About the Art- Riders Choice by Bryan Schnelle

The GNU Riders Choice graphic was created by Bryan Schnelle who lives and works in Los Angeles. His work explores themes of provoking political and social thought, as well as intricate hand drawn patterns. His work has been shown in galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco. To see more masks and weirdness, check out: bryanschnelle.com.

GNU: Wheres home? Wheres was it before?
Right now home is Los Angeles. Before that it was the LBC.

GNU: Whats your process and how did you arrive there?
My process? Hmmm…well, it starts with a vision I guess, bounces around in my head until it becomes refined enough to try and physically execute, then I figure out what medium or technique would be most appropriate for that particular idea, and then I usually just fucking dive in. A lot of tearing apart magazines and searching for the right images. Re appropriating shit from the media and advertisements, trying to expose some kind of truth.

GNU: Can you tell us a little about the boards graphic you did for gnu?
The board graphic I did features one of my “Vortex Drawings” along with some custom text. I really have to thank Tim Karpinski for the composition/actual computer work, as I am not into graphic design at all so my computer skills are pretty limited. He took my existing work and made it “work” on a snowboard, so thank you Tim.

GNU: Do you snowboard?
I’ve still never been snowboarding, but I skateboarded everyday for about 10 years or so growing up. So that’s got to count for something.

GNU: What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?

GNU: Currently listening to?
A lot of Bathory lately, and early Slayer. Also early Waylon Jennings and late Jonny Cash.

GNU: Currently looking at?
Been looking at a lot of classic film lately. A lot of early Ingmar Bergman.

GNU: Whats next?
I’m currently working on a body of work titled ORGASMATRON. Large-scale paintings, works on paper, and a rather epic installation piece. I’ve also begun work on a book to be released in early 2012. Work work work.

Thanks to GNU for the opportunity!

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