Jamie Wins First Women's Award in the Arctic Challenge, Gains Big TTR Lead!

Jamie Anderson is the first women’s winner of The Oakley Arctic Challenge! On her Gnu B-Pro Jamie lined up a noseslide, a 50-50 bs 180 mute, a huge ss bs 540, bs 360, a tailslide 270 out and a bs 540 indy on the last jump to take the frigid night. The tailslide 270 out gave her a perfect 10 on the 5th element.

Riders: Spencer O’Brien, Jamie Anderson, Jenny Jones, Photo: Olav Stubberud / The Oakley Arctic Challenge

This weekend’s impressive riding makes Jamie not only the first ever female rider to win at the Oakley Arctic Challenge, but she now also has an over 100 point lead in the TTR rankings and is qualified for the World Championships in Oslo 2012.

Rider: Jamie Anderson  Photo: Eleonora Raggi / The Oakley Arctic Challenge

Rider: Jamie Anderson Photo: Eleonora Raggi / The Oakley Arctic Challenge

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