About the Art- Street Series by Greg Gossel

The GNU Street Series graphic was created by Minneapolis based artist and designer Greg Gossel.  Aside from making snowboard designs Greg’s work can be found in fine art galleries all over the world, his work explores intuitive screen printing and pop-art do it yourself culture. See more amazing work at: greggossel.com

GNU: Wheres home? Wheres was it before?
I grew up in Wisconsin, and have been living in Minneapolis for the past 5 years.

GNU: Whats your process and how’d you arrive there?
It’s kind of a mash-up of appropriated elements from popular culture. my work is generally heavily layered with a variety of mediums including silkscreen printing, collage, xerox transfers, hand-painting, etc… I began experimenting with collage and appropriation back in college, and have continued to explore the possibilities getting to where I’m at today.

GNU: Can you tell us a little about the boards graphic you did for gnu?
I created two full scale mixed media pieces on wood panel for the board graphics, layering acrylic paint and silkscreen ink. i incorporated a mix of comic book imagery into the pieces along with the bright color palette.

GNU: Do you snowboard?
I have in the past, but these days most of my time is spent in my studio.

GNU: What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
I guess I just have this constant drive to create, that’s what motivates me each day.

GNU: Currently listening to?
Ummm… usually a pretty random mix, lately I guess I’ve been listening to a lot of Bjork, the Smiths, Bowie, P.O.S, the Avalanches, Sonic Youth, etc…

GNU: Currently looking at?
I’m constantly collecting a ton of different comic books, tabloids, old magazines, coloring books, etc… so i generally spend a lot of my time digging through all that stuff.

GNU: Whats next?
Well I just got home last week from setting up my current show at white walls in San Francisco, so I’m kind of trying to take a bit of a breather for a couple weeks. but coming up I’ll be creating some new work for a group show later this summer and art Copenhagen in the fall.

Thanks to gnu for the opportunity, its been a fun project!

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