Jamie Anderson wins fifth NZ Open slopestyle title. Achieving supreme balance through asymmetry on her newly designed C2 Banana Pickle Tech series with Magne-traction. This win solidifies her TTR leader position in the slopestyle tour rankings. She also won the MINI Creative Use of Space award for her half-cab 5-0 to b/s 180.

Jamie continues to impress, with progressive solid runs at every event.  Besides the fact that we think Jamie is an awesome person, we think she is the most consistent and stylish female slope rider in the world, and we are proud to be making boards that she loves to ride!

“The NZ open was a great event, the weather was amazing, the course was fun, and everyone was shredding! so stoked to win this event! “ JA, having fun, as usual.
Jamie has been riding and testing Gnu boards for 3 years and she has fine tuned her perfect board for this season.  Look for more info on Jamie’s new board with Pickle tech, C2BTX, and of course Magne-Traction on gnu.com. Look for a more in-depth view of Jamie’s world through her Visuals series on itsjamieanderson.com
Congratulations Jamie!


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