About the Art- Billy Goat by J Otto Seibold

The GNU Billy Goat artwork was created by San Francisco based artist and illustrator J. Otto Seibold. J. is especially known for his work on children’s books such as- Mr. Lunch Takes A Plane Ride, Olive And The Other Reindeer. For more artness, check out – Jottodotcom.com

GNU: Wheres home? Wheres was it before?
Home is where I lay my head. In Oakland California. It’s been San Francisco and New York and Martinez…

GNU: Whats your process and how did you arrive there?
My process is justifying that this is what I do. I’ve been drawing for a living for many years. so, often, my process is kicked off by being broke! but then, I get into it and love it and am grateful once again that this is it.

GNU: Can you tell us a little about the board graphic you did for GNU?
I can tell you that it is mostly spraypaint on wood that has been steel wooled and scraped and thumb polished. There was a point that when I would steelwool the painting it would electrify my gold teeth! It was trippy!

GNU: Do you snowboard?
No. I’m old. I used to have those skis that nobody wants at a garage sale and I had to wear Sears work boots as boots. It didn’t work. Later, in adultyhood, I bought fancy skis and did enjoy being stoned while gliding down mountains!

GNU: What gets you out of bed in the morning, what inspires you?
I have a poster opposite my bed that says:
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
!go! !GO! !go! !GO! !go! !GO!
so, I read that sometimes…

GNU: Currently listening to?
Bob Dylan and the band Live, as I type this. I like the new Flaming Lips. All my vinyl…

GNU: Currently looking at?
Life! trying to push my eyes out and away from screens and postings.

GNU: Whats next?
I have a new children’s book out, OTHER GOOSE (chronicle books) so I’m going to be promoting it and reading to little oceans of 7 year olds. And I’m working on another book… painting when the world tells me to.

thank gnu.

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