass.” This select crop has been carefully seasoned built into cores and is the light lively heart of our 2010 Gnu snowboards.

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