About the Art- Dirty Pillow by Mike Yoshida

Our 1st installment in a photographer specific series showcasing a photo as the graphic feature. We thought it would be proper to work with good buddy Mike Yoshida with this amazing panoramic photo of an epic pillow line being slayed by Lib Tech’s shred doctor Mark Landvik. Pete likes the starfish on the nose and tail of the base. For more of Yosh visit mikeyoshida.com

GNU: Wheres home? Wheres was it before?
Home is Bellingham, Washington for the past 14 years. Before that I was born and raised up in Homer, Alaska.

GNU: Whats your process and how did you arrive there?
I moved down to Washington, because it was the closest state to Alaska, and I wanted to go to school here. I ended up dropping out, and working at Mt Baker, and that sparked my love for snowboarding, and photography.

GNU: Can you tell us a little about the boards graphic you did for gnu?
The photo is of Mark Landvik, hitting a fat pillow line up at Baker. The spot is really sketchy, because you have to cross a river before you get to the spot, and the water is not shallow. Pete hit me up last fall, and asked to use the photo for the graphic, and of course I was down. The image was also on the cover of Snowboard mag, several years ago.

GNU: What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
Coffee, breaky, getting out in nature. Usually in that order.

GNU: Currently listening to?
Taio Cruz, Akon, Flo Rida, Mike Posner, any top 40 club bangers I can get my hands on.

GNU: Currently looking at?
A huge picture of my face on a t shirt…

GNU: Whats next?
Getting ready for another amazing year of shooting, and basically just trying to do the best job possible, and having fun doin it!

I’d like to thank you guys over at Mervin, for using the graphic. Lando, for doing it! Burtner for being Gnar! Stevens for having chips within reach! And Krush for all the sweet throwback concert stories, usually starting of with something like: “It was the summer of ’95……… White River Amphitheater……….” er somethin like that.


GNU: How long have you been a shrimper?
mmmm, that’s an easy one. Yeah, I love shrimping! It’s great excercise, but sometimes it makes my back really sore, but it depends whether you’re giving or taking….

GNU: Why do they call you old dirty Yosh?
Because I’m old and dirty. Nah, because Burtner and I are the same age, and he’s old dirty burtner, so that must make me old dirty yosh?!?!

GNU: Skier or roadhouse?
Skier for sure, when I’m out on the slopes. But def roadhouse behind closed doors.

GNU: When this is all over, what are you going to do?
Get an apartment in Ballard, and have a mother in law suite for Scotty Steeves. Oh yeah, and Burtgnar will live there, but It’ll be close to his house, so Pika can come over and visit whenever.

GNU: We heard you shoot all your photos with a cell phone? Is this true?
I wish, but no, I have a few different cameras I’ve been using lately. Shootin’ the hassy a bit these days.

GNU: Currently listening to?
Taio Cruz, Akon, Flo Rida, Mike Posner, any top 40 club bangers I can get my hands on.

GNU: Lando said you didn’t get out of the car for that shot while he had to take his boots off, wade across a creek, hike for half an hour and risk his life in that boulder field? Who bought the beers that night?
Lando is crazy. I got out of the car, and then I went across the river, and almost fell in on the way back. He had to jump in and save me, hasslehoff style. Lando bought the beers, fo sho.

GNU: Best breakfast joint in Bellingham?
Harris Street, although Rhodes Cafe is quite a hidden gem, for those who live on lakeway.

GNU: Skier or roadhouse?
Skier for sure, when I’m out on the slopes. But def roadhouse behind closed doors.

GNU: Why do you shoot photos?
Because it’s the best feeling in the world, when you get an awesome shot in a magazine! I love knowing that people all around the world see my photos, and hopefully motivates them to go out and ride, and enjoy the mountains!

GNU: Nudes?
I’m so down for nudes. I would feel like a perv doing it, but there are some tasteful nudes out there for sure. Kern is pretty creepy, but pretty sweet at the same time.

GNU: Worst day shooting?
Last year out in Montana, one of the riders crashed into a tree, and totaled his sled he borrowed from a buddy. Then another guy in our crew blew his knee. Worst day ever, but everyone survived, so I guess it’s ok.

GNU: Thing about Lando we don’t want to know?
Who wants to know? Sometimes he can only open one eye. He’s really good a rapping. He makes really weird noises with his butt cheeks.

GNU: Things about Jesse Burtner we all should know?
Super insanely good at jump roping. I think he can do triple crossovers or something like that. Burtner is genius at whatever he does whether it be skating, filming, boarding, bartin’, trampin’, whatever, he’s better than you at it.

GNU: Best Yoshida nickname?
Baby Mole.

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